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Finally, China Pushes Too Hard and Rare-Earth Mining Begins Elsewhere

from The Daily Bell:

By monopolizing the mining of rare-earth metals, China could dictate the future of high-tech … This year, global consumption is expected to be about 155,000 tons, far more than the 45,000 tons used 25 years ago. Demand will only grow — likely at an accelerated pace — as the world tries to rein in climate change. At the moment, only China can satisfy that hunger. Yet in 2010, Beijing cut rare-earth exports by 40 percent — possibly to boost its high-tech sector — and cut off supplies to Japan over a territorial dispute. – Foreign Policy

We’ve dealt with the rare-earth scarcity myth several times. But it continues to reoccur in the mainstream media.

The article above mentions that China cut supplies of rare-earth metals to Japan.

Yet we reported on a potential Japanese solution several years ago, HERE.

Now such metals have been found in the sea by Japanese researchers and perhaps these metals shall start to be mined. In fact, the lesson to be drawn once again is that the Earth is a great engine of energy and commodities. Nothing is rare in reality that comes from the Earth, though some of it may be harder to extract.

And in an earlier article, we wrote: “As for rare earths themselves, here are excerpts from an article (in the Smithsonian Magazine, of all places) that puts this so-called scarcity into context”:

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