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Bo Polny Predicts Worst Stock Market Crash in History By End Of The Jubilee Year on October 2

from TheDollarVigilante:


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5 comments to Bo Polny Predicts Worst Stock Market Crash in History By End Of The Jubilee Year on October 2

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    (Please note: There were not any “7’s” harmed in the making of these predictions.)

    Of course, they way things are piling up in the financial idiocracy & government idiocracy, debts, frauds, etc, it MUST fall apart at some point, and it’s amazing that it has survived THIS long.

    SO, as I see it, making a PREDICTION that a baby will be born when you can SEE the woman is a BIG as a COW, is not all that hard.

    Throw the rune stones, bones and tea leaves on the ground and read the signs of the chicken entrails to predict if it’s gonna be a BOY or a GIRL. If you are right? You’re the Amazing Shaman….if you are WRONG? Blame it on the whims of the Gods or some other factors.

    Decoding the bible with number formulas? I used to see Black people at the factory, when the daily NUMBERS came out (and the players did NOT win), they’d sit there with pen & paper, trying to figure out the “Bo Polny Lottery Number Magic SYSTEM” so they could HIT IT on the following drawing date.

    They were always broke.

    So, if the bible is just a magic LOTTERY number FORMULA system to understand God, and the future, then it kinda loses something to say that God is just a bunch of predictable numbers and VooDoo.

    Of course, we do know that the Universe and everything in it, CAN be “described” by a bunch of MATH, and energy VIBRATIONS, Harmonics, etc.

    That’s how Nicola Tesla understood things and why he was able to achieve so many great inventions based on that understanding. So I guess that Bo Polny is just trying to follow the lead of the original Tesla and apply it to the ancient Book written by sheep herders, and then translated & homogenized together by a Government/Religious Blue Ribbon Committee (Council of Nicaea), and then further modified by different governments (KJV) to cooperate with some new doctrines, etc.

    If the Bible truly was from a real GOD, then I would DEMAND that it would be AMAAAAZING and FFFFAR ahead of its time, and NEVER miss a single thing, never conflict of need any excuses as to why “this or that” to make it right.

    If the bible really is the “inspired” word of the perfect God, then there would be NO material in there for commedians to poke fun of it, because it would all make PERFECT sense instead of FUNNY nonesense (just watch George Carlin’s video about Religion & BUllshit to understand.)

    How about this little Gem of truth & fact? If He is perfect, and made US in ‘His perfect image” then WHY did it need any “touch-ups” or “photoshopping” after it was made?

  • Joe

    Broken Clock Syndrome – Move on and maintain some semblance of sanity….

  • GoldTooth999

    Berwick rants on and on about the globalists just like Bo Polny keeps making wrong predictions after wrong predictions. Polny has been crying wolf about the stock market and pumping the gold market since 2011. Mom-and-pop investors have missed out on the stock market gains and Mom-and-pop investors had to sell their gold and silver to prevent further losses. Polny never called the top on silver in 2011. Polny just keeps on lying and lying. How much is Polny paying Berwick for publicity? A little bird said Dave from X22 got paid $500 for a pointless 20 minute interview. The dollar might collapse but Berwick and Mexicans will still take it. Gold is no doubt a great investment but these hucksters and pumpers need to be checked for accuracy.

  • Paul

    Bo had a fairly good record until markets just made a higher high contrary to his forecasts. Bo is rather quiet about those “right here, right now” non-events. I’m starting to think that Bo’s system can’t be trusted any more than Martin Armstrong (who is curiously showing himself again after miserable forecasts for Sept-Oct 2015). I’m tired of waiting for real money to matter again “next week”. There seems no limit to fiat manipulation. So far I’ve done nothing but lose following the forecasts of people like these. I ran some 7-7-7 date calculations myself and I don’t see how Bo comes to the conclusions he finds. I’m starting to believe this is all bunk.

  • KRELL427

    the only mistake Bo is making is underestimating the degree to which these markets are all manipulated to keep this Ponzi scheme going. I don’t give a crap what anyone says, technical analysis does not work in a rigged market. But if the manipulators happen to loose control, it will be a sight to see.

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