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Failed Coup in Turkey: A LIHOP Conspiracy?

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today:

News of the bombing of the Turkish capital building in Ankara – part of yesterday’s failed coup attempt – brought back memories.

Five years ago, I had lunch in that same Turkish capital building with a leading parliamentarian (a supporter of Erdogan) and the Turkish equivalent of FBI Deputy Director.

A few years before that, I had been witch-hunted out of the University of Wisconsin by politicians for daring to question the official myth of 9/11. And you can bet I wasn’t being invited to lunch by any American congress-critters, much less the Deputy Director of the FBI.

As a 9/11 truth scholar, I was front page news in Turkey

As a 9/11 truth scholar, I was front page news in Turkey

But in Turkey, I was treated like visiting royalty. My fellow American guests and I were escorted into the magnificent Turkish capital building through a VIP entrance. The security guards were ordered to stand down. Over lunch, I discussed the 9/11 inside job with high Turkish officials including the aforementioned parliamentarian and National Police Director. The latter explained how he had helped defeat Turkey’s 9/11: The Ergenekon/Sledgehammer coup plots dating back to 2003.

Historical background: Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party – representing the majority of Turks who reject the Donmeh Jew pedophile Attaturk’s legacy of brutally authoritarian “forced secularism” and cultural genocide, including the abolition of the Turkish written language – came to power in 2002. The triumph of the moderate democratic-Islamic JDP terrified the kemalist (Attaturk-worshipping fascist) forces, who conspired with the US neocon-Zionist 9/11 plotters to stage a 9/11-style event in Turkey to overthrow Erdogan.

That coup attempt, like the one yesterday, failed. And it may have failed for the same reason.

Over lunch, the head of the Turkish National Police explained to me how he and his colleagues had foiled the Ergenekon/Sledgehammer coup attempts and jailed hundreds of the nation’s top military and intelligence leaders and their assets in business and especially media.  (That’s what should have happened in the US after 9/11…or better yet, BEFORE 9/11.)

The National Police Director explained that his agency had built a better intelligence network than the military’s. It was spy vs. spy – everybody was wiretapping everybody – but the National Police prevailed, partly thanks to spy equipment they obtained from Europe. (They also have a bigger and better “human resources network” because they – unlike the kemalists – represent the majority of the population.)


Since 2003, and especially during the past five years, some of the National Police who support Islam and democracy have been deceived and co-opted by Fetullah Gulen’s CIA-Mossad-backed organization. So in the latest round of Turkish spy-vs.-spy, the loyalist National Police had to deal not only with the kemalists in the military, but also with traitors within their own ranks.

So here’s my LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose) conspiracy theory concerning the latest coup attempt. My guess is that forces loyal to Erdogan, Islam and democracy (not necessarily in that order) were on top of the coup plot long before it came to fruition.

Rather than trying to roll up the plotters in advance, and subsequently being accused of “human rights violations” and “crushing all anti-Erdogan dissent” by the West, the loyalist forces laid low and concealed their advance knowledge. That way, when the coup attempt went public, the anti-coup forces were in a position to prevent it from succeeding — then rally popular support for Erdogan and the larger democratic-Islamic project, and utterly annihilate the pro-coup forces to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

I hope they succeed.

Unlike some of my VT colleagues, I’m cheering for the anti-coup forces in Turkey…even if they engaged in a little bit of LIHOP conspiring along the way.

Sure, Erdogan is no saint. He has made some terrible mistakes, including joining the Zionist West’s destabilization of Syria, cracking down ham-fistedly on Kurdish separatists, and selling out the people of Gaza by refusing to send the Turkish Navy to end the illegal Israeli blockade, as he promised after the Mavi Marmara incident.

But the alternatives to Erdogan are even worse. The treasonous pro-coup forces in the army are led by donmeh pedophiles and deep state drug lords. And Fetullah Gulen, Erdogan’s pseudo-Islamic opposition, is a creature of that same deep state, and a tool of CIA-Mossad.

You can bet that neither the kemalists nor Gulen, nor the combination of the two that would have governed Turkey had the coup succeeded, would have tried to liberate Gaza, either. On the contrary, both are vastly more pro-Zionist than Erdogan.

The Turkish people were not fooled. Like the Venezuelans who stopped the anti-Hugo-Chavez coup, the Turks laid their bodies on the line to save their country’s democracy.

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