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EXPOSED: SGE & The REAL Silver to Gold Ratio — a SGT Report Micro-doc



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88 comments to EXPOSED: SGE & The REAL Silver to Gold Ratio — a SGT Report Micro-doc

  • Eric

    Nice high quality purchase.

    Picked up another 1,000 shares of FFMGF today myself.

    A 40% retracement in AG is certainly possible at this point with the run it’s had. But they’re gonna have a hard time keeping Silver under 20 from here unless they pull some crazy false flag we haven’t seen yet which crashes the markets. The momentum is to the upside. CBOE volatility index is at 13.54 so its too damn low. And the GOP convention is only a week away. Never doubt the ability of the khazarian mafia to bring the world down with them. But if we get through the next few weeks, it’s gonna be an epic run in the metals going into christmas.

    In the end, the good guys will be left standing to clean up the mess as usual.

    Silver is still trading at it’s 1979-1980 prices. What else is such a bargain?

    Sugar, Coffee, and Cotton all had big moves (3-4%) up today.

  • This micro-doc starts with the words of Willem Middelkoop, stating that China has been calling for this “Great Reset” since 2009. He’s referring to the policy paper by longstanding BIS member and silver manipulator, (see Charles Savoie’s work for more on this) Zhou Xiaochuan, who forecast this move and published this paper the same year.

    Zhou Xiaochuan’s “Reform the International Monetary System,” published via the BIS:

    Read that policy paper twice. Xiaochuan, by the virtue of the company he keeps, has very clear plans for this “Great Reset” – as an SDR-denominated system in which the SGE is a clearinghouse for gold, silver, and eventually, most commodities. All there in black and white for those who care to read…

    …and his good ‘ol Globalist buddies at the Anglo-American Establishment’s chief think tank, Chatham House, are also calling for a “pseudo gold standard.” They set up a “Gold Taskforce” back in 2011 where they recommended not only an increased RMB share within the SDR, (which has of course happened since) but a partial gold backing:

    “Adding Gold to the Valuation of the SDR” by Chatham House:

    “Gold, the SDR, and Other Matters” by ‘Lord’ Baron Desai:

    “Chatham House Gold Taskforce” Final Report:

    For those not keen on reading the policy papers themselves and prefer a breakdown of the most important segments, (with some added historical context) see:

    It’s incredibly disingenuous at this late stage that some refuse to accept gold’s role in what’s to come – for it is not by “accident” nor through “Central Banker incompetence” that gold once again will find its way in “Reforming the International Monetary System.” Gold has long been scripted as being an integral “lining” upon the One World Currency basket.

    More than perhaps any other captive nation-state aside from Amerika, China is a lynchpin in this gambit for a truly global currency. Their opening of the SGE, their admission into the SDR system after vying for the position for nearly a decade, and the BRICS/AIIB construct’s continued devotion to Agenda 21 and corresponding World Bank development pacts are clear evidence of this for the few who’ve taken the time to read the cold, hard documentation on these matters.

    Moreover, pushing the “West vs. East” (Hegelian) dialectic is tantamount to believing the political “Right/Left” charade is anything worth our collective time or efforts. Yet here in 2016, alt-media has regressed to the point of propagating both of these memes.

    • Eric

      Well gee Rusticus, you make the Gold Standard almost sound like a bad thing.

      The American Eagle program has been around for 30 years. All Americans had to do was turn off Dancing with the Stars and pay attention a little.

      • Any monetary “standard” foist upon people from on high, whether for their “good” or not, is inherently bad – the golden one just has a documented system of being not only a tool of evil men, but an enemy of Americans in particular.

        Have you read Eustace Mullins’ book on the Fed? The original anti-Fed researcher and by far the best, Mullins starts the genesis of our monetary enslavement far earlier than most – in the 1850s, when the House of Rothschild forced a bimetallic standard on all of Western Europe through “free trade.”

        Their American agents (chiefly Warburg and Morgan, of course) took to convincing the populous that they would be “cut off from the rest of the world” unless they abandoned bimetallism and adopted a purely gold trade settlement system… the historical parallels are flabbergasting, as a similar script is being run today.

        The rest is a matter of history – the Crime of ’73 demolished what little savings Western farmers and miners had garnered, and the engineered banking crisis of the 1890s didn’t help, either. The icing on the cake, of course, was the Panic of 1907, a classic con of gold standards: Simply printing more “private” bank notes than there was gold. The perfect Hegelian Dialectic for the creation of the Fed just a few short years later.

        Bimetallism ain’t perfect, either, but it’s a natural check on the system, with at least one other form of money for people to rotate into. But even back then, the manipulation of pricing mechanisms (still set in the City at this point – the LBMA was a Rothschild creation of 1919) was used to entice silver holders to rotate into gold, also not unlike today’s ETF madness.

        Though I think it a significant point that the same people have controlled currency arrangements and monetary metal pricing mechanisms for almost 200 years now, that’s not the crux of my above post. Nor is it that the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the second oldest group created from the Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes, (as only the infamous manipulators at the Pilgrim Society predate them) also support a return to gold in some fashion.

        It’s that what these policy papers outline, quite succinctly, is that these people do NOT want a gold “standard” of any kind. They want to USE gold’s monetary allure to put some “golden lipstick” on their SDR pig. 5% residual gold on hand ain’t a gold standard. Gold only available for international settlement among nation-states and not redeemable ain’t a gold standard. Using gold to offset “dollar depreciation by 9%” is not a gold standard. It’s a scheme. A trick. A sleight of hand.

        Gold has to go somewhat higher to facilitate this transition, perhaps even astronomically so (for a point). This is the purpose of the SGE and all its leased (not purchased) gold – to put some “golden lipstick” on the pricing mechanism as well, doing away with the “evil Western manipulators” in the eyes of the public. The Xiaochuan policy papers pick up from Chatham House at this point, as not only is the PBOC 100% on-board with this SDR scheme, Xiaochuan even describes (in 2009) having an international commodity exchange headquartered in China that will eventually price metals in SDRs exclusively. Alt-media didn’t touch the story with a ten-foot pole, but last summer, the PBOC began issuing Chinese bonds denominated in SDRs. This move, like the creation of the SGE, is only the beginning of what’s to come.

        I love the civil back-and-forth we have, Eric, but it’s hard to continue these conversations when we’re working from different source material. I understand completely where you’re coming from – it’s the alt-media “party line” and I consume it daily, whether I agree with all of it or not. But do you understand the dangers being outlined here? Please don’t take offense to this statement, but I don’t believe you’ve actually read any of the primary sources I’m building this thesis from – at least, not enough of them. If you have and simply disagree, I apologize for the assertion – that’s just how it feels based on our discussions.

        But I think we can at least agree on one thing: Chatham House and the BIS are not groups to be trusted and certainly not “White Knights” of any kind… so why is the “enemy” recommending a return to a partial (pseudo) gold standard?

        • *forced a GOLD standard in the 1850s, not bimetallism. Pardon the correction.

        • Eric

          No I know where you are coming from. But at some point the public needs to take responsibility for their own lives and stop looking toward govern-ment (mind control) to solve their problems. Or the media. Or their church or god.

          There are plenty of competing currencies to choose from and nobody is stopping anyone from privately transacting under terms of a voluntary contract between 2 parties. You and I could contract in Gold or Silver or bitcoin (although I would never use that). Meanwhile Americans have allowed themselves to be divided by the cabal. They have allowed themselves to be entertained rather than informed. They have allowed the bureaucrats to get away with what they have. They have allowed themselves to be dumbed down. And they have allowed the debt and the rule of law to slip into the abyss over multiple generations. And now we are where we are. So when are the people going to grow up and stop looking for someone else to solve their problems?

          Yes the cabal controls pricing mechanisms and currency arrangements or standards, but this has always been the case. Not just for hundreds of years, but for thousands.

          I see organized religion in somewhat of the same fashion. They had to give the ignorant masses something to believe in. But anyone who bothered to question any of it could have gone to the library and researched these things at any point in time.

          It would be nice to have a bimetallic standard that is redeemable of course, but all the people need to do is wake up and learn what money is and they will be happy to accept your Gold or Silver as payment for goods and services. And there is nothing to stop anyone from transacting in metal or other arrangements. In the meantime, we can still exchange paper for metal.

          The world is already a global economy. I doubt there is any other way to settle trade without the SDR with some Gold allocation. But as others have said, Gold and Silver will be the only 2 men left standing.

          The age of knowing is here. We have just been in the dark ages for millenia. I suspect someday there will actually be so much abundance that money will not even have a purpose. But that day is a long long long LONG ways off still.

          I just wish people would take responsibility for their OWN lives instead of blaming others. Put good energy out into the world and it will come back to you 10 fold in other ways. Electricity and magnetism. This is how the Universe gets shit done! 😉

          Gold… have some
          Silver… have some
          Food… have some
          Water… have some

          The criminals will get what they deserve. They can only go against nature for so long.

          • Eric

            Power vs. Force

            Anyone who tries to force me, will learn how powerful I truly am.

          • I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly, Eric. Brilliant post. Perhaps I just see the SDR gold switcharoo and corresponding Transhuman borg beehive as much more threatening, as I’m young enough that I will inevitably experience the removal of that “gold lining” and digitizing of global serf scrip… this is all going down at the beginning of my “economically productive” adult life, not the middle or end. By its nature it means I have less wealth to transition – which is a helluva lot better than the nothing that most will have!

            I just think it comical that people still believe this isn’t by design. Gold and silver are premier monies for this environment and always have been, but the “incompetence” line, the “end of the Western banking empire” line is truly a joke and I must question the cognitive faculties of anyone who thinks otherwise. Perhaps not coincidentally, many of the people who swallow this crap are religious, and this narrative ties into (as Bill Hicks once said) that “wacky, Fire and Brimstone, Revelation ending.”

            Personal responsibility is the name of the game, indeed. Would someone feel malice towards a hungry wolf that tears them to shreds late at night in the woods? Of course not. It’s what the wolf does, and anyone who puts themselves in its path (or worse still, tries to keep one as a pet) deserve everything that comes to them. I see our caste of rulers in much the same light – I can’t hate them as they’re quite literally subhuman predators who, for the most part, are incapable of understanding their own evil.

            But many in our community don’t see it as we do, Eric. They see the wolf as their friend now that he dons a golden crown. See V, Harley Schlanger, (and LaRouche as a whole) Jim Willie, Paul Craig Roberts, or any number of other buffoons (or agents, in some cases) who are now contemplating putting a wolf pup in a trainer-crate.

            It’s cute, small, and trendy for now… but the wolf is still a wolf. Gold coins are belief (and value) agnostic – they just are, as Universe created them. A “golden” SDR that many are now championing, on the other hand, is an abjectly political tool and the creation of men.

            • Eric

              Oh I know it’s all by design. The whole Trump thing is rather hilarious to me. He really crawls under the skin of libtards. You are way ahead of your peers. And as a Gen Xer I can assure you that you are way ahead of not just my generation but my parents’ generation in many ways. You don’t HAVE to accept “serf script.” What else can you trust besides Gold and Silver? As far as I’m concerned there isn’t anything as good as Gold. If the US DOLLAR ever was, Nixon never would have closed the Gold window. Will the Gold lining be taken away? History doesn’t repeat. But it does rhyme.

              I used to get very angry and still do with my family. I want to scream and say, HOW DID YOU EVER LET IT GET THIS BAD? Then I remind myself how blessed I have been. Now, I’ve really learned how to do what Carlin did and just emotionally detach myself from the outcome of all this. But I still struggle with it a lot. It’s just hard to still care when so few do. Instead, I try to just put my energy into the logical steps I have control over and help those that I can.

              I don’t hate them either for the same reason. They are predators. Hate is just a feeling you have from time to time. Remain in a state of love and be vigilant. The rest nearly takes care of itself!

              Jim Willie, Roberts, V, Harley, etc. have done great work. But not everyone has the BIG PICTURE. Actually nobody really does. We all wake up in our own ways. So don’t harp on them too bad. I still love Jim Willie just for his rants about his family if anything else. Makes me feel more normal.

              Gold coins are HONEST MONEY! From the earth they come and back to the earth they shall go. I won’t be selling any or trading them for SDR’s I can assure you unless I have no other financial options but to do so. Although I am tempted to do so just to buy more mining shares because of the incredible value. But I don’t think I will. However, that would be voluntary. Power vs. Force 😉

              Remember, you can’t “get a life” or “have a life.” You ARE life! Like Bill Hicks said, “it’s just a ride.” So you gotta just roll with it. None of us get out of here alive. Enjoy it while you can. It goes pretty fast.

              Funny. You and I both thought of Bill Hicks at the same time. That’s syncretism! 😉

            • Ed_B


              “A “golden” SDR that many are now championing, on the other hand, is an abjectly political tool and the creation of men.”

              Agreed. I have said before and still believe that TPTB will not go willingly to a gold standard UNLESS they can conjure one up that allows them to cheat others out of their wealth. A fiat currency system not only allows this but facilitates it. A digital currency is even better than paper because any trails that it creates can be tracked down and erased such as they never were. It’s a thief’s dream come true, which means that the banksters are ALL for it.

              Then, there is gold and silver, both of which have served as monetary metals for many centuries and in every culture that has discovered them. American Indians and Australian aborigines never discovered these metals, so never used them for jewelry or for money. Just about everyone else has, however.

              Also, as I have mentioned before, TPTB will create multiple fake “gold” currencies with which to fool We the People into believing that they are righteous money when they are not. The only money that is worth having is that which can be converted from paper bills into gold and silver coin and back again, at any time, by the bearer, and on demand. Our US Treasury notes that were gold and silver certificates were such money. Even FRNs were at one time, since in the late 1950s and early 1960s one could swap a paper dollar for a silver dollar, 2 half dollars, 4 quarters, or 10 dimes at most stores and all banks. Once 1965 arrived, however, that ended and people began hoarding silver coins because they knew that they were inherently more valuable than either the new pot-metal coins or paper FRNs that could not be converted into silver coins at stores and banks on demand.

              We must not be fooled by these efforts to create yet another fiat money system regardless of how many times the words “gold” and “silver” are tossed around. If that new paper money does not include wording that says “payable in gold (or silver) to the bearer on demand”, then it is just another sham and should be soundly rejected. Further, if those words are included on new paper money but no one abides by them while TPTB just winks and looks the other way, then that is a sham too and must be soundly rejected.

              • Eric

                “We must not be fooled by these efforts to create yet another fiat money system regardless of how many times the words “gold” and “silver” are tossed around. If that new paper money does not include wording that says “payable in gold (or silver) to the bearer on demand”, then it is just another sham and should be soundly rejected. Further, if those words are included on new paper money but no one abides by them while TPTB just winks and looks the other way, then that is a sham too and must be soundly rejected.”

                WE won’t be. Why would anyone trust anything but physical Gold and Silver after everything we keep learning? If others want to hand their wealth to somebody else to manage or control, then they still need to grow up in the area of finance and money. Until then they will continue to get what they deserve…loss of purchasing power.

                A Golden SDR might not translate into a $50,000/ounce Gold price. But it will translate into a much higher Gold price. Will it be redeemable without direct taxation or a windfall tax? Perhaps. But taxes are voluntary. 😉

                • Ed_B

                  lol @voluntary taxes… 😉

                  No, WE won’t be but then TPTB always concentrate their efforts on the masses… and many of them don’t know even a tiny fraction of what we here consider as common knowledge. Being ignorant is not a sin… but remaining that way is, IMO, because it leads directly to living a meager life. There are MANY ways in which people can learn but first they have to be interested in learning. If not, we can drag them to info but we can’t make them accept it. :-/

              • Were everyone as keen as you, Ed, we wouldn’t have these problems in the first place 😛

  • Harcourt Fenton Mudd


    Long time viewer of this site yet I very rarely comment but this video left me scratching my head a bit so please if you may, clarify a few things for me.

    So you made a few stock purchases in PM companies for reasons on the surface that seem to be sound reasoning…but.

    Knowing what we do about CEDE & Co and third party paper issues, how exactly are you planning to take profits on these trades when:

    A- Such a raise in the price of PMs would certainly go hand in hand with a financial collapse and thus would certainly affect the banking system. Where would you deposit your profits from the trade if the banks are insolvent as you have countless times said they would be in such a case? So will your broker send you a money order when you sell? Where would you cash it? What if the currency its denominated in goes south while your searching for a solvent place to deposit it?

    B-Speaking of your broker and CEDE, did you receive the actually stock certificates you purchased? How did you do manage to do that? That would be info we could all benefit
    from. If not, did your broker actually purchase the stock on his end or is just a computer entry with no actual market action? What if his company goes insolvent from other trades they carry/made in such a financial event that were not so, shall we say, as successful as yours?

    I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

    You can’t go on about getting out of the system and paper, do countless videos on the really valid reasons why to hold physical PMs/bitcoin and yet post a video that runs contrary to all of that.

    I saw someone on Jsnip4 post a reply to one of his latest videos word for word giving the same reasons for buying AG stock you did. This all smacks of talking up ones book to be honest. That maybe is a unfair statement, but if others go around other sites repeating the same trade tip, what else could it be?

    You do great work here but I really would like to hear a reply to these points. Maybe Im wrong and missing something.

    • SGT


      I clearly shared my thoughts about all of this in my interview with Keith Neumeyer which was released Sunday night. Listen to it.

      By the way, I doubt you actually listen to my interviews at all if you think I talk much about Bitcoin. As for this information “running counter” to previous videos, read on.

      I challenge you to find anyone on You Tube who has been more forthright about positioning for the great crash than I have been. As I have said in countless videos, there are two opposing views. The first demonstrated by Andy Hoffman, who swears off stocks in ANY form – and who has been dead wrong by missing this MONSTER rally in mining shares. Bix Weir is closer to Andy’s position than not. The second view held by Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Catherine Austin Fitts and others whose intellect I respect believes there will never be a total meltdown of stocks (huge corrections and crashes, yes), these folks firmly believe stocks hold a place in any balanced portfolio.

      I am somewhere in the middle as I have said before in interviews. In 2008-09 I liquidated more than half of existing retirement account(s), took the massive tax hit and purchased PHYSICAL silver and gold. My remaining retirement monies (paper investments) took massive hits as the mining shares cratered post 2011, those assets are just now beginning to recover.

      As for talking my book, I have never done a video or interview about a stock that I own, with the exception of mentioning New Gold once in an interview with Bob Chapman years ago. As I stated to Keith, to the point of wearing my heart on my sleeve, I feel like an idiot for not buying First Majestic the last time we did an interview in April, when the stock was between $5 – $6. I also clearly stated for the record that I would likely be buying some in the near future, thus the FULL DISCLOSURE in this video. Keith and I talked Friday, the interview posted Sunday, I bought some First Majestic on Monday afternoon. This video was posted Monday just before midnight when it was finished. I don’t think you get that kind of in-the-moment information and disclosure from too many pundits, commentators or journalists out there. I was not required to provide it, I did so any way.

      A better example of “talking my book” would be if I had accumulated 10,000 shares of AG over the past two years without ever disclosing it to my audience, and only now started to mention my enthusiasm for the company, but that is not the case – this is my FIRST purchase of AG shares which I openly shared with all of you. And as I made abundantly clear in this video, the reason for the purchase is quantifiable, I think AG will probably be a $50 stock in the next year or two. Potentially much more if silver gets back to $40+ as I highlighted in this video. First Majestic is mining three times more silver now than they did in 2011 when the stock hit $26.

      Now, as for CEDE & CO and for those who continue to swear off ANY paper investments: I have taken delivery of shares in my cash account. I have not done so with this self-directed IRA account. To each his own. We all must do the best we can with the information we have. And as for those who continue to swear off stocks despite the MONSTER rally we have seen in the precious metal mining shares, I personally think it takes a man of courage and intellect to admit he just might be wrong – and some of those I speak to have been dead wrong.

      I have clearly explained my position to my readers and subscribers. the rest is up to each individual. I think AG is going to $50, and now you all know I put some of my money where my mouth is.

      • Eric

        50% physical Gold
        40% physical Silver
        10% cash and mining shares.

        Adjust this ratio to your individual needs.


        80% physical Silver
        15% physical Gold
        5% cash and mining shares.

        There is room in a portfolio for risk assets. But not 100% and possibly not for 70 year old retirees who want solely wealth preservation.

        I’m at…

        55% physical Gold
        40% physical Silver
        5% cash and mining shares.

        Thinking about buying a little more Callinex.

      • glitter 1

        Exactly! Decisions are made based on all available information.Bullion for insurance,stocks for speculation. I,like Ed Steer, have been all-in since the early to mid 2000’s,basically my life savings is in bullion and shares,no ETFs.I’ve read them all,listented to then all,watched them all since 1999 and I made my decisions early in the game and have never looked back.My portfolio is down big time since the May 1st Raid,more than many make in a lifetime and has already come back this year what many make in three/four years,but I made a decision based on where fiat money is going against where Gold and Silver are going.Yes the Big Money/Institutions are moving big time into PM’s and shares because the movers and shakers always know ahead of the sheep,that’s just the way it is.Follow the Money is how the saying goes.Read,listen,watch everything you can and make your own decision(s).Verify,test,retest,prove all things then pull the trigger.This is life.

        “Be right and sit tight” – Jesse Livermore

        Look at what Gold/Silver(Bullion) have returned since 2001 and compare it to the Broad Market Averages,it’s not even close,G&S are way ahead of the Paper Merkets by 100’s of %.

        “In the end the only thing left standing will be Gold,Silver and related items” – Bob Chapman

        Sean,I concur with your logic.The only difference between us is that I’m a Geezer and had a fifteen year head start.You are on track and have a platform to be able to help steer hundreds,perhaps thousands in the right direction.People will have to make their own decisions,however that can be an issue to many/majority since most want someone else to do their thinking for them,which brings us to what the problem is with America buying into the Socialist Utopia deception.

      • KRELL427

        Bob was one of the best, too bad we lost him. Was not aware SGT did an interview with him. Just listenned and I forgot how knowledgable he was. will be re listenning more of him this week. As for what each one of us own, its on an individual basis, I sleep well knowing I am following my own researched descisions.

      • fonestar

        “By the way, I doubt you actually listen to my interviews at all if you think I talk much about Bitcoin.”

        No, you do not talk much about Bitcoin at all. Rarely mention it and when you it’s almost with a scoff. And why should you? Because it serves as a reminder that you, Duane and the ZH idiots have been DEAD WRONG for the past 7 years?

        The hardcore crypto-anarchist people were predicting the coming of Bitcoin as far back as the 1980s. They beat the majority of you Ron Paul/Hard Money people by decades. They were the most brilliant minds of their era and everything they predicted is coming to pass. Ultimately the internet and “pirate utopias” will rise as its own sovereign power stronger than today’s modern governments.

        • KRELL427

          Fonestar you are a very miserable person for someone who should be quite happy with the performance of his investment. Will you ever get over the fact that ZH outsmarted you and kicked you off their site?

          • fonestar

            And how exactly did ZH “outsmart” me? The Tylers were pessimistic and dismissive of Bitcoin. Everything fonestar said has pretty much turned out to be accurate so far. But I will not be “quite happy” until the “dollar” has been totally destroyed and Satoshi can rule supreme!

          • Eric

            Krell, That is a very accurate analysis.

            Curious that bitcoin came along just in time for the financial system to collapse in 2008. It’s almost like the CIA counterpart of the khazarian mafia coordinated its set it up with Tel Aviv ahead of time. And then crashed the markets.

            Fonestar didn’t mention what exactly Duane and ZH idiots have been wrong about.

            Dollar totally destroyed and CIA can rule supreme. I guess he will be miserable forever. He’s like that little snot in school who says “I was right. I was right.”

            As if we care.

            • KRELL427

              Its also suspicious that every time gold supply gets tight and price starts rising Bitcoin starts surging,quite like the shootings to get the attention off Hillary.

              • fonestar

                There was nothing “suspicious” about when Bitcoin came along.

                Duane keeps telling us that Bitcoin is going to implode at any moment, sucking all of our hard earned fiat away. Because he wants us to be 100% into physical silver which is why he is selling his silver for fiat. Makes sense.

                • Eric

                  He never said that!

                  You only hear what you want to hear.

                  He said for him he would rather be in the most undervalued asset which is Silver. He never said he wants you to be. And yes he has sold some of his personal holdings but when you get to the top, and have lots of personal wealth, you have the option to sell some of it or give away a little.

                  He never said Bitcoin is going to implode any moment. He said it’s got all the signs of a pyramid or ponzi scheme. Which it does.

            • Eric

              It will be interesting to see if the performance of Silver ever passes the performance of BTC in the coming months.

              In a freely traded market, it already would have.

        • NaySayer

          Who do you sue if they just keep making up bitcoins out of nothingness just like federal reserve notes? It has happened with every other fiat type of money, why not bitcoin?

          Who do I sue if there is no electricity and I now have nothing for a period of time? Who can be held responsible?

          Who made it? Can you prove it wasn’t a bad actor? Okay, can you give any information at all about who was behind it? I mean a real identifiable person or organization who can be held responsible if it is a scam?

          Too risky.

          • I believe there can only be 21 million bitcoins made as its all in the codes, but you are right and like I say.. U can’t hold it.. U don’t own it!! Only silver and gold is real money and has no counter party risk if u have in your possession and only hold phisical! It’s the only thing I have real faith in and I’m putting everything into it because I know it offers protection from the comming colapes and economy crisis headed our way and it also is a hedge against inflation and protection during the reset and after the reset it will be the biggest transfer of wealth in this century as silver will be like gold on steriods! That’s my opinion and I put my money ” silver” and gold where my mouth is and I’m going to make silver grow silver and build that stack because in the end it will all come to your oz count!!

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    That’s a strange metric to use to find out the ratio of gold to silver stocks and the natural ratio in the earth. For it to work, the price differences would have to remain stable. For instance the price differences for arbitrage at this moment is $10.54 Gold) and 0.39 (silver). Divide gold by silver and the ratio is 27.025641. Is that now the new real gold to silver ratio? I’m not too sure where Sean is going with this.

    • Eric

      I think he’s just trying to make the case that it will be moving much closer to the 9:1 ratio we all know it should be at.

      66:1 right now. A lot closer than the 75:1 or 80:1 ratio we were at just a short time ago.

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        That doesn’t seem to be a credible method if that’s what he’s trying to do, is what I’m saying.
        It’s not much point trying to prove something by pulling the evidence out of thin air.

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        I had a look at my screen shot and realize that the market in China was closed when I calculated. With both markets active, the ratio is fluctuating around the mark offered by Sean. Apologies, but can Sean elaborate as to why it is an indicator? Curious metric!

  • Guest

    Gold is getting smashed this morning. U.S. stocks are at all-time highs, and stock futures are up again this morning. I just don’t see how the fraud is ever going to end. It seems that nothing matters, i.e. debts, deficits, crimes of the elite, etc. None of it matters.

    • Eric

      Convention is next week. VIX is at a low. They’re just getting ready for the bolts to come off the machine.

      • Guest

        -U.S. national debt approaching $20 trillion.

        -U.S. unfunded liabilities in the tens of trillions of dollars with some estimates over $100 trillion.

        -The Federal Reserve has expanded its balance sheet by several trillion dollars over the last eight years through QE and “asset” purchase programs.

        -We’ve had ZIRP for 7.5 years.

        -Over $10 trillion in sovereign debt now yields negative interest rates.

        None of it seems to matter.

        • Eric

          None of it is working either.

          The Fed can’t beat the free market.

          This will end with fireworks. Not a slow grind.

        • Ed_B

          “None of it seems to matter”.

          Agreed, which is why those of us who have invested for decades do not trust this market. It’s not a REAL market – it’s just a conglomerate of manipulations. It’s only goal is ever higher stock prices, whether justified by earnings or not. Lately, it’s been heavy on the “not” end of things.

          After being 95% in stocks for 35+ years and 5% in cash to buy up bargains when found, I switched to 70% cash + 12% PMs + 18% in some core mutual funds a couple of years ago. I did this because I don’t trust this market OR those who are creating it. I will not risk my retirement plan money in what is clearly a paper debt Ponzi scheme.

          At one time, I invested about 20% of my wealth in bonds of various kinds. These were paying 5-6% interest and were from very solid businesses with real and growing income and solid dividends. I also held some UST bonds that paid less but were solid… or, so I thought at the time. But in 2007, I learned that the US Gov and the Fed had colluded with each other to underestimate the rate of inflation so that they would not have to pay retirees and other bond holders what they were due. Instead, they fixed the rate of inflation at a very low number so that substantial annual increases in benefits would not have to be paid to those who deserved and were owed them. They also used this same mechanism to screw the Social Security recipients. This is out and out THEFT, IMO, as well as a conspiracy to commit grand larceny. I was not willing to participate in that, so sold all of my bonds. As it turned out, I sold too soon but still made about $16k in profits on those bonds. That money was then allocated elsewhere and did well, so no problem there. Basically, I washed my hands of these crooks and never looked back.

          I would own AAA rated corporate bonds again but only if the rate they pay was above 4% and the companies issuing this paper had sterling quality balance sheets. This is unlikely at the current time thanks to Fed-manipulated super low interest rates as well as additional collusion among the bond rating agencies and the US Gov. But not to worry. It is possible to build a nice portfolio of stocks and funds that invest in big-cap blue-chip dividend-paying stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and cash holdings that deliver traditional bond performance with much less risk.

          • glitter 1

            The whole fiat paper scheme is about defrauding the people of the full fruits of their labor with depreciating dishonest currency/money. The Keynesian Fiat Paper Ponzi Scheme is the fuel/lubricant for Socialism. It also removes power from the hands of the people and secures it in the hands of the political/ruling class.

            • Ed_B


              Yes, it does. But it is the system that we have. One can either work with what we have and profit or one can turn their back on it and not make a lot of money… which I have. I am firmly convinced that one can make money in most markets. I made a bunch as a trader but found that not to be as satisfying as being an investor. IMO, investors build companies, markets, and economies while traders merely extract wealth from those who create it. Yes, traders DO supply liquidity to markets but I believe that this effect is not only vastly over-rated but is over-used as an excuse for bad behavior on the parts of some.

              As far as “power” goes, wealth is power too. If one has sufficient wealth, one becomes truly independent and able to do what they want, when they want, and where they want. This was what powered me to an early retirement at age 55. The feeling of freedom that this created was truly… priceless.

              Not everyone does this but the opportunity is there for those who choose to avail themselves of it. Most do not, choosing instead to live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of their lives.

  • Moishe

    It doesn’t matter till it does & it always does.

    “You can avoid reality but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality” Ayn Rand

  • Harcourt Fenton Mudd


    I can agree to you that each to his own.

    If one takes the position that a crash can happen any day, then playing the paper markets seems, well a gamble. As far as “missing out” and shares going up in a year or two in a rally I personally think that in a year or two we will all be in a lot different world than now. This world will be a place where you don’t own it if you don’t hold it. Rob Kirby thinks that any profits in mining shares will be heavily taxed by western govts and his logic is as sound as it gets. That’s yet another issue aside from my previous points. So in light of that I don’t see myself being wrong rather than having a contrary view shared by many.

    I think it also takes a man of courage to stop playing the wall street game like Andy H. A man that is not concerned with immediate profits but is taking the longer view on markets and banks and fiat.Which did better 2008 until now? Your hard assets or your mining shares? What will make the next time different? Einstein was correct about doing things over and over.

    There has been many a bitcoin post on this site so let me clarify that. Im aware of your personal position on it (see? I was listening), which we happen to share, but it is mentioned on this site as a potential investment vehicle for those who see fit to do so.

    I appreciate the civility of your reply. I truly do agree with you 99% of the time and am thankful for SGT Report, but I had to post a rare comment from me on my points which are valid ones.

    All men of intellect can benefit from critical analysis and the hard questions.

    • SGT

      Well said Harcourt, thanks for your reply and for the civil discourse. I just believe that First Majestic is going to go far higher based on the fundamentals of the company, sector and global economic Ponzi scheme failing, so I bought some, and wanted folks here to know that I did and WHY I did.

      Oh, and yes we do post about Bitcoin from time to time, but I don’t cover it much in my interviews, etc. I remain open minded about Bitcoin.

      Happy trails.

      • Eric

        There isn’t much point in you covering bitcoin when the rest of us do it all the time.

        Too much attention is put on that already.

        First Majestic is getting some profit taking today. Very little volume however. It’s definitely going much higher, but don’t be surprised if it takes a lot of selling after such a great run. Especially if they let the markets crash. 20 million ounces a year. That’s outstanding!

        Bought 25 more shares of UVXY today and added a little more Callinex to my position.

        Convention is next week. Followed by another boring FOMC meeting the week after. Could get crazy. I’m sittin tight and comfortable until something happens from here.

        Silver seems to be in a range between 20 and 20.50. Good place for it to rest for a bit.

      • willygroper

        geez Sean…have you listened to this on the phaser?

        i wonder if any of this will matter after seeing/hearing the written excerpts for A2030.

        we’re moving from the plantation to the inside of prison walls.

        • AgShaman

          Thanks for the heads up Willy. Reminds me of the “Green Zone” project from both operation Iraqi Free-dumb and that teevee show Colony.

          Maybe that’s where it’s being taken and we will all be Iraqi’s soon and living under Order 17.

          Time for a better sniper rifle and some body armor.

          Also, thanks for the full disclosure Sean on yer purchases

    • Ed_B

      Every investor should always have a solid Plan B in case their well thought out assumptions upon which their Plan A is built should fail. Plans C, D, and E are good backups too.

      Those whom I know who are successful long-term investors and wealthy because of it know that a well-diversified portfolio is successful more often than not. Since we can’t know the future, hedging our bets among various asset classes is quite reasonable.

      I see gold and silver as asset classes and they share a good part of my portfolio. So do solid blue-chip dividend-paying stocks, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. Are these guaranteed? Nope. Nothing but death and taxes is “guaranteed” in this life but some things have a damned good record nonetheless. As a wise old man once told me about life, “You wanna guarantee? Buy a toaster!”. 🙂

  • NIX

    IM0 stocks are going up FOREVER mabe with a few corrections ( scare tactics)to keep the delusional masses happy, the fuel (gazoline) will be use to controll inflation of goods and wipe out evreyone with promess of paiment POP . Getting wipe out
    from behind (slowly) the masses can adapt to the hardshipp and the tyranny. Next the price of metal will climb slowly with the stocks till shortage of physical, then the premium on real metal will decouple from the fantasy (slv, gld) where all the pension funds will take refuge slowly to ” offset inflation. Then IMO there will be a black market of real physical metal where there will be NO BID for people who want out. If the psycopath loose controll on their supposed ”deleveraging pipe dream” and loose the masses confidence then all bets are off. It is a good idea to speculate for the time been and transfer the proceed in real stuff as fast as you possibly can.

    • NIX

      A blimp on a computer can go a long way ” but even the allmighty canot and WILL NOT stop the rage of the masses ”

    • Ed_B


      “It is a good idea to speculate for the time been and transfer the proceed in real stuff as fast as you possibly can.”

      Life itself is a speculation, yet we all accept it for what it is. Mostly this is because it’s “the only game in town”. Investing in stocks isn’t a lot different. All investors guess as to what the best places for our money will be. But there are ways to make educated guesses about which stocks are best. If we do well, we can make money – and sometimes quite a lot of it.

      TPTB don’t really care about us small fry… we can win, lose, or draw and it is pretty much all the same to them. What they DO care about is the BIG money… which is to say the money from hedge funds, big investment houses, and the US Gov. That’s their sandbox.

      But we can tag along and nip up a few crumbs while they do their thing. In the big picture, what we get is not significant. But it is to each of us because the wealth that we can snag in this game is enough to change our lives for the better. It keeps a roof over our heads, food on the table, and also provides for everything else that we and our family needs plus some of the things that we want. This leaves us much better off in the long run.

      Despite this, a smart investor will also invest in enough gold and silver and minimize the debt that they are carrying to insure their future well-being. Physical gold and silver is that insurance and it is also an inflation hedge and a long-term savings plan. It probably won’t make any of us rich but it should do a good job of keeping us from losing what we have and becoming destitute.

  • Christopher

    Holy cow! That stock was down more than 6 percent today. I’ve never heard of that company but was interested to see the stock price chart action after watching Sean’s video of it early this morning. I was curious to see the affect of Sean’s audience ( about 100,000 ) buying this stock based on Sean’s doing so. I expected the stock to rocket.
    Man, was I wrong. Maybe it comes down another 6 percent tomorrow as well…..if it does run for cover. Strange….seems like market makers) don’t want AG stock buying.

    • videoctr

      Best to take a strategic view point about First Majestic. First Majestic is the right company, with the right leadership, in the right sector at the right time, in the right country that is favorable to mining, with favorable laws and currency conversion. The spot price of gold and silver has an influence on the the stock price action. Today gold and silver spot price was down. Also, stocks don’t go straight up without bouncing around a bit. The better thing to do is think about where the stock is heading regarding the trend, as well as company growth plan. As Keith pointed out, silver demand is greater than the yearly output. Silver is a strategic metal and there is less of it than gold. First Majestic has streamlined their production through automation, and have reduced their production costs.

      If you believe silver spot price will be higher in the future, to leverage your bet, buy a well run mining company as part of your portfolio.

    • glitter 1

      Gold,Silver and the shares have hit/bounced off their upper trend line and will most likely pull back here before moving higher.That’s why entry point is important and being able to properly time it by effectively understanding charts. Most don’t.

      • Ed_B

        Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch are two of the greatest investors ever and both of these guys have said that it is impossible to “time the market” on a consistent basis. I agree with them because markets are like a chart with about 5,000 axes on it for each variable that affects stock prices. Clearly, no one can possible make sense of such a chart. Because of this, we all do our best at picking a decent entry point into what we believe is an undervalued stock and then hope that its value becomes recognized and its share price higher. But all of this is a guess… an educated guess, perhaps, but a guess nonetheless.

        I have had good luck with buying the right stocks at about the right time. But choosing when to sell is MUCH more difficult, IMO. In many cases, I just pick what seems a good stop price and then use a trailing stop sell order for downside protection. This works well in most cases. If it doesn’t, then the resulting cash is deployed elsewhere.

    • Eric

      It only went from $2.40 in January to a new 52 week high yesterday of $16.

      Down 6% today on low volume profit taking is no big deal.

      I’m still holding shares with an average cost paid of $0.00

      If you haven’t heard of First Majestic or Keith Neumeyer, I would check them out. Kind of dangerous buying right here as it could still pull back to it’s 50 day moving average of $12, but it’s been one of the biggest winners of 2016 so far.

  • Troy

    Unrelated…but, have you seen the latest George Bush embarrassment

  • mike

    Neumeyer said said miners are mining 800k oz a year and the world uses 1.1 billion and this deficit has been going on for 2 decades…That’s 6 billion ozs? Once again put on your thinking caps where is the Silver coming from? It can be coming from mines or the us gubberment> These numbers can not be correct. According to Neumeyer we are in a 6 billion oz deficit RIGHT NOW so how is it possible you can buy all the physical you want? There should have been zero silver available since 1998 if what he is saying is true? Not trying to burn anyone here but you have to listen what these reptilian people say. They are a business and every cent it goes up they make big big $$$. Did I hear Neimeyer correctly or am I making this up? Geeze you guys lol/

    • Eric

      Go back and listen again more closely and then you will know.

      I suggest taking some notes and doing some math.

      • mike

        Sorry Eric the numbers DO NOT ADD UP and the more I listen the more I am understanding this is all just a pump and total BS..If the numbers did add up silver would be at 10k an oz seeing how the world would be negative 6 billion ozs of silver and god knows how much gold. Got to stop defending Common Core Math…2+2 does not equal negative 6 billion. This entire Silver story is total bunk from the miners to output numbers to retailers and stock pumpers….Keep up the pumping I just need it to be $25 and I can unload this common garbage at a profit. I dont want to wait 30 years for the next big pump to 50, inflation would kill my profits and I would be negative…Defenders of the dollar..Eric and crew..Get yourself some FM stock but hate the dollar and the BTC?? Nice…

        • KRELL427

          Why don’t you just dump it now and put it into bitcion,silver may go to $1000 or $5000 per oz. but according to experts Bitcoin is going to over a million $. It will be the cinderella story of the history books.Seems like a no brained to me.

          • Eric

            mike is just guessing Krell. He is a lazy researcher and has no conviction.

            He simply does not take into account all the paper/digital products.

            But I think that is exactly what he should do. Sell now, and buy bitcoin. Then he can learn the hard way.

            • KRELL427

              Yes Eric and they call that putting your money where your mouth is or walking your talk where I come from.

              • Eric

                Something the rest of us have no problem doing but apparently mike would rather be miserable like fonestar, which is no way to live your life.

                I’m sure 7 billion people will soon be embracing the bitcoin standard.

                Any day now. I hope mike isn’t too late.

                • KRELL427

                  With 7 billion using it,your transaction might get completed six months later

                • Eric

                  Or pay a fee.

                  That should work really well for the precious metals dealers.

                  mike better pre-order his patio furniture now.

                  I don’t know if you saw, but there was a goofy article promoting the bitcoin ponzi on BIN today which I won’t share here. Trying to still be open minded about it, I considered throwing $100 into it but I don’t shop at any of the places listed on that list. It’s all just consumer crap. I guess technically Target or Whole Foods might be decent but I don’t go to those places.

                  I really don’t see any benefit for me personally when so far I have been very happy with BitGold which is far superior if you ask me. Gonna try to add more to it in the coming months and start using the debit card a little. Mastercard seems to be more widely accepted than bitcoin.

                • mike

                  Better than zero embracing the PM standard..OOh..There is no PM standard anywhere..Not one place on Earth you can spend the PM money? You insult and ignore the obvious PM supply LIE. This stuff is just as common as Iron thanks to innovation. You know even Iron was worth something back in the day because of its rarity and it was difficult to produce by hand. Will be funny when you morons are blaming space aliens when the silver price falls to all time lows and not one Mine goes out of business? SRS Rocco will come out again say silver is below production cost based on gubberment mining numbers and his EROI bunk math and these magic mines can just give the stuff away? Pms simple are no longer rare or difficult to obtain even for primary miners.

                • KRELL427

                  So Mike why do you waste your time bithing and moaning about the the metals when you already own the superior Bitcoin, sounds to me me like you don’t have much of a life.

    • Eric

      mike, also please demonstrate your math if you want to be taken seriously.

      It’s 800 million ounces not thousands. And it’s not static over 20 years.

      You are making too many assumptions and not doing any real research to back up your ridiculous claims. I’ll say it again…

      Please explain the difference between the commercial and non-commercial longs and shorts at the CME. Until you dive in and research this, you have no capability of understanding the metals or the markets.

      • Eric

        And it’s 880 million ounces, not 800.

      • mike

        I quoted EXACTLY what the trusted Miner Neumeyer said, “This deficit has been going on for TWO DECADES” 1.1 billion ozs used and only 800k ozs mined..I will demonstrate my math to be taken seriously by a man who thinks the CIA has the resources and time to hide under his bed and manipulate BTC ..The man known as Eric..Decade=10 years..Two Decades =20 years. 300k /year shortage for 20 years equals 6 billion ozs.

        If there is only 1 billion ozs of above ground available then it is simple math..1996 we have 1 billion above ground ozs. That would be gone in 3.2 years so excuse me 1998 was incorrect, typo. The world would have run out of Silver sometime in 1999. Amazingly there has not been one single real shortage of Phyzz only production hickups due to lack of market anticipation by mints of your favorite coin. Considering the last 17 years the earth having NO above ground physical silver and another 5 billion oz deficit that is amazing??. We not only have zero above ground but are actually negative 6 billion ozs..Silver must be worth 10k an oz by now? Silver is truly the magic metal. Even the miners numbers dont take into account all the dark Chinese buying of yearly production of everything and the Indians appetite for phyzz..All a cover up by the US gubberment and specifically the CIA according to Eric. We must be truly like -200 billion oz of silver and -1000 billion oz of gold..So go to Miles Franklin and Ameritrade and stock up on stocks and as much physical as you can afford, no delay. It is a bargain now and will never be this cheap. Oh and by the way it is money even though it isnt and doesnt spend anywhere on gods green earth?

        • Eric

          Top 20 Silver producing countries in 2015…886,700,000 ounces.

          Which means it is probably slightly higher than that. You figure it out and tell me!

          Not “only 800k ozs mined.” Geeeeez. Think for yourself!!!

          Congratulations by the way!

          “Decade=10 years..Two Decades =20 years. 300k /year shortage for 20 years equals 6 billion ozs.”

          You passed basic remedial math skills. Except markets don’t work that way!!!

          I didn’t even waste my valuable time reading the rest of your comment.

  • Kieth Neumeyer, the CEO of First Majestic has remained true to his word since the founding of First Majestic over ten years ago. He and the board of directors have always protected the shareholders from excess dilution while remaining both aggressive and opportunistic towards growth. Unique in the space and underappreciated, IMO; First Majestic does all their mine engineering, development and construction in-house which has brought their new mines into production much quicker and less costly than typical.
    His publicly stated views regarding silver have also not changed since even his earliest quarterly conference calls that he was doing back in 2006-2007 when the company had only three operating mines with contract labor and under 1 million ounces production/qtr.
    For these reasons; Sean, I appreciate your effort to bring Kieth onto your programs and I carefully consider Kieth’s long term views. There are few self made $Billion+ mining company executives on the planet, but Kieth is among them and has achieved it twice. He sold Quantum Metals to start a Silver Mining company because he truly believed Silver IS the indispensable metal. His honesty places him at the top, IMO; and if I continue to hold paper shares, I feel I can’t choose a better ‘speculation’ in the mining space.
    This is not my pitch to buy or sell shares; just my long term experience and observations on First Majestic and Kieth Neumeyer.

  • Moishe

    Thanks Krell,

    I finally am awake to the root of the problem, now let’s work together to educate others & find the solution.

  • My Moto ” silver the element of change, prosperity, security and only real money” one day silver will be gold on steriods and I believe that ” if u don’t hold it.. U don’t own it” silver has no counterparty risk, it’s a hedge against inflation, security and safety with this economy ready to crash and will be protection during the reset and after the biggest transfer of wealth of this century and of all time! My name is jay Scott and I believe in silver so much that I am in process of creating / designing my own silver custom proof rounds, I do this for 1 reason and one reason only and that’s to protect my young sons life and future for a enedible crash and it’s not a matter of if.. But when? With all my research and listening to great guys like Peter Schiff I belive its going to happen in the next 2 years or less and my stragidy is to make silver grow silver buy my new custom minting ( agsilverdojo bullion) in hopes with the rest of the time we have to prepare I can build my phisical stack and when the housing markets go down in crisis and silver to the moon I will then turn my stack into that transfer of wealth and get my son a house and everything he needs to survive, and yes ofcourse you should have even before silver.. Food, water, fuel, guns, ammo, medicine, then as much silver as you can stack! And use whatever time u have to prepare!

  • [email protected]

    I think the key in the UK, to the public catching on to gold/silver would be a big correction in the value of property, as most of the people have their money there. Looks like helicopter money will be used to eventually stop house prices falling back to there average of 3.5 times average wage. I’m feeling pissed off with the central planners!

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