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Can the Banks Collapse Completely, With a Public that’s Fiat Entrenched?

from Rogue Money:

Unfortunately, when considering in the short run, the answer is most likely “NO”. For those of us in the US, most “needs” based products are imported, so payment will be left to the only thing we have left for payment, fiat paper. Which of course is held at our friendly Wall Street shyster bank. And as mentioned many many times here @ ‘’ since the importers of our needs based goods are also holding our debt, which is becoming worthless, we will have to suffer some form of currency devaluations to satisfy our trade needs. Needs, we will soon be forced to pay up for, since fiat King Dollar toilet paper is the only thing most will have to meet their obligations at the World’s import trade windows.

Banks survive by the public’s need for them, and sadly we need them. INITIALLY, that is!

As one of my favorite Wolfpack associates says, we have two alternatives; learn to live without money and or have hard assets on hand to barter with. Since very few people in the west have made those preparations, banks will still exist because currency will be needed. But not forever. Therefore, and I hate to say this, most of us will still need the banksters. This should give you enough motivation to make your own preparations so you can avoid these criminals entirely. “Get out of the system” should be the rallying cry…!

So why bring up this very depressing fact? In order to understand the cure, you have to understand the actual diagnosis or nature of the illness. After a brief review of the news, we will also take a close look at Professor Rob Kirby’s insights in a great interview. Finally, I want to get in the face of the economic doctors in the alternative media, and start humbly flushing their apologies down the toilet. More in a second…..

A US Citizen Personal Aside: As mentioned by The Wolf many times before, it is humbling to be conversing with the contributors here @ Rogue Money. Especially when you consider the credentials of our sideline coach & mentor “W”, but even talking with him is not as humbling as a routine encounter with some solid American citizens. A couple of days ago I needed to make a stop by the local “home improvement store”, and the lady at the checkout counter looked at my t-shirt, and said, “Did you know that might have been an inside job?”

Actually I had to look down at my shirt to see what the hell was on it. “The Twin Towers with an Eagle”. Well well well. I detect another alert inquiring mind, in search of the “Truth”. I told her to check out ‘’, as I thought she would like the subject matter. I know what you are thinking, big deal WG. And all I can say is, yes indeed, it is a big deal. Aside from the fact she reminded me of Wolf Grayette, she didn’t know me from Adam’s house cat, and therefore had no clue what my response would have been. In fact, had I been in her shoes, the best I would have done is “checked the old fart out and moved on to the next person in the check out line.” The numbers of people questioning the status quo’s message is growing, it would appear.

The “wake up calls” continue, and the Trump movement, like him or not, has some teeth to it. Again, prepare yourselves. After all, it’s only you that can properly fill the job description.

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