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Desperate Liberals Blame Drudge for Trump’s Rise

Establishment media decries inability to control Trump narrative

by Adan Salazar, Infowars:

Liberals scrambling to make sense of Donald Trump’s incredible rise in the GOP are searching frantically for somewhere to pin the blame, with the latest accusations being lobbed at internet pioneer Matt Drudge.

In a recent Business Insider article, link aggregator is accused of aiding the businessman’s rise to power by rewarding conservative media publications who cover Trump in a positive light with website traffic.

Tossing Trump’s considerable mastery of the press aside, Drudge is painted as a “kingmaker who used his agenda-setting power” to move Trump to the top of the ticket.

While Business Insider gives voice to several grumbling critics who’ve failed in thwarting Trump’s popularity, the article interestingly fails to quote Drudge himself, despite the reclusive media mogul giving an interview to Infowars in October of last year.

Drudge explained on the Alex Jones Show that he tackles each day’s news cycle by covering the issues he deems important or those which he believes are being suppressed, absent outside influence. This explains why Drudge has facilitated Trump’s pro-American, anti-globalist themes, as a bombardment of negative media has attempted to suppress or downplay that message.

Here are a few excerpts from Drudge’s historic interview with Alex Jones in October 2015, in which he reveals his news-seeking methods:

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2 comments to Desperate Liberals Blame Drudge for Trump’s Rise

  • Ed_B

    “Establishment media decries inability to control Trump narrative”

    LOL @MSM

    Those boneheads have shot their wad and sold their souls for money and access to the politicians. Their credibility has been in the toilet for years and there is no salvaging it. Sure, idiots, go ahead and blame Drudge and others who are doing the job that YOU once did but sold out to TPTB. Time to EAT your own cooking and it is gonna be a HUGE s**t sandwich. Enjoy. You earned it.

  • anon

    “Desperate Liberals Blame Drudge for Trump’s Rise”?

    You meant “Desperate LIBTARDS.

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