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Flynn Effect: Trump Adviser Gives Speech in Moscow, Lt. Gen. and Former DIA Chief Being Vetted for Trump’s VP Slot

from Rogue Money:

While the U.S. media focused on the tragic police killings in Dallas and the European press the Euro2016 matches and NATO’s summit in Warsaw, some subtle unofficial diplomacy was underway last week in Moscow.

Carter Page, an adviser to the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign and a former manager in the Moscow offices of Merrill Lynch, gave a speech at the New Economic School in the Russian capital. To the consternation of The Washington Post, Page called for dialogue and mutual respect rather than continued Cold War 2.0 confrontation with Russia:

Page refused to comment specifically on the U.S. presidential election, his relationship with Trump or U.S. sanctions against Russia, saying he was in Russia as a “private citizen.” He gave a lecture titled “The Evolution of the World Economy: Trends and Potential,” in which he noted that Russia and China had achieved success in Central Asia, unlike the United States, by pursuing a respectful foreign policy based on mutual interest.

He generally avoided questions on U.S. foreign policy, but when one attendee asked him whether he really believed the United States was a “liberal, democratic society,” Page told him to “read between the lines.”

“If I’m understanding the direction you’re coming from, I tend to agree with you that it’s not always as liberal as it may seem,” he said. “I’m with you.”

In a meeting with The Washington Post editorial board in March, Trump named Page, a former Merrill Lynch executive in Moscow who later advised the Russian state energy giant Gazprom on major oil and gas deals, as one of his foreign-policy advisers. Page refused to say whether his Moscow trip included a meeting with Russian officials.

The full video of Page’s speech as well as a short summary clip were published on Youtube by the Orthodox Christian nationalist think tank Katehon. This organization is run by Alexander Dugin, the controversial Eurasianist ideologue banned from entering the U.S. by the anti-Russia sanctions imposed after Moscow’s reunification with Crimea. Katehon appears to be connected to the channel Tsargrad TV, where Dugin is a frequent commentator, via the same patron in the form of ‘God’s oligarch’ Konstantin Malofeev, a major donor to the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In a series of YouTube videos, Dugin (who has never met or spoken with Trump, and there’s no indication he spoke with Page either while the former ML investment banker was in Moscow) has praised Trump and defeated Democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. Dugin also recently declared in a June 10, 2016 video that the Washington Establishment is willing to take tensions to the brink of war with Moscow via some sort of nasty ‘October surprise’ in order to hurt the ‘soft on Russia’ Donald and help Hillary’s email scandal and perjury-weakened candidacy:

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