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Election Narrative Solidifies: Trump is Racist and Media Demands Hillary Rebuild Nation’s Trust

from The Daily Bell:

The true danger to democracy is cynicism, not anger … “The most amazing thing about the 2016 elections,” Roger Porter of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government told me, “is that we are likely to elect someone who close to two-thirds of the country does not trust.” The choice offered to Americans this November is the largest failure of the two-party system since (at least) the democratization of the primary process in 1968. –Washington Post

Now the outlines of the presidential election are coming clear. Not only is this Hillary’s race to lose, it is also going to be defined what by what she does or doesn’t do.

The nation, we are learning, is afflicted with terrible cynicism – much of it as a result of Hillary’s actions.

If she is to win the election, she will have to turn the tide of cynicism with personal actions. This is what the mainstream media is announcing now – in waves, like troops coming ashore.

Every day we cover elite memes and we watch for them on the Internet and in the press, where they often hatched.

This is what we see. Two types of articles. One kind of article, like this one at the Washington Post, reports on electoral “cynicism” and the danger it poses to the Republic.


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1 comment to Election Narrative Solidifies: Trump is Racist and Media Demands Hillary Rebuild Nation’s Trust

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    The WP laments the failure of the two party monopoly in offering a trustworthy candidate to vote for. Consider what they are saying; The collective pool of talent is bereft of a single statesman having the integrity to or the capability to unite the nation under a single purpose.
    The editor of this rag surely must have questions as to why it has devolved to this? Would the WP itself, have anything to answer for in the promotion of this singularity of mediocrity. Has the editor given an iota of consideration to the alternative as instigated by The Founders of our Republic and as promulgated by The Constitution? Has the editor or the WP given any consideration and page space to the Libertarian candidate, who is a man of integrity?

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