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Black Lives Matters Protesters Go Full Retard; Demand Closing All Police Departments Nationwide

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

It’s news events like this that convince me “social justice” philosophy isn’t just rooted in lunatic leftist philosophy, but also mass mental illness. A group of white, guilt-ridden Black Lives Matter protesters has now jumped the shark, insisting that the answer to a few isolated cases of claimed police brutality is to thrust society into total chaos by ending all policing nationwide.

Seriously, this is the new goal of the “full retard” leftist white people: the end of all policing in America. These retards are mostly millennials, by the way, which probably explains why they have no idea that if all the police stopped working, all these pathetic white people would be raped, robbed, stabbed, looted and executed at gunpoint by all the violent criminals they are now complicit in promoting.

You see, these clueless leftists have no idea about the value of passive police protection in their own communities. Without police — the “thin blue line” — every U.S. city would erupt into instant chaos, mayhem and murder. Don’t believe me? Ask any cop at all. They will all tell you the exact same answer: YEP, it’s true.

“Retard Coalition” demands police stop using force to stop violent criminals… yeah, seriously

The group of “full retard” white protesters calls itself the “Coalition to Wake Your Ass Up.” I’m henceforth referring to it as the “Retard Coalition.” According to, the Retard Coalition…

…demands the dismantling of the police department, which includes disarming, defunding, demilitarizing, and disbanding police. We believe that security for all of us does not lie in use of aggression and force.

And yes, if you’re not already rolling on the floor in laughter, consider the depth of mental illness required to believe this group’s idiotic premise that all violent criminals will stop committing crimes if we just be NICE to them and stop using force against them. Y’know, like handcuffs and stuff.

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