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BREAKING: How The FBI Got It Wrong On Hillary Clinton

from WeAreChange:

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8 comments to BREAKING: How The FBI Got It Wrong On Hillary Clinton

  • Millicent

    Hillary stands 6’5″…? Sure she does, that graphic is mindwash for the masses.

  • Phil Downunder

    Of course Comey won’t charge Hillary with anything.

    But what would we expect from an HSBC Bankster??

  • Phil Downunder

    Dr.Bill Deagle describes Hillary as a 14-16 foot Draco Reptilian monstrosity.(whatever that is), but I think we all get the point…..


    Enjoy from around 17mins….

  • Ed_B

    Well, there we have it folks… living proof that the rule of law and not men is well and truly dead. If Hellery cannot be charged with the crime she has so obviously committed and that others who did lesser deeds were charged with AND convicted, then it does not matter what some people do, only WHO they are. We might as well dispense with the fiction that we live in a democracy and just go with a kingship. Sorry, George III. Please forgive us and take us back! 🙁

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    They didn’t get it wrong. The are corrupted by the Clintons and their connections to corrupt oligarchs. Remember: The first task of Incorporated Money is to buy off the employees of government. All of them. The masses will follow suit by demanding a slice of the pie through their power of the vote.
    “The Law” by Bastiat, describes succinctly the basis for the establishment of equality under the law. When The Law becomes corrupted and bent in favor of a select few, the Law starts protecting the few instead of all, equally. We are no longer governed by citizens who regard the rest of us as equals under the law. As Bastiat forewarned and as our Founding Fathers promulgated, when the halls of government are tenanted by Legislator Tyrants, the masses have a duty to forcefully remove said tyrants and judge them under the Laws of Liberty and justice.
    It’s Time. Rise Up.

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