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C-SPAN Callers “DISGUSTED”, “ASTOUNDED” by FBI Decision To Let Hillary Clinton Go “Scot Free” — “Would our founding fathers have stood for this??”

I believe if she gets in our country is done for.

from wwwMOXNEWScom:

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4 comments to C-SPAN Callers “DISGUSTED”, “ASTOUNDED” by FBI Decision To Let Hillary Clinton Go “Scot Free” — “Would our founding fathers have stood for this??”

  • Paul Prichard

    It is gratifying to hear that ordinary Americans are completely disgusted.
    Confidential information was as wide open as you could possibly imagine and the FBI thinks that Hillary was simply careless – what a load of s**t.

    • Ed_B

      It should have been crystal clear to anyone familiar with human nature and body language that the FBI director on TV today was telegraphing what he knows is a false message. This was done for PURELY political reasons. The FBI has failed and failed miserably in its sworn duty to uphold the US Constitution and defend it against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic. Clearly, the Clintons are domestic enemies of We the People of the United States of America. Let not a single one of us forget that come election day this November. This cannot be allowed to stand, for if it is, it means the utter destruction of our nation from within.

  • Randy

    This is the result of putting politics into governance. For as smart as some of the Founding Fathers were, the asinine idea of using politics and political systems to staff government jobs is testimony to their utter stupidity on the whole. In other words, what the heck were they thinking there? Oh, that’s right, they WEREN’T thinking things through!! They lacked the ability to follow things out to their natural conclusion and plan accordingly. If they had stopped for just a few minutes and actually thought about how the society would devolve under politics, they could have set us up with a merit based system, instead of rigged up popularity contests every few years.


    • Ed_B

      If they had known the future, they would have done things differently. So would we all. But, being mere mortals just like the rest of us, they did their best. That was pretty damned good back in their day. 240 years later, it is much different: not because they made terrible mistakes but because WE did not keep our republic safe from those who wormed their way into the foundation of its structure and weakened it from within.

      My primary beef with our founders is that they did not use sufficient opportunities for the phrase “Congress shall make no law that…”. There should be dozens of these sprinkled throughout our founding documents instead of the few that there are.

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