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F**k Beyoncé

from Paul Joseph Watson:

[Note: Bad language used in this post]

Beyoncé is a complete hypocrite who has exploited ‘Black Lives Matter’ riot chic to inflate her already mammoth ego and bank balance.

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2 comments to F**k Beyoncé

  • Steelerdude

    good LORD infowars…if you want people to actually listen to this trash and video, lets take a step
    up and make it professional…

    damn alex and his inforwars….it just keeps getting trasher….

    to be honest and truthful, I dont watch any infowars youtubes….just fearmongering….they
    use to good about 5 years ago….now, its just trash and I hope your not sucked into the trash!

    • theoptimist

      Infowars appeals to those who are just waking up……The Anger Phase.

      After one passes the anger phase into more enlightenment, what Alex and Co. offer is less desired.

      I think they serve a purpose to get the truth out but like you Steelerdude I have moved on from being angry about things all the time.

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