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Corruption Climax: CLINTON, CARTEL, COLLAPSE. — Rob Kirby


The one and only Rob Kirby from joins me to discuss the very latest news as we continue to document the collapse of the former ‘Republic’ of the United States: Clinton, Cartel, Collapse.

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17 comments to Corruption Climax: CLINTON, CARTEL, COLLAPSE. — Rob Kirby

  • fonestar


    (Even though I have to plug my nose buying gold now thinking about SGT/ZH comments!)

    • Eric

      Is that because Gold is too honest for you? Bitcoin is more trouble than its worth.

      Silver was up 3.89% for the week and is now up 46.15% YTD

      Bitcoin was down 1.80% for the week and is now up 48.11% YTD.

      Of course, you can’t hold bitcoin in your hand, place it in your pocket, lock it up, hide it, create cool pirate booty, or bury it in the ground. Bitcoin is also not considered “money”, is not real tangible wealth, isn’t a long term store of value, has no reflective or anti-bacterial properties, isn’t durable, isn’t widely accepted, and it doesn’t have intrinsic or inherent non monetary value in and of itself. Not to mention there is still counter-party risk since you need to access the grid and the internet to move your digital blips around, and it doesn’t come in cool looking army men.

      Keep storing up supplies and storable food and keep stacking REAL TANGIBLE PHYSICAL WEALTH!

      • fonestar


        It’s actually because people like you and the .gov workers in the cubicle next to you have infiltrated these sites. Try and paint all PM stackers as being skin-heads or neo-nazis. Nice try, maybe Sean is falling for it but I am not.

        • Eric

          What the hell are you talking about?

          .gov workers? cubicles? Never sat in a cubicle in my life.

          I did learn what real money is long before you did however.

        • Eric

          “Even though Hillary Clinton avoided criminal charges, her presidential bid has been effectively destroyed by the negative publicity surrounding this fiasco. “She is damaged goods who lost the public trust and any chance of winning the White House since she may be denied security clearances and classified intelligence briefings,” the Pentagon source explains.”

          • Ed_B

            Rabid Hellery voters do not care about little problems like horrific breaches of national security, the apparent purchase of their goddess by foreign governments that are hostile to the US and the American people, or the continuous stream of lies that issue forth every time Hellery’s lips part. All they care about is electing “THE FIRST WOMAN US PRESIDENT!”. Never mind that she is a crook, a liar, a thief, a shameless panderer, and a complete charlatan. She’s just what the low info types want and need. Bleah! 🙁

  • Hugo

    Hi Sean and Rob,

    Great interview but on Brexit I have one thought to share. As far as I know the City of London never joined the EU and still is an independent entity. Just as Vatican City btw.

    For the rest indeed God bless, no matter who you call God since we are in this mess all together and all our Gods reject what we face as human beings. God bless!

    regards, Hugo

    • CalSailX

      Thanks Hugo… I’d forgotten just how special the “City of London” is! Your right they have a different rule book if you want to call it that!

  • petedivine

    Great interview. Vote Trump. TPTB are not stupid, they must know Hildabeast is damaged and incapable of winning a general election without obvious voter fraud. Based on what I understand of Trump’s trade position on tariffs and repealing TTIP, NAFTA, and from Oligarchical representatives like Mitt Romney (Trump is a misogynist and a racist), there is no way TPTB will permit Trump to be elected.

    I’m guessing that the current racial uprisings and shootings will be used as a reason to declare Marshall law. Elections will be postponed until all guns are confiscated for the greater good. I know that sounds hard to believe…but connect the dots. These criminals will dare anything to maintain the status quo. Just look at the Clintons and what they have gotten away with so far.

    • Could she beat Jeb and Ryan? Will Trump be bought off? We can hear about it On Trump Radio for the next four years. He will have a ready made fan base, very lucrative. Be able to sell soap and entertainment to the base. Talent on loan, and all that.

  • gardener1

    I never miss a Kirby interview, he’s one of my top favorites. I especially approve of his dismissal of Jim Rickard’s credibility. Rickards is an agent of disinformation who has been inserted in the ‘alternative’ media to intentionally mislead.

  • Moishe

    Please I beg of you all, These are demonic people. !Never Forget History!

  • anon

    Charles Ortel (on ARK MIDNIGHT, with John B. Wells) BREAKS DOWN MAJOR CLINTON

    Ark Midnight – Episode 5 A Tell All Interview with Charles Ortel

  • Ed_B

    Is there such a thing as a “climax” in the never-ending always-more greed and corruption of the Clintons? People like the Gambinos and Gottis were pikers by comparison.

  • AgShaman

    I cannot remember the interview…maybe Rense, but it was interesting hearing about the role of the FBI in Hoover’s time. The job of the FBI was to provide cover for the criminal politicians and their cronies in the revolving door of govt. Nowadays, I’m guessing that mission statement/mandate has expanded to setting up patsies for false flags etc.

    They have joined a very long list of alphabet agencies that are not needed and serve only as “dead weight” in the form of life long pensioners that never earned their pension.

  • Randy

    And don’t forget Ed_B, that Shitlery’s daughter is the result of at least one good poking in the whiskers by Webster Hubble!! According to Slick Willie, she’s had a couple of abortions, but that is a plus point for the Libturd Demoncraps who just fall all over themselves at the mere mention of her name! Their eyes roll back in their head as they go into a dervish dance and flail themselves with whatever is handy. All of them make me want to puke my guts out.

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