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REPOSTED — Charlie McGrath, Founder of Wide Awake News Has Passed Away – We Will Miss You Charlie

[Ed. Note: A comment from Charlie’s daughter Amelia was left today, see below (07/18/2016). Here it is: I don’t know if any of you will see this, but I just want to thank you all for the nice things you had to say about my dad. He really is missed by my brother and I, and his absence is noted every single day, even if we don’t always say it aloud. We miss him terribly, but it’s comforting to know that so many people really did love him and his videos. Thank you again. 🙂.]

from Wide Awake News:

A note from Bonnie (bubbles), January 13, 2016

I am so sad to report that Charlie went home to be with the Lord on Friday, January 8, 2016. Many of you know of his long struggle with illness, and despite our great sorrow, we rejoice in that he is free from all of the pain he had experienced for the past two years and more. Charlie was a patriot and a beacon of truth and devoted these past several years to making the truth known to as many as possible. His family loved him dearly and we recognize that many of you did as well. We miss him so much…

We take comfort, though, in knowing that Jesus was the Lord of Charlie’s life and he is with him today. Our sadness is for our loss, not for him because he is happier now than he ever could be on earth. We rejoice that we will see him again one day. [Please feel free to email me if you want to know more about Jesus and the reason for our hope. ([email protected])]

Charlie recorded and posted this, his final video on January, 7th. He passed away one day later.

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45 comments to REPOSTED — Charlie McGrath, Founder of Wide Awake News Has Passed Away – We Will Miss You Charlie

  • BUZZ

    God spared him from the upcoming chaos and suffering.

    Rip Charlie…one of my favorite truth tellers

  • Steve_D

    He did more good in his short life than many of us could hope to achieve if we live to be 100.

    Will be very much missed.

  • Jaxon

    So shocked. An amazing guy. Discovered him here years ago on SGT (Thanks Sean). He will be missed.

    • SGT

      Thanks Jaxon, I missed the boat, never interviewed him – and should have. We just posted his last video the other day, never even realizing he was so sick. He leaves behind two children, a son and daughter. Very sad. Life is very short.

    • Eric

      Yeah pretty shocking.

      I appreciated what he did too. So do many others.

      I sure hope he comes back. Reincarnated I mean.

      He had a lot of fire in him.

      RIP Charlie.

    • Steelerdude

      Was a big Charlie fan starting around 2005 and was always in the chat room of wide awake news
      Blue skies Charlie, we miss and love you so much!

  • AgShaman

    I wonder if Persian Gulf War syndrome got him? It messed up a lot of my pals

    • SGT

      I think he did mention that before now that you say that. I think he may have been made ill at least in part, from his time in the military.

      • AgShaman

        It’s messed up Sean. We work for the largest and most diabolical criminal enterprise on the planet….and then regret our naivete later. I think I got let go easy from my Persian Gulf time…some strange skin condition on my legs. Lots of guys I knew…notso lucky.

  • Rob

    Rest in peace Charlie

    Thank you for all your work,love and caring for everyone.

  • DCA

    So much passion in all of his broadcast. He will be missed. Watching his last message again knowing now he has passed makes it even more poniente. Thanks Charlie, Gods Speed

  • The Truth

    Wow! Watched this video on the 7th posted here on SGT. I did noticed that he was looking a bit pale and wondered why? Now I understand. His videos were very informative. Glad to have gotten to watched them.

  • tomche

    Rest easy, Charlie….and thanks for all that you gave to us. You certainly made a difference.

  • DaveInAZ

    Every time Charlie had something to say my attention was focused. I’m grateful to hear a voice I can relate too. I loved the video he did with his son running and gunning. Godspeed brother may your children live long and strong.

  • DaveInAZ

    Thank you for posting SGT. Mourning.

  • Tom G.

    Appreciate the testimony by the fella in the 2nd video and by Bonnie.

    “But our light affliction which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.” II Thess. 4:17

    Bonnie understands who our hope is.

  • Gnostic

    A Warrior for Truth…..R.I.P Charlie

  • steelerdude

    I was watching and listening to Charlie starting around 2004 – 2005…I will miss him…
    Your in Gods hands now Charlie…

  • Millicent

    I think that his last video was posted here earlier. Someone asked about where he had been and I commented that he did not look good. He suffered from severe asthma attacks and was taking a lot of steroids… the reason for the swollen face.

    I watched videos of him just a couple of years ago where he was trekking through the woods to practice “bugging home” if you were caught away from home and road travel became impossible. Another where he was shooting his modified Mosin-Nagant rifle.

    He will be missed… RIP Charlie


    Always love listening to you on the Rense Show. You sir, have given alot.
    R.I.P., my Man.

  • Rodster

    Charlie was one of the good guys, RIP. His message was always passionate and right on the mark. He never minced words. He did say in one of his videos that he was a victim of military experimentation while serving in Iraq and it was the cause of his illnesses. IIRC he had severe issues breathing (asthma?) and needed medication. He also recounted that his son had to make arrangements once to get him to a hospital or he would have died.

    As was previously mentioned, he did not look well in the last 3-4 videos he posted.

  • Newfie

    The war for truth just lost one of it’s finest front line soldiers. My prayers go out to his wife and children. RIP Charlie, thank you for your dedication.

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Thank You Charlie. God Bless you and your family. You definitely made your presence felt in this world. You’ve been an example to so many in waking people up. We will continue to fight on your behalf.



  • Trish House

    Rock on Charlie ❤

  • NIX

    Your work is your greatest legacy RIP truth soldier.


    WE will miss you.

  • Trish House

    We don’t need revolution we need evolution to a new social design in which we take care of each other. Human beings are mammals, to survive we need a land base, fresh air and fresh water, a shelter, and the means to feed ourselves. We have all these things in abundance so there really is no need for anyone to suffer as long as we have the manners, the ethics, to decide to make those essentials into human rights.

    We cannot pretend that land, water, walls, a roof, and a food source are merely commodities to be captured and hoarded by some to force others of us to work for their wealth and power – or go without. We cannot agree that homelessness are part of the human experience so a few may get rich. Because it has brought us what Charlie has talked about.

    We can and we must fix this for the sake of freedom for humankind.

    I did some research of my own on the state of land use in America and below are some startling facts that neither main stream media, our universities, or the government has ever told us;

    The whole population of the United States in 1911 was 93,335,000.

    In 2015, nearly 105 years later, only 94, 566, 298 (28%) of Americans own their own home.

    In 2015 228,185,541 (nearly 72%) of Americans don’t even own a home but pay either a bank, the government, or a landlord for the “privilege” of not being homeless. In fact, they have far better stats of creating homelessness.

    In 2015 the production of 228,185,541 Americans and 4 generations of their ancestors has gained us absolutely ZERO, nothing, nada of substance but some temporary possessions. Why do we pay the banks when they use our savings plus money they invent from pixie dust and wishes but charge us compounding interest on for 30 years? Who else do you permit to give you nothing of value and yet commit you to work for them for 30 years for their profit? Oh, that’s right, the government …

    So why do we work, or pay the government for what it does when most of us don’t even have personal homeland security no matter how much we work? And especially since there is almost this much land potential to ensure the security of each one of us (see grey areas);…/ versus what the folks controlling the Bureau of Land Management say they own.…/map-showing-stunning…/

    How can 1, 2, 3, or 4 generation’s combined lifetimes of labor buy us nothing but taxes, wars, paltry government handouts, stress, a violent society, massive un-employment or under-employment, the highest rate of mental illness in the world, and a lifetime of debt to the predator class? All this when we could be sharing land and resources with each other so that each of us is free and safe for life with a land base that can’t be taken away from us, with a modest, environmentally intelligent shelter we own outright, with the things we need to feed ourselves as our human right, not as commodities doled out by the predatory among us for their profits and our distress.

    A 2014 Princeton University study comparing policy outcomes based on 20 years of public opinion data found that “the preferences of the average American (bottom 90% of earners) appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.” This should be troubling to every American, but it is especially disturbing when you examine the behaviors that are routinely practiced in Congress.…/gilens_and_page_2014…

    We need not revolution but social evolution to a better deal for the people who truly own America, that’s us.

  • Sayldog

    Holy cow that’s a shocking piece of news to wake up to. Prayers for his family.

  • Mike B

    Charlie was literally the first guy that I started listening to in 2008 when I first became aware of so many truths in this world, he literally changed the trajectory of my life. I was very shocked to learn of his passing through Demcad’s video. Charlie I will never forget you and my thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  • PTS

    Very sorry for Charlie’s family. This morning was the very first I heard of any of this.

    Very happy for Charlie himself, as well as for the strong statement of faith given by his friend Bonnie.

    I look forward to meeting Charlie one day. Until then, my prayers are for his loved ones.

  • windrunner56

    I find it so unfair and frustrating that someone like Charlie, who always sounded so frustrated himself in his videos (he tried, and tried and tried to wake up his followers) passes away at a young age, and these beasts like Rockefeller and Kissinger live far too long doing evel.

    Isn’t good supposed to outlive evil??

    • Brent

      As Billy Joel says “only the good die young.” Charlie’s death is really hitting me hard. I consider myself a tough man, but I cried when I heard of his death last night. I used to listen to his show every night at work. He was real and spoke from the heart. He will be missed.

  • wauhoo

    This is a tragic loss. Charlie was a “no nonsense” guy trying to get the truth out. I enjoyed his videos immensely. He will be missed. My condolences to his family. RIP Charlie.

  • Hman

    No one I ever known was as passionate about spreading the truth as Charli.

    RIP … GOD bless your soul

  • Jeff

    R.I.P. Charley McGrath. I always enjoyed your commentary and your candid truth in a world full of lies and deception. Your legacy will live on and people will find your videos for many years to come.

    God speed my friend.

  • CSP

    Wow, hard to believe. Really sorry to hear this. So young and so energetic in his endeavor to spread truth and to open eyes. He is now in the city made of pure gold. Reference, Revelation 21:18

  • Dissolution

    Shocked. Just admiring his garb the other day. RIP Charlie.

    “That’s all I got.”

  • Wanda Swann

    So shocked and sorry to hear of Charlies passing. I havent seen him in a long time but he used to occasionally get a massage when he was in Butte and I always enjoyed his conversation and sense of humor. He loved his people very much. RIP to a good guy!

  • thomas

    I was aware of him for some time as I have been awake/online for well over a decade. He was one of many out there trying to wake people up. Over the past few months, I have toned down my listening/reading conspiracy/alt. media stuff. I believe the final hammer will drop this year before the ‘s-election’. Anyway, I didn’t realize he was sick either. I knew he lived in Japan which I believe with is death sentence of sorts due to Fukushima. Of course, it cannot be proven.

  • Amelia McGrath

    I don’t know if any of you will see this, but I just want to thank you all for the nice things you had to say about my dad. He really is missed by my brother and I, and his absence is noted every single day, even if we don’t always say it aloud. We miss him terribly, but it’s comforting to know that so many people really did love him and his videos. Thank you again. 🙂

  • Tyler Durden II

    Here here!


    Sean stole the words right out of my mouth. Your father was a great person and is missed very much, especially now. The best to you and your family.

  • Daniel


    I always enjoyed listening to your father. He was a very genuine person who obviously cared about his fellow man. Be comforted to know that he is in a better place now as he did what he was supposed to do while he was here with us. His work was not done in vain.

    God bless Charlie McGrath.


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