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JS Kim, author, writer and founder of joins me to discuss the collapse of the international banksters’ con game, the derivatives Ponzi the surging price of silver and the bleak future for the petrodollar. Kim says the precious metals ate still in “a recovery phase” and says, “We are truly only in the initial stages of the next leg higher. Gold and silver are still highly, highly underpriced in US Dollars.”

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  • Fraser

    For the sake of democracy and a better America, the SGTreport needs to start covering the third party “Libertarian” movement run by (good guys) Gary Johnson & Bill Weld. They are now close to the 15% polling threshold needed to join in the Presidential debates. Whether or not they can win (which would be just fantastic for the whole planet), their voices should be heard.

  • d

    Johnson and weld think hillary is wonderful 10 min mark

    that is why they are not credible imho

    • Fraser

      You maybe correct in that this third party is not the perfect answer, but a third party is exactly what is needed. No game (whether in sport, law or politics) can be played fairly without an independent umpire, which is what the US political system lacks and needs.

      Back in the 1970’s, Australia faced a similar, corrupt two party system. One prominent politician (Don Chipp) effectively changed everything with his public resignation speech:

      “I have become disenchanted with party politics as they are practised in this country and with the pressure groups which have an undue influence on the major political parties. The parties seem to polarise on almost every issue, sometimes seemingly just for the sake of it, and I wonder if the ordinary voter is not becoming sick and tired of the vested interests which unduly influence political parties and yearns for the emergence of a third political force, representing middle-of-the-road policies which would owe allegiance to no outside pressure group. Perhaps it may be the right time to test that proposition”

      He then created a third party with the sole mandate to (in his exact words) “keep the bastards honest”. In other words, he became the game’s umpire and the massive support he received from voters effectively gave him a baseball bat with which he was able to clean up politics. He did such a great job that his party was re-elected as the umpire for another 20 odd years. Unfortunately, after his death, the party lost its way and Australia slipped back into the same old corrupt political system, controlled by special interest groups.

      So what is actually required is a “Constitution Party” which promises nothing other than to get everything back and running the way the Constitution states. IF changes to the Constitution are required, then those changes must first be stated, debated and then put to a vote by the people. Until such time however, Government MUST obey the Constitution.

      Furthermore, a “Constitution Party” will succeed provided that it does not take sides or develop any policy of its own. Everyone will vote for the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law. BUT (as Don Chipp’s party found) it will immediately polarize people and lose its way as soon as it introduces its own policy or “sells its soul” to any other party.

      The Tea Party, Occupy and Libertarian movements all struggle for the same reasons – they have developed their own policies and sound like the other parties – who do they represent and what do they stand for again? So the key is for the Party to attach to America’s (universally acclaimed) Constitution and keep the message crystal clear, “truth, justice and the Constitutional way”, aligning with what every American has been taught in high school and (hopefully) still believes in. I am really passionate about this, because it is THAT document that made America great (and will again).

      • Fraser

        Back on topic, am also watching silver and hope the banksters burn. Because it is their decades of price suppression that will cause price to explode back to fair value in months. Expecting triple digits before year end!

        • Fraser

          PS: I also wrote about current events (prematurely) back in 2014:

          When gold goes into backwardation (basically, spot higher than forward) an arbitrage exists whereby the banksters sell physical at spot and buy futures forward (making a clip). But this can only go on for so long, because if the backwardation takes too long to return to a contango, the market loses its physical and gets filled up with paper. Eventually, the banks have to crack and the gold price rises quickly as the banks unwind their paper for physical (at a loss). Such a “semi-permanent backwardation” existed in the 1970’s and look what the gold price did!

          The real danger is Antal Fekete’s notion of a “permanent backwardation”, in which the banks can NEVER buy back the required physical and so either the gold price goes infinite or the markets default. Either way a black hole opens that swallows the entire economy!

          Curiously, when you do the math, another way to break the backwardation is to take interest rates (way) negative. An event I postulated back in 2014, but never thought possible.

  • anon


    You better believe it.

    Dr. John Coleman Breaks Down The Committee of 300 on Alex Jones Tv 1/4

    Be sure to watch ALL 4 parts!

    • anon

      July 3, 2015 at 7:57 am · Reply

      “The SAME forces behind King George III, recaptured America, on Dec. 23rd, 1913.

      It appears that we celebrate July 4th, as if we are actually still free from the ‘City’ of London Bankers & Merchants, that were the REAL power behind King George III, when, IN FACT, the descendants of those Bankers & Merchants REGAINED control over America, on Dec. 23, 1913, with the passage of the so-called ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ Act.”

      Source: X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

      Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read/view/listen to ALL content.

      • anon

        “On 31st December 1600, Queen Elizabeth I, signed a Royal Charter for the founding of the East India Company”

        This is the organization that Dr. John Coleman is speaking with Alex Jones about, in the interview/link (above), and that he wrote about in his book THE COMMITTEE OF 300. Clearly, this organization had amassed great wealth, and power, in England, by the time of the American War for Independence (1776-1789) from – the Committee of 300, which stood (and was the REAL POWER) BEHIND King George III, and wouldn’t allow the American Colonies to have their own “scrip”, or currency, which Ben Franklin said was a fundamental reason for the American Revolution or War for Independence.

        • anon

          The history of the COMMITTEE OF 300, of the EAST INDIA COMPANY, which became the BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY, is the history behind the book DOPE, INC., which is said to have driven Henry Kissinger “crazy” when he first heard of its contents.

  • Troy

    Glad I was able to buy lots of silver when it was $14. QUESTION: Lets say silver went to $100 or $200, or whatever…what the heck would a guy do with all that money? I might buy some more land, couple of 60’s era GTO’s.

    • Chuck

      This is one reason the silver price will not go very high: people will unload.

      • Minuteman

        Everyone’s got to have an exit strategy for when Ag goes significantly higher (remember, these comodoties go up and down in cycles). The last 5 years have proven that the MF’ers can set the price wherever they want…….Fundamentals be damned. I’m going to be looking hard at some of the indicators (mentioned by Mike Maloney) so that I know when to exit. I can’t afford to get this wrong.

        What to buy???? I’m going to buy multifamily real estate (i.e., 6 flats, 8 plexes, etc) using the profits from Ag I sold as the down payments. Aftter they’re paid off in 15 years, I’ll have a steady profit stream. I’d like to get some rural land as well. An old 50’s ford truck too ; )

      • Ed_B


        Only problem with that idea is that only a very small minority of Americans actually own any gold or silver bullion. We could easily get into another silver mania, such as we had back in 1980. Back then, LOTS of people started buying silver who had never bought any before. If the number of people buying silver increases by multiple times, the amount of selling that occurs from the few who actually own any silver will be swamped by massive demand. Not saying that this WILL happen, only that it CAN and that it HAS happened in the past. As we all know, anything that has happened in the past certainly can happen again.

  • JMiller

    JS Kim is wrong. JPMorgan does not account for 20% of the total amount of global derivatives. More like 8%. And he is also wrong about the BIS cutting in half the total notional amount of the global derivatives back in 2011. I went back and checked and it was around $600-700 trillion in 2008, 2009 and 2010. It was not $1.2 quadrillion as he claims. The people who are saying that there are $1.2 or even $1.5 quadrillion in global derivatives are double-counting. What they are doing is making the mistake and counting each derivatives contact twice, once for each counterparty, therefore doubling the actual total amount.

  • Eric

    Fiat dwindling. Stack rising.

    Just ordered a whole bunch of Britannias.

  • Troy

    $20 silver right now

  • Steve_D

    I’ve noticed the price seems to be moving at roughly 10-1, is this an indicator of the GTS ratio finding its natural level?

  • rich

    Standard Life Fund Halts Withdrawals After ‘Brexit’ Vote

    In a statement, the firm said that “following an increase in redemption requests as a result of uncertainty for the U.K. commercial real estate market following the E.U. referendum result,” it had halted redemptions and that the suspension would end “as soon as practicable.”

    • Ed_B

      “In a statement, the firm said that “following an increase in redemption requests as a result of uncertainty for the U.K. commercial real estate market following the E.U. referendum result…”

      Don’t you just love it when you see talk of this kind? Financial types are always talking about how good things are when there is “certainty” and about how bad they are when things are “uncertain”. Well, here’s a newsflash… THERE IS NO CERTAINTY! Certainty is an illusion… a comfortable one, I grant, but an illusion nonetheless. Life itself is uncertain. It can end at any moment and for many reasons. There are NO guarantees in this life, although good cases can be made for death and taxes, or in one’s business / economic / financial life either. People need to get over it. Less time wasted on their search for “certainty” could very well result in a much improved life, IMO.

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