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CNN Blames ‘European Fascism’ for Nice Terror Attack

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen said the “rise of European fascism” is to blame for Mohamed’s terror attack in Nice, France.

Speaking Thursday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Bergen said:

The big drivers of this are a regional civil war between the Sunni and Shiite, the collapse of Arab governments around the Middle East, you know the vast waves of immigration — the result of these two phenomenons — and then the rise of European fascism to be frank.

I mean, in every single country, including France, where the nationalist front — the essentially ultra-nationalist, proto-fascist party — is doing pretty well and I think the combination of large scale immigration and the rise of European fascism is a very toxic mix and unfortunately it will continue to produce events like what we’ve seen tonight again, and again, and again, and there are no easy fixes for this.

Indeed, all Muslim terror attacks are the fault of “European fascism,” including those in Turkey and Iraq.

The far-right in Europe is also to blame for the historical Muslim wars of conquest, all of which were brought on by Europeans’ spicy rhetoric.

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2 comments to CNN Blames ‘European Fascism’ for Nice Terror Attack

  • anon

    “CNN Blames ‘European Fascism’ for Nice Terror Attack”?

    FASCISM: Definition: “A form of government in which a dictator rules, opposition is suppressed, the economy is centrally controlled, and extreme nationalistic policies are pursued.”

    Except for the part about “extreme nationalistic policies are pursued” – the above definition sounds like the USSA, under Barry Soetoro.

    Because, in the USSA, today – a dictator rules, opposition is suppressed, and the economy is DEFINITELY CENTRALLY CONTROLLED! ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED! Obama works for the SAME ‘Committee of 300’ that Hitlary works for! We ALREADY LIVE UNDER FASCISM.

    • anon

      So, if CNN meant by ‘European Fascism’ the control of Europe (ie., the COMMUNIST ‘EU’) by the ‘Committee of 300’, then, yes, the Nice, France Terror Attack was a result of ‘European Fascism’, or rather, the result of the control of Europe by the ‘Committee of 300’, and the Western International Central Bankers (W.I.C.B.)

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