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DALLAS SHOOTING EXPOSED: ‘Lone Gunman’ Micah Johnson Did NOT Act Alone


SMOKING GUN PROOF: Dallas Shooter Micah Johnson Did NOT Act Alone

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35 comments to DALLAS SHOOTING EXPOSED: ‘Lone Gunman’ Micah Johnson Did NOT Act Alone

  • F16hoser

    Crazy stuff always happens in Dallas… (JFK)

  • schlomo at 2:05 there is a fairly decent vid of the shooter shooting from the columns. I recall someone saying he shot out a glass door to go into a building where he was holed up – maybe the door near him. In the vid he is pretty much totally exposed, and if 50 cops converged on him I don’t know why he didn’t take some hits to his limbs. No sign of the cop he shot in the vid.

  • schlomo

    you’ll love this one “spark hit” bullets

    • CalSailX

      Thanks scholomo… I’ve shot ten’s of thousands of rounds of real ammo. Lead and copper doesn’t make “sparks”… Doubt me folks go shoot iron plates for yourself a few days.

      You know they are getting desperate when they pull this crap. Reminds me of the B.S. pulled in the Ukraine before the puppet masters started it’s civil war.

      • Sayldog

        You come up with the dumbest shit. Why would a steel plate spark when hit by a slug?
        But concrete, on the other hand, contains bits of rock including chert, or flint.
        Don’t believe it will spark when shot with a jacketed bullet? It won’t take but a few rounds to prove it.

        • CalSailX

          You still have to pick out the “spark” inside a cloud of rock dust from what 50yds away. And here is a number of “sparks” from a low velocity pistol round. Only seen that a handful of times even using rifle driven armor piecing rounds eating up a concrete wall to get to the other side.

          I could be dumber then a box of rocks, but that still won’t change what I’ve seen in real life expending all those thousands of rounds against all types of materials.

      • Ed_B

        Try that in a low light environment and you WILL see sparks due to the friction of small bullet fragments on hard surfaces. I have seen this happen when shooting in a rock quarry that was set up for target practice when it was near dusk. In good light, these are pretty much invisible. This is similar to “why don’t we see stars in the daytime?”. I would not put much faith in what happened based on seeing or not seeing this. It comes and goes with the ambient light, the kinds of bullets used, and the obstacles that are hit by bullets. Bullet speed increases this somewhat, so 5.56 rounds will show this more often than say .30-30 rounds, which are much slower and more heavily built.

  • schlomo

    Read the comments
    Officer family trying to raise $2500 for officer’s medical expenses: what good will $2500 do for two gunshot wounds? It costs more to fix a broken toe. Second, how are we to believe the city or insurance is not going to pay the medical expenses? Incidentally, it’s interesting to note that the officer’s 10 year old daughter is wearing a UK flag shirt that looks like it was done by the same artist as the Orlando shooter witness who wore the US flag shirt. Compare em.

  • Fraser

    When innocent people get killed, it was rogue cops. When innocent cops get killed it was rogue people. Could easily be wrong, but this looks like the latter to me.

    The cliche is “truth is the first victim of war”. But it does not matter who told the first lie or threw the first stone, the important things are that war has been declared and that all power will go to the winner.

    Even this US administration would be foolish to take on Russia and China AND the American people simultaneously. So expect overseas wars to provide cover for local actions. When the stated cause is “Islamic, Russian or Chinese terrorism” you can be pretty sure that it is a false flag.

    • Ed_B

      Note that “government terrorism” is NOT one of the possible explanations offered. :-/

    • This administration?

      The Deep State has been “fighting” their supposed Far Eastern “enemies” while fomenting Populist terrorism simultaneously for decades now. Operation Gladio comes to mind. While most tend to focus on the Fascists who posed as Communists and went on shooting sprees, in many instances, the “Strategy of Tension” didn’t include political affiliations at all. The goal was simply to create violence and chaos to seed fear.

      Just ask the Italians.

  • videoctr

    What is the end game? Answer: The communist subversion of America is underway.

    Anyone here expecting the suspension of the elections? Obama becomes dictator, Jessie Jackson is blaming Trump. Facebook and print media sources have selective censoring and bias.

    “Problem/reaction/solution, psy-ops” are now in full force. I feel so manipulated, I hope people will wake up to see the NWO in action trying to get its citizens to fight each other, this could then involve foreign forces and a global effort to bring order. We have seen the photos published on the internet of UN vehicles on US highways.

    We are being played as citizens. Wake up America!


    • Ed_B

      “What is the end game? Answer: The communist subversion of America is underway.”

      We’ve seen this unfolding for at least the last 8 years. Probably before that as well but it was more subtle then. This is just in-your-face blatant, IMO.

  • Karma Respect

    There maybe a record of ten tribes of Israel, but the three Abrahamic tribes are Judaic, Christian and Muslim each use the Old Testament as the basis for their reasoning. They cannot seem to move their thinking outside of in grained Judaic scriptures.

    As Gandhi said of the entire Judaic reasoning ‘An eye for an eye and soon the entire world is going to be made blind ‘. Einstein who understood physics better than most said that a problem cannot be solved by using the same thinking mind that has caused the problem.

    As long as the Christians blame the Jews and the Jews blame the Muslims and the Muslims blame the Christians it is just a family argument of like minded people that can turn violent. Look at the frequency of comments on SGT and other sites from one tribe blaming their problems on another tribe.

    The entire Abrahamic tradition is perpetual violence, 250 million people have died in Abrahamic conflicts and wars in the past one hundred years, read the news headlines at any time of any day and this statistic is rising.

    There are people in positions of authority that are the anti-divine, always smiling, grinning broadly, totally psychopathic, such as Tony Blair in the UK who expressed extreme remorse for the Iraq war and accepted blame but he would do it all over again. That is the mind of a psychopath, they commit the crime but blame the victim for the consequences.

    Unfortunately for the great body of people it is the anti-divine that always have sought positions of political and financial power.

    In the hierarchy of life the divine are more important than the anti divine or otherwise there could be justice.

    It may be wishful thinking but perhaps a more balanced thought can be found to stop the perpetual Abrahamic killing machine and restore human sanity in politics, justice and finance.

    Huang Po who was the greatest Zen master described the attractions of the mind as a mad man sitting on top of a mountain who lets off a scream only to hear an echo in the valley below, so he sets off down the mountain only to discover it is not to be found there, while in the valley he lets off a scream and hears the echo high in the mountain and so he sets off up to the top of mountain in search for it only to not find that it is not there either. This non sense can go on for many lifetimes before he realizes that the mind is not the answer.

    • Ed_B

      “Look at the frequency of comments on SGT and other sites from one tribe blaming their problems on another tribe.”

      Indeed. My observation on this aspect of life is that those who seek to place blame for ALL of their problems on any one “type” of people, is invariably wrong. I have seen many proponents of this irrational approach to life and every single one of them was wrong about almost everything.

      Hell is filled with demons, Heaven is filled with angels, and Earth seems to be populated by both. :-/

  • KSKing

    Check this video out.

    The LEO is shot from the guy who runs around the column, but he is hard to see because of the blurriness of the video. The more important question who is the guy calmly walking down the street? His calmness is bizarre. Whether he is another shooter or a bystander. But he looks like he is holding a long arm as if he is a left hand shooter. And it appears he has on a tactical vest. But then why did he not engage the LEO?

    This video is potential evidence of multiple shooters.

  • Knavechild

    “DALLAS “ATTACK” DIALECTICS: Summer of Uncle Sam”

    “The Saul Alinsky-style approach of manufacturing radicals for self-destructive social “change” that marks this event also has precedent in two other previously contrived “terror” attacks: The Alinsky-inspired Bill Ayers Weather Underground event and Patty Hearst SLA staging. Both events were manufactured operations that served to solidify mass opinion against anti-war movements, while the SLA event (in which no one was actually shot) became the basis for America’s adoption of SWAT teams – the Hearst soap opera kidnapping was even followed by a television show called “SWAT” that aided in the rise of America’s acceptance of the “Warrior Cop.” This fact, as well as the long-term federalization of local police refutes the faux right-wing narrative that Obama and company are “anti-cop.” Seen in this light, the Dallas event is ably summed up in its effectiveness for the establishment by Patrick Henningsen:

    The Dallas Shooting is significant on a number of levels.

    Firstly, Dallas will further accentuate the artificial divide between what Americans perceive as the ‘Left’ or liberal wing of political society, and the what is sold as America’s ‘Right’ or conservative wing. In this dialectic, Democrat is set against Republican, young against old, black is pitted against white, wealthy against poor, upper class against middle class, and even middle class against lower class. In the run-up to the Presidential election in November, this division will be important in order to polarize America along a prefabricated dialectical line and thus keeping the national discourse down at a base, or emotional level – and through this binary process avoid any real examination of America’s fundamental issues, policy flaws and the federal government’s unsustainable bloated borrow & spend habit – effectively kicking the can down the road another 4 years (which seems to be the norm). Ultimately, this serves the state, its bureaucratic stakeholders and the power structure as a whole.”

    • Ed_B

      This is the sort of BS that thrives in a secular society… but not in one where many of its people have a close and loving relationship with God. As one sows, so does one reap.

  • willygroper

    small consolation…on my way to the farmers mkt this morn (cut corp out of ur pocket), i drove past a certain segment of retail that was packed on my voyage both to & fro.

    either their fear porn is working or not, but it would appear to me folks were exercising their 2A. even saw a pregger about 8 mo along walking in. i would say maternal instinct in hi-gear.

    the head rainbow salesman in thief is doing a bang up job.

    handle about to form on SWHC. like silver, you don’t see a cup & handle formation often. usually at least a 10bagger.

    gonna get fugly folks.

    • Ed_B

      “… on my way to the farmers mkt this morn (cut corp out of ur pocket), i drove past…”

      Drove? In what? A horse or a horse and buggy? A Nissan Leaf that is recharged via solar power? If not, then the corp was providing your fuel for that drive. Just sayin’. 😉

      Kudos on shopping at the local farmers market. They are the best. 🙂

      • willygroper

        “Drove? In what? A horse or a horse and buggy? A Nissan Leaf that is recharged via solar power? If not, then the corp was providing your fuel for that drive. Just sayin’

        give me a break. whata DA strawman comment. can i assume your transportation is a bicycle?

        expect me to walk 10 miles so i can get there when they fold up or go buy corporate cheetos 2 miles away?

        just sayin’ :>/

        jhc we’re doomed.

  • Sayldog

    I do believe the MSM toes the official line, and I take their reports with a grain of salt. But neither do I accept without questioning any comments that come from “witnesses.”
    Take the guy interviewed about the San Bernadino shooting, who says something like “they were driving a black Impala, or SUV.” Who can’t differentiate between an IMPALA and an SUV? Completely worthless testimony, yet typical of what can be expected.
    The fact that there was a contingent of open carrying protesters in the march no doubt could lead to some questions as to how many shooters.

  • Ed_B

    “I do believe the MSM toes the official line, and I take their reports with a grain of salt.”

    Yep, me too… a “grain” about the size of a football.

    “The fact that there was a contingent of open carrying protesters in the march no doubt could lead to some questions as to how many shooters.”

    Indeed so… which provides a great place to blend in prior to making an escape from the area wherein the “shootings” occurred.

  • schlomo

    “Authorities have said the gunman kept a journal of combat tactics and had amassed a personal “arsenal” at his home, including bomb-making “materials”, rifles and ammunition.” TRANSLATION: ‘arsenal’ means a deer rifle and a .22. Bomb making ‘materials’ means a half empty gas can in the garage, along with a quarter quart of motor oil; a quarter bag of lawn fertilizer; some cleaning chemicals whose ingredients, when deciphered by a PhD in Chemistry and put together in a certain way, may be combustible; a coffee tin of nuts and bolts; ‘ammunition’ means two boxes of ammo. However, let the public infer something else.

    • Ed_B

      The media types are always braying about things wherein their knowledge is either minuscule or non-existent. Stories about guns and “bombs” are ripe for such idiocy. I have forgotten the great number of times that these nincompoops have referred to a .45 semi-auto pistol as “an automatic pistol”, or a semi-automatic AR type rifle as “an M16” or a “machine gun”. It gets worse as they delve into the area of explosives where their knowledge is zip. Asking them a pointed question about something like RDX, Semtex, Comp C, or even TNT will cause that famous “deer in the headlights” look to take over their faces. The wise among us keep silent when a subject comes up that is not known to them. But they watch, listen, and read what they can about it so that they DO know what’s what the next time it comes up. The stupid among us just regurgitate the nonsense they have heard from other know-nothings, don’t check the facts, and consider that as “reporting”. 🙁

      REAL reporters from the 1950s and 1960s would have slapped these blow-dried idiots silly and sent them packing. That would be a form of justice, IMO. lol

  • schlomo

    The new buzzwords issues to watch are “body armor” and the “High Powered rifle.” They keep calling the AR15 “high powered”. I heard one reporter drooling when he learned that there are guns that are “more powerful” than the AR. He assumed the AR was the ultimate super weapon. If they ban the AR15, there will be shock and dismay when they learn of the AR10, and that will have to go too, along with the AK, which of course is “the choice of terrorists like ISIS”. During the arguments to ban the AR15 the media will show photos comparing the little .223 against other rounds…like the Lapua or .50 cal. Since the AR15 is “high power”, the guns with larger rounds will be called “super high power” due to their “long range and knock down power – and can punch through police body armor like a hot knife through butter.” There will be videos of a shotgun slug hitting a water jug vs a .223 hitting it, and arguments that it can knock over a cop even when he is wearing body armor. And the shotgun slug will need to go, too. On and on, over a period of years until everyone is disarmed as they did in Australia. I am amazed the media has not grabbed on to silencers and bump fire stocks. If you give an inch on the 2nd amendment they will take all.

  • Just My 2cents

    Imo its staged.

    1. The camera doesnt shake as being held in a hand. No nervous twitching, transitions too smooth.

    2. ya, the sparks. yes a spark n occur but not like that w a single round. Some say shotgun, then explain the single dust poof of a single round.

    3. but what does it for me is the human nature. If it were real the camera man would tutn the camera to try n get the shooter on camera. Not once does the camera EVER turn towards the shooter. Norrmal human nature would want to catch the bad guy, here there is no interest in the shooter, only catching the sparks. Staged.

  • d

    enough of this gun confiscation shit…if you own a gun for self defense of your self and loved ones then are you really going to give it up to anyone that comes to take it…or bring it in to hand over….since if that day comes..remember THEY are coming for YOU and NOT your weapon…so either on your knees or on your feet..the CHOICE as a FREE man or woman is YOURS not theirs….imho….Semper Fi

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