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Former Yemeni President Claims Saudi Funding of Terrorism; Israel, U.S. Supporting Jihadists

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

In an interview with Lebanese television station Al Mayadeen in late June, 2016, Former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, deposed by the Western-engineered Arab Spring color revolution in 2011, spoke out against the Saudi funding of terrorist groups and against Western intervention in Yemen for geopolitical purposes.

In addition to pointing out that the Saudis have supported and financed terrorist groups not only in Yemen but across the Arab world as well, Saleh also stated that the United States and Israel use Wahhabism and jihadist ideology to expand their own influence and to destabilize their enemies.

Saleh also claimed that he was offered millions of dollars in bribes by the Saudis if only he would ally himself with the enemies of the Houthis in Yemen, a deal that he says he refused and that he claims is the genesis of the Western-GCC attacks against him.

Saleh admitted that there were differences between his own party and that of the Houthis but stated that the differences were not so great that they would have threatened the unity and stability of the country. A variety of reports regarding internal Yemeni relations prior to Saleh’s 2012 departure and many experts familiar with the situation might disagree on the level at which Saleh and the Houthis differed but, regardless, after the appointment of Abu Rabbu Mansour Hadi as president by the GCC, Saleh has allied himself with the Houthis and vice versa.

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