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Facebook Sued for Facilitating Terrorist Murder Plots

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Earlier in the week, I was criticized in some circles for having having the intestinal fortitude to call Facebook a terrorist organization. I received the same criticism when I also labeled Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.

I stand by these statements and the in the past few days my allegations that both Facebook and BLM are terrorist organizations have been validated. I will deal with the allegations of terrorism towards the BLM in a later article soon to be published.

Facebook Sued for Actively Supporting Terrorism

Before I unveil the allegations of Facebook providing material support for terrorists, please allow me to establish a pattern that Facebook has established with regard to routinely promoting terroristic objectives and activities on their site. Here is the kind of terroristic filth that permeates Facebook on a daily basis:

It is a federal offense to threaten to assassinate a presidential candidate. But as long as we have government officials such as Lynch, Obama and Clinton, there will never be justice or the rule of law. Their brand of justice is simply “just us”. By definition, this is domestic terrorism and Facebook is providing material support for threats of attempted murder.

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