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from Rogue Money:

Brandon Smith is one of those Lone Voices in the Wilderness who has been warning for months that we are in the middle of a planned demolition of the economic status quo. He accurately predicted a LEAVE outcome for the Brexit vote and stuck to those guns all the way to the bitter end. Even Nigel Farage wavered, conceded defeat, then came back an hour later and un-conceded. (Which made me raise an eyebrow wondering if he, like Robespierre, has already been cut out of the loop and may eventually fall off the public radar now that his role has concluded.)

Smith posted his own Post-Brexit blog on June 29 (linked here) and entitled “Brexit Aftermath – Here’s What Will Happen Next”. He barreled right out the gate by revealing the secret of his predictive success:

“The core reason why I was able to discern the Brexit outcome was because I accepted the reality that the Brexit does not hurt globalists — in the long run, it actually helps them…. While I applaud the people of the U.K. for their ongoing battle for sovereignty, I can assure you that the Brexit is NOT an obstacle to the plans of globalists.”

Those sentiments run parallel to comments that we have also heard about Queen Elizabeth’s dinner conversation when, on more than one occasion, she would ask her guests: “Give me three good reasons why Great Britain should stay in the E.U.” A harmless, neutral statement (yeah right, pffttt!) that indicates that the Royals wanted a LEAVE outcome in the vote.

Thank you, Brandon, for noticing the same thing I saw, one day before the vote, when the BIS Gang called a special meeting, ostensibly to “prepare for the vote results.” If you think the Bank of International Settlements was just now planning their response to the Brexit, then I have a bridge to sell you.

Fear not, our beloved overlords knew what was coming down the pike, well, because they planned it that way at least as far back as October 2015.

So, the idea that “traders were caught off guard” only means, “Hey sucker, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

By sheerest coincidence, I happened to catch the Member’s Vid Chat session today with Joseph P. Farrell and the GizaDeathStar community. I was able to ask him if the Nazi International plan for a fascist European Union is still on the table? Joseph replied to me, “Yes and No.” He does feel that the people of Europe are beginning to see through the old Nazi smoke-and-mirrors, so there is a genuine mood of revolution in the air. However, he also feels that this new Fascist International still has their fingers in the pie and will be there to launch a new currency if/when the Euro currency falls. Germany will be there to pick up the pieces if/when the E.U. disintegrates. He referred to pp 210-212 from his book “The Third Way,” the section about the “Kohl-Lammers CDU Paper” and the old agenda for a creation of “Mitteleuropa.” Germany and Russia will become long-term partners, Farrell reaffirmed. NATO will go the way of the old “Holy Roman Empire.”

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