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Declassified 9/11 Report Portrays US-Saudis as Partners in Crime

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

The recently released, previously classified report titled, “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001″ (.pdf), reveals that indeed long-time US ally, Saudi Arabia, had connections to the alleged hijackers who purportedly carried out the 9/11 attacks.

While the US would go on to invade Afghanistan and Iraq predicated on the 9/11 attacks, it should be noted that all of the alleged hijackers were either Saudis or Persian Gulf citizens, or connected to terrorist organizations supported by Persian Gulf states.

The Western media has attempted to downplay the impact of the document’s release, claiming that subsequent investigations found the “many” of the allegations in the document “without basis” – even as the US and Saudi Arabia today openly arm and fund terrorists in Syria.

To Whose Benefit?

Many mistakenly believe on one hand terrorism is simply an inevitable clash of civilizations between “Islam” and the West, while others maintain it is the predictable backlash to flawed or unjust Western foreign policy.

In reality, it is neither.

It is meticulously engineered violence used as a tool for achieving geopolitical objectives around the world – from overthrowing governments and justifying military interventions, to creating paralyzing fear and hysteria at home to garner support for a growing domestic police state and a large military footprint overseas.

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3 comments to Declassified 9/11 Report Portrays US-Saudis as Partners in Crime

  • anon

    U.S. Presidents take their marching orders from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which is the American branch of the former RIIA (BRITISH) (Royal Institute of International Affairs), now called CHATHAM HOUSE. It’s a FRONT organization of the ‘Committee of 300’, and the W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Bankers). CHATHAM HOUSE is another in a fairly long list of FRONT organizations for the ‘Committee of 300’ and the W.I.C.B., such as CLUB OF ROME, BILDERBERG GROUP, BRITISH ROYAL SOCIETY, CIA, CINI FOUNDATION, FABIAN SOCIETY, KNIGHTS OF MALTA, NATO, TAVISTOCK, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, etc. So, there you have the “special relationship” between the U.S. & the U.K.

    Going one step further ~ once you realize, that it was the ‘City’ of London that placed the House of Saud in power, in Saudi Arabia, then you begin to comprehend why the U.S. & Saudi Arabia work together. IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE IF THE SAUDIS PROVIDED ANY TYPE OF SUPPORT IN RELATION TO CARRYING OUT 9/11. BUT, ARE THE SAUDIS ~ SOLELY ~ RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11? (IF you believe THAT, then you haven’t done your homework, on 9/11!) The sum of the FACTS surrounding 9/11 indicate that 9/11 was a MOSSAD operation, and the CIA STOOD DOWN, AND ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN! Was MI6 involved? Possibly. It wouldn’t surprise me, at all.

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