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Flat Earth is NOT the Answer: a Response to Philip Stallings

by Mark Wyatt, The Principle Movie:

I want to wrap up my critique of Phillip Stallings’ “The Biblical Flat Earth: A Response To The Principle”.

In Part I I addressed his criticism of my correlating flat earths’ exponential Google Trends response to the release of The Principle in October 2014. In Part II I discussed how satellite imaging works, and why the results of satellite imaging may not be what Phillip Stallings expected based on the nature of pixel size, image masking, etc. Phillip Stallings also tried to argue that we should be able to see a lot of space junk, etc., which I demonstrated would not be the case give the nature of the imaging devices used.

The final part of the article is a shotgun blast of statements intended to invalidate the possibility of satellites even existing. I will not attemp to back out all his implications and prove them wrong. Satellites move “fast”. I do not understand why that is an issue to Philllip Stallings. For instance he says:

“It seems odd to me that the geostationary velocity is 1.91 miles per second while the actual spin of the earth at the equator is 1,040 mph. If you translate 1,040 mph into miles per second it becomes 0.29 miles per second. So that is 1.91 miles per second (satellite velocity) vs. 0.29 miles per second (earth’s rotation speed at the Equator).”

It is not odd at all. Assuming the earth rotates on its axis (as Phillp Stallings is doing), then yes, velocity at the equator is 1040 mph relative to the field of non-rotating stars. Ok. Now if the satellite is geostationary, that means it is not moving relative to the earth’s surface. The satellite is sitting at 22,236 miles from the earth’s surface according to Phillip (based on Wikipedia). Ok.

So, the earth’s surface which is at 3963 miles from the center of the earth is traveling at 1040 mph. The satellite is sitting at 22,236 + 3963=26,199 miles from the center of the earth. Both must be traveling at the same angular speed (roughly 360 degrees per 24 hours or one rotation per day). So based on that, the satellite must be traveling at 1040 mph x (26,199/3963)=6875 mph. So the satellite is traveling (6875/1040)=6.6x faster than the surface of the earth. The satellite is (26,199 mi/3963 mi)=6.6x farther away from the center of the earth. See the pattern? Or in Phillp Stallings’ language, the satellite is traveling 1.91 miles per second/0.29 miles per second=6.6 x faster than the surface of the earth. It needs to travel faster to stay over the earth in one spot because it is travelling a 6.6x longer path at a much larger distance form the center of the earth (think of the speed of an object near the center of a merry-go-round vs. an object at the edge).

So all calculations are consistent. And none are “odd”. Phillip Stallings point is only that he does not understand the basic mathematics of circular velocities.

Phillip Stallings then goes on to point out that “The International Space Station travels at a speed of 17,500 mph which is 22 times faster than the speed of sound.”

Mr. Stallings, what is the speed of sound in a vacuum? I will tell you- 0 mph (the Space Station is not quite in a vacuum, but close). And, so what? The satellite travels fast. The space station sits at between 254 and 258 miles above the earth’s surface. Satellites closer to the earth must travel faster to keep from falling, this is just a fact. The slower geostationary satellite sits out a 22,236 miles from the surface.

Phillip then goes on to make some vague point about the temperature in the thermosphere.

“Temperatures vary, depending on sun activity, but can reach as high as 2500 deg. C!” But had Phillip read the next sentence, or at least thought about it, he would have understood that “Even though the temperature is so high, one would not feel warm in the thermosphere, because it is so near vacuum that there is not enough contact with the few atoms of gas to transfer much heat.” All the temperature is indicating is that the few atoms present at that altitude (and there are very few indeed) are moving very rapidly and with great energy. It is not analogous from a physiological perspective to what we would feel if exposed to atmospheric air at sea level with a temperature of 2500 deg. C.

He then goes on to show further lack of understanding:

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5 comments to Flat Earth is NOT the Answer: a Response to Philip Stallings

  • If you think we live on a globe earth, then go ahead and build a working model of it. It would be easy enough to take a partially deflated soccer ball and make indentations for where the oceans go and raised areas for the land, but then: HOW WOULD YOU PUT THE WATER ON IT??? When it’s stationary or spinning??? To build a working model of a stationary flat earth would be very simple. It is very easy to prove that we don’t live on a round spinning ball. Many of the arguments are on my website if you wish to read them and if you comment I would appreciate hearing it.

  • theoptimist

    haha! what garbage! and to think I believed it for so long. these long drawn out equations of bull$hit still doesn’t answer the basic question, all of this is supposedly going on while I never feel like I am moving!!

    NASA should go to the space station with 50 go-pro cams attached to everything possible and record the trip from start to finish. We have the video technology now, not hard to do!

    but they won’t.

    I guess, “shut the F up” and never question the “experts” is what passes for “science” today.

  • Joe

    If I’m not mistaking, I suspect that Mr. Wyatt alongside many other scientists and physicists who embrace a geocentric view of the universe, believe that the earth is motionless in most all regards. They do not however, believe that the earth is flat. One common reason they argue the earth is indeed spherical, is that is that the night sky and constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres are different, and that the north star cannot be viewed from the southern hemisphere.

  • Mikey Mike

    A random discussion that took place in the hall of the Freemasons around 400 years ago…
    “So how do we hide it?”
    “We could make it a ball… A ball has no boundaries.”
    “That’s ridiculous. How would you explain the oceans and people sticking to the ‘bottom’ of the ball?”
    “We could tell everyone there is a magnet in the center of the earth making the people and water stick to it.”
    “No one would believe that. Everyone knows that magnetism only impacts metals.”
    “We’d need to call it something else . and the ball would need to be spinning, we need it to be spinning to explain the star rotation. We also need to give ourselves science awards so that everyone thinks we’re the smartest people on the earth, so they won’t question us.”
    “People aren’t stupid, wouldnt they question how we know what’s in the center of the earth? and there is no other spinning ball that can be observed… the moon doesn’t observably spin.”
    “People will believe what they are told, as long as it comes from a certified authority. And the 5% who question it, are of no threat as they would need to also know the other secrets.”

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