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Don’t Get Too Excited, Stocks May Be About To Fall Hard

from GregoryMannarino:

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2 comments to Don’t Get Too Excited, Stocks May Be About To Fall Hard

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    To all the Wall Street Cheerleaders (and greater fools), they all think it’s gonna keep rising.

    But for all of us with common sense, we understand that the DOW-COW has climbed to the TOP of Mt Everest, and has set up a big STEP LADDER on the summit, and is climbing up the ladder and JUMPING up and Down on the TOP RUNG.

    We all know how it’s gonna end.

    All the “Sheeple Cheerleader/greater fools” are gonna be wiped out. They never see it coming.

    The crash of 2008 really got me serious about changing my life & putting me onto a path that MAY help to protect my life during the NEXT crash. That’s why I escaped from the big shitty-city.

    I’ve been looking in this same direction for a long time, (my collection of Mother Earth News Magazines goes all the way back to about 1976.) And yes, I SAVED all of them, exactly for the days that are coming soon.

    But the crash of ’08 really screwed me good enough, forcing me to get serious and get moving, stacking, packing, etc.

    I’m cash-poor, but pretty well prepared for the longer view.

    Good luck to ALL of you guys, and I even wish GOOD Luck to Fonestar & Mike, because I’m sure they BOTH have got some PM’s and FOOD stacked up. It’s clear to see that those 2 guys believe the BTC will outshine PM’s in the long run and in most venues. It’s OK to believe in something, but it would be nice if they learned how to promote it with knowledge & encouraging details rather than heaping unfounded manure on everything else.

    Time & markets will be the judge.

    During the USA civil war years, the SOUTH printed their own BTC (called it Confederate Currency), and it crashed. Gold became the money. Food & weapons became the objects most desired.

    I think the future will play out very similar to the past.

  • Ed_B

    “Negative Mainstream Media Articles on Gold and Silver Don’t Tell the Truth”

    Yeah? Well no-duh. Why tell the truth about something when a lucrative lie will do just as well AND pad their pockets quite nicely?

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