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Britain Takes Step Toward Private Justice With Online Court Suggestion

from The Daily Bell:

Judge calls for online court without lawyers to cut costs … Lord Justice Briggs, a Court of Appeal judge, who drew the package of reforms to the civil justice system ALAMY A senior judge has called for the establishment of an online court that does not have lawyers and can deal with claims of up to £25,000. The move would give “effective access to justice without having to incur the disproportionate cost of using lawyers”, a report says. – UK Times

We’ve often made the point that the current Western law system is an illegitimate, expensive botch that would not be practical without monopoly central banking.

It is the counterfeiting and debasement of currency that allows countries like the US and to a lesser extent the UK the ability to rip apart families and imprison people for years for “criminal” activities harmful only to themselves.

The US alone imprisons 25 percent of the world incarcerated population. It pays for this insanity by the over-printing of money.

To add to the obscenity of the US “justice” system, many prisoners are virtual slaves since the system in many cases has been “privatized.”

This means prisons are run by for-profit ventures that may demand prisoners work long hours in increasingly abysmal conditions.

In fact, in various municipalities it has been reported that representatives of private prisons demand the incarceration of a certain amount of prisoners per year.

In Afghanistan, the US pays families for the men, women and children it slaughters by mistake via bombs and drones.

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