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Big Chilcot Report Clarifies Little About Britain’s Expanding Middle East Wars

from The Daily Bell:

Chilcot report delivers damning verdict on British role in Iraq War … London (CNN)A long-awaited official inquiry delivered a devastating indictment of Britain’s decision to invade Iraq Wednesday, finding that the war was based on flawed intelligence and had been launched before diplomatic options were exhausted. The findings of the 2.6 million-word Iraq Inquiry — seven years in the making — were released following a statement by probe chairman John Chilcot in London Wednesday. – CNN

John Chilcot finally rendered his negative verdict.

Tony Blair was the target. Bad Tony. He responded to the Inquiry’s report immediately.

He said he personally accepted all the blame, every bit of it, but that he had been motivated by his desire to make the world a better place.

Millions died or were injured, women in Iraq were told not to have babies because of the radiation, thousands of Brits were killed or injured and Iraq today continues ablaze. Shia, Sunni and other ethnic and religious groups fight each other as they did not before the war.

But Blair was motivated by the purity of his spirit and the goodness of his heart.

This sort of propaganda might make us gag but we have heard it so many times before that we are used to it. It has little effect except to increase a sense of weariness.

What is Blair really up to? Why did this report take seven years to complete? And what was the purpose of it?

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