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Cenk Uygur Has MELTDOWN, Confronts Alex Jones & Roger Stone

Young Turks host loses his temper during fracas at the RNC

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Infowars latest videos were removed from YouTube shortly after the Young Turks encounter. Once Infowars brought attention to the issue, the videos were reinstated without explanation.

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur had a complete meltdown at the RNC tonight, losing his temper before physically confronting Alex Jones.

The incident began when Jones crashed a live Young Turks broadcast and handed Uygur a t-shirt with Bill Clinton’s face on it saying “RAPE”.

Uygur then grabbed Jones’ microphone before yelling about how Donald Trump was accused in court of being a rapist.

Uygur then turned his fury on Trump confidante Roger Stone, shouting, “You’re a sick dude Roger Stone!” before the Young Turks host accused Stone of being “the world’s biggest liar.”

Jones then demanded that Uygur debate Stone, before the two engaged in further verbal exchanges.

The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian then told Jones, “get the f**k off the stage!” before Jones accused the leftist network of being apologists for Saudi Arabia.

“Shut the f**k up – bitch!” responded Kasparian.

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6 comments to Cenk Uygur Has MELTDOWN, Confronts Alex Jones & Roger Stone

  • Sam

    who listens to those anti-Constitutional jerks anyway? Would be interesting to see where they are getting their funding from…but I think most know.

    • Silver Shield

      They were the ones that exposed the Trump Clinton call prior to Trump announcing him running as the spoiler of the RNC.
      Now she is running against a guy that women and minorities hate.
      Through in the fact that the Republicans are on the wrong side of demographic implosion and probably have not one a single

      Broader perspective…
      Trump, Clinton, YT, AJ are all complete wastes of time distractions from the solutions you need to find within.

  • Eric

    100% Proof Alex Jones Is Bill Hicks – A Ted Turner Time Warner Production

  • GoldTooth999

    Ana Kasparian is a body shaming liberal hypocrite. Why is she calling Alex a fat fool? Uygur is way fatter and his high blood pressure shows it. Ana’s flirty red dress just takes away any seriousness the show tries to promote.

    Now we are all waiting for Sean to get his press pass to the next major Green Party or Libertarian Party convention.

  • Omniversling

    When the media is the story…etc.

    Apparently one of TYTs crew called AJ over, and he got up on the stage looking completely jaw-grindingly wired, and fully faked a confrontation. See here at 40 secs:

    They must have noticed Jones was off his chops on his ‘man help’ supplements, and thought a little jaw grinding and a stoush on stage would boost ratings, divide the sheeple (called culling here in Aust), and polarise the polemic a bit…And steal the serious talking points. Look, I’ve just spent 10 minutes on it.. This is dog’nd ponyshow 101..

    AJ is a Gatekeeper. A camp-leader, gathering all the Trump likees, like TYTs do for Klinton. Both peddle the fiction that your vote is counted honestly, and matters…and that you should defer to ‘authority’/government, and who funds it these days (ie Corporations)

    And who knows what else is coming from the psychopaths..what blind alley peeps are being led into for a mugging..

    Good range of clips here:

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