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British Pound Collapse Vs Silver & Gold Post Brexit – Mike Maloney

from GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney):

Probably the best trade of this year – was also the simplest. The British Pound has collapsed when measured against real money, gold and silver.

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1 comment to British Pound Collapse Vs Silver & Gold Post Brexit – Mike Maloney

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yep. The DOMINOES of paper money begin their long fall down the mountain. Sometimes they will rise up a few small valleys or bumps, and other times they’ll fall off a cliff.

    Very few people understand what will really happen and that we are in the very early stages of it.

    I think, either by Halloween (Trick or Treat!!) they will begin to understand the horrors, of, if not then? Just give it until Easter when it will become more clear that some of those paper monies will NOT be resurrected, and it is the Precious Metals that will rise to Heaven.

    Precious metals will be seen as Savior or Destroyer. It all depends on WHAT method your faith was stored.

    If your faith was in things UNSEEN & untouchable in the physical world, you will be brought LOW, but if your faith was placed in the shiney metals in your hands you will be richly rewarded for choosing wisely.

    Choose Wisely, or Choose POORLY. You will live or you will become dust.

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