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Chuck D On The Two Party Monarchy In U.S Elections

from WeAreChange:

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4 comments to Chuck D On The Two Party Monarchy In U.S Elections

  • anon

    Chuck d must have meant the ONE party monarchy in u.s. (s)”elections”.

    It’s just ONE party, because it’s the SAME PEOPLE BEHIND “BOTH” PARTIES, that are really running the “show”, because that’s what u.s. presidential (s)”elections” are ~ a spectacle for mass consumption, and a diversionary tactic, to keep people thinking they actually have representation in the district of criminals (D.C.)

    What did “they” give us in the 1992 Presidential Spectacle? George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton (~ ever heard of MENA, ARKANSAS, mid-1980’s? CIA PILOT, BARRY SEAL?) What did they give us, initially, 24 (TWENTY-FOUR!) YEARS LATER, in the beginning of the 2016 Presidential “Election”? Jeb BUSH, and Hillary CLINTON. 24 years later. Is that all we get to “choose” from ~ another BUSH or another CLINTON? Get real. Our country has been completely HIJACKED, by the ‘Committee of 300’, their FRONT organizations, and “globalist” Allies, and the Western International Central Bankers.

    • anon

      Hillary Clinton takes her marching orders from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which is the American branch of the former Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA, in LONDON), now known as CHATHAM HOUSE. There’s your “special relationship” between the U.K. and the U.S. This is precisely why it was TONY BLAIR, and George W. Bush front and center, in the plan to lie America into a war on Iraq.

      • anon

        Why Did Obama Go To The U.K. recently, and meet with Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Phillip, to try to talk the Brits OUT of BREXIT? It’s because Obama works for the SAME PEOPLE THAT THE CLINTONS AND THE BUSHES WORK FOR! IT’S THAT SIMPLE. When Queen Elizabeth II calls on her puppet Obama to make some speeches to stop BREXIT in the U.K., you’d better believe Obama is going be ON THAT PLANE, PRONTO!

        Read Dr. John Coleman’s book _THE COMMITTEE OF 300_, if you haven’t already. He spells it all out. It’s a great reference and starting point for anyone wishing to investigate all of this further.

  • d

    may they all die of ebola…with as much pain and suffering as they have given the world….amen….

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