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Chris Martenson: Underpriced Silver Is the “Rip Van Winkle” Metal

by Mike Gleason, Money Metals:

Coming up we’ll hear a fantastic interview with Dr. Chris Martenson of, author of the Crash Course and now his wonderful new book Prosper. Chris will give us his amazing insights on a range of topics, including the real reasons behind the recent and surprising stock market rally, what to expect in the precious metals markets in the weeks and months ahead and the steps you can take to protect yourself in the face of ever-growing domestic and global chaos. You simply do not want to miss a must-hear interview with Chris Martenson coming up after this week’s market update.

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3 comments to Chris Martenson: Underpriced Silver Is the “Rip Van Winkle” Metal

  • Trespass Unwanted

    How much of that under-priced metals does he have to sell?
    Does he have his own silver mine and minting business?
    Supply and demand. If there is low supply and high demand, the price is high.
    When there is high supply and low demand, it’s an under-priced rip van winkle.

    If you got some disposable anything sitting round that you don’t plan to use on
    anything else, you can purchase the shiny coin.
    They don’t sell them as money anyway, it’s an investment or a hobby.
    Every statement made about them is in an opinion or a belief.
    Check it out sometimes, to see how often, ‘in my opinion’ or ‘it’s my belief’, or ‘ I believe’, all magic words for an opinion that doesn’t carry legal ramifications if they
    are wrong. Next time just look to see how often it is mentioned when someone
    discusses the ‘My Precious!’

    • Ed_B

      Those who state opinions as absolute facts tend to be a lot more dangerous to our wealth, IMO. 😉

      But here’s the real skinny, as they used to say: precious metals have a place in most people’s saving and investing programs. How big a place depends on the person, their financial situation, their goals, and their time horizon. In many cases, an asset allocation of 5-15% with an average of 10% seems about right to me. Currently, my allocation to PMs is at 12% of my invested net worth. I would be comfortable with taking this as high as 20% but no higher than that. Others have differing views on this and that’s fine. No one else knows their personal situation or temperament better than they do.

      As to the facts… we know that fiat currency inflates away over time. We have all seen this. Those of us who are senior citizens have seen prices increase substantially over the years of our lives. A good hamburger used to cost a quarter. But then, that was a US 90% silver quarter. Today, that same quarter is worth about $3.60 in fiat currency at the local coin shop. One can still find a decent hamburger for that, so inflation has not done nearly as much damage to silver-based money as it has to paper money based on nothing but “the full faith and credit of the United States of America”… which is to say the promises of our politicians. Anyone who wants to bet their financial future on that alone is welcome to do so.

      While they are doing that, others will be hedging that bet by keeping at least part of their wealth in something more tangible than that. At the very least, without any terrible disaster befalling us, both silver and gold do preserve the buying power of those who own them over the long term. In the short term, gold and silver, as priced in US$, are volatile and will move up and down in price frequently. That these metals also provide some level of financial disaster insurance is simply an additional benefit; one that could prove to be invaluable at some point in the future.

      The gold and silver sellers with whom I have had contact seem to fall into two groups: 1) those who are in it for the money; and 2) those who love gold and silver and want others to be prepared by owning them too. The ones with whom I now deal are mostly in the latter group. Those who are not sometimes provide good deals to boost their sales and I see no reason not to take advantage of a sale on a product that I want. 🙂

      As with many other aspects of life, buying and holding PMs as part of our wealth is a choice. History suggests that we choose wisely because the penalties for failing to do so can be… severe.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Ed, did you state opinion as absolute fact?
    Are you stating I did the same?
    How do people communicate so you don’t make such a claim or is that possible.
    Are we supposed to roll over on our first words with ‘at the risk of sounding like I’m stating an absolute fact….”
    You are the mind police? I want to know how do I get your permission on how to communicate before I do, so that you will just post your comment without waiting on me to have something to say about my comment before making yours.

    Oh and I have no comment on your comment.
    Only questions, since the control matrix is so strong, I figured someone would have issue with how I communicate this thought before I made it.

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