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China: The Next Crisis – Kyle Bass

from Real Vision Television:

“We are facing the largest macro imbalance in history.” Hear Kyle Bass discuss the current Chinese NPL crisis and its possible effects on the broader market – only at Real Vision.

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2 comments to China: The Next Crisis – Kyle Bass

  • GoldTooth999

    Kyle Bass also believes Chris Kyle to be the real deal. One fraud holding up another fraud. Chris Kyle was exposed as an arrogant liar by Ventura. Kyle Bass should just give up on shorting. The hillbilly has been wrong about everything since 2009. His biggest trade, betting against supbrime mortgages, wasn’t even his own idea. The hillbilly is a professional copycat and a piggbacker. How many investment ideas has the hillbilly stole from J. Paulson? Buying gold? Kyle Bass copied that investment from J. Paulson as well! Heyman Capital investors should just redeem their money and go invest with the real deal at Paulson Advantage Fund.

  • GoldTooth999


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