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Anonymous – Hillary Clinton: Root of all Corruption

from Anonymous Official:

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4 comments to Anonymous – Hillary Clinton: Root of all Corruption

  • Steelerdude

    anyone one to chime on this one is welcome to…

    anonymous I thought used to be great….they could control everything ….if they wanted too…as a ex programmer and net wiz, well, I have lost faith in what they can do….not what they cannot do, but what they can do….

    so anonymous….make a prediction and make it come true…

  • Millicent

    I if she practices those stupid facial expressions in the mirror?

  • anon

    “Anonymous: Hillary Clinton [Is the] Root of All Corruption?”

    Hardly. The Root of all corruption in the West is the FRAUDULENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM OF THE WEST, along with the Western International Central Bankers, and the ‘Committee of 300’.

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