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As Russian Navy Engages in Joint Exercises with Beijing’s Fleet in the South China Sea, Chinese State Media Uses Term “Alliance”

from Rogue Money:

For every action by a weakening hegemon trying to hang on to the illusion of ‘full spectrum dominance’, there is an equal and opposite set of reactions. Jeff J. Brown, a Francophone American expat living in Shenzhen from Oklahoma, has taken note of the upgrading in Chinese state media from describing Beijing’s relationship with Moscow as a “close partnership” to “semi-alliance”.

Up till now, both Russian and China have eschewed the concept of an “alliance”. Why? Because of all the historical Western empire baggage that goes with it, including sometimes secret, frequently broken treaties, treachery, double dealing, back stabbing and all the other perfidy that goes with it. Not to mention, potentially unenforceable or unwise commitments to militarily attack an enemy of an ally, regardless of how stupid or absurd it is. Just recall the insanity of World War I, to put things in perspective.

The Chinese and Russians have preferred to talk about their “special relationship”, “friendship”, “historical ties” and “strategic partnership”. Until today, that is. People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the government of China splashed this headline:

China, Russia ‘semi-alliance’ to launch drills in S. China Sea

“Semi”, but nonetheless, an alliance. Out of curiosity, I searched “China-Russia alliance” in Chinese on the People’s Daily website and was surprised to see that it has been used sparingly, starting in November, 2015. “Semi” was not used, but “new” was, as in “new Sino-Russian alliance”. This in spite of the fact that Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, as well as their Foreign Ministries, have both publicly stated that their countries’ relationship is not an alliance, but something else.

But clearly, the semantic Rubicon has been crossed. Geopolitically and diplomatically, this is huge, “semi” or not.

I always say to my students that “words are powerful things”. This week’s headlines confirm that in spades. Please officially welcome the Sino-Russian alliance onto the world stage. WOW!

As the Russian and Chinese navies perform joint exercises in the South China Sea, where a U.S-backed Dutch court recently ruled China has no legitimate claims to the rocks and reefs Beijing sees as strategic to its defense and historically Chinese dating to the 5th century B.C., this shift in China’s stance takes on a new meaning. Those in Washington who believe that all they need to do to restore the unipolarity of a U.S.-led globalist empire is elect Hillary Clinton president had better think again.

The Russia Analyst, being focused on the Russian Federation and Eurasia rather than being a China hand, doesn’t have a lot to add to Mr. Brown’s excellent analysis. However, we can point out a few aspects of the ongoing integration of the Russian and Chinese economies and militaries that are relevant to this 21st century shaping topic. Some of these points have already been mentioned, credit where credit’s due, by a friend of my friend Andre Raevsky aka The Saker, who goes by Larchmonter445 in LC445’s late 2014 white paper, “The China-Russia Double Helix”. But they bear repeating here, in light of the short-termist, propagandistic and academic efforts to ‘debunk’ the Russian-Chinese alliance as a serious thing, and present it as mere posturing against Washington and its re-arming ally in Tokyo.

At the Times Square in New York City, a three-minute video featuring China’s stance on the South China Sea issue is being played on a giant screen, five times an hour, 24 hours a day, from July 23 to August 3.

The Russia-China alliance has also been given more urgency on the part of Moscow and Beijing by the prospect of Hillary Rodham Clinton being the next President of the United States, and the common military and hybrid warfare aka ‘colored revolution’ and terrorist threats the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and One Belt One Road initiative face as the weakening Empire of Chaos goes for broke.

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