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Alert: U.S. Military Goes Into Full Nuclear Readiness Mode

from The Sleuth Journal:

As you’ll learn in the video below, The U.S. military has gone into full nuclear readiness mode. The military is said to be transmitting highly unusual encrypted messages at 11,175 Khz. Adding to the concerns are comments from residents near military bases who are saying military activity is at record highs. It is reported that doomsday bombers are in the air, with some bases not having a single plane grounded. Fighters are also said to be dispatched everywhere.

War Monitor Reports:

The US Military appeared to be at heightened alert status on Sunday, according to the privately-run website known as Defcon Warning System. The report was followed by a change on their website indicating a potential DEFCON 3.

The official DEFCON system prescribes five graduated levels of readiness for the U.S. military. It increases in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations. Often confused with THREATCON, a system primarily used to indicate threats related to terrorism, the DEFCON status specifically deals with any potential military threat to the nation as a whole.

“Multiple sources have confirmed unusual strategic activity in the United States and Russia. Information coming to the DEFCON Warning System indicates high level maneuvers to defuse whatever situation is occurring,” the website stated. “At this time, U.S. and Russian forces are in the air, likely moving to control points. We have no reports of any engagements. Domestic assets are moving into defensive positions.”

War Monitor had notified DEFCON of information provided to us by our own sources, which corroborated much of what was being stated.

Prior to the announcement, our own ADSB flight monitoring team took notice of an increase in military flight traffic. This included routine flights of several E-4B and E-6B aircraft. The primary function of these planes is to act as a flying communications center to ensure that the US military can still respond in the event of a first nuclear strike.

According to a source, this also included the departure of several US bombers, which were allegedly armed with nuclear weapons. We shared this information with the DEFCON research team, who concurred through their own sources that these flights were in fact taking place. Though bombers generally fly with their transponders turned off, we did take notice of several civilian aircraft being redirected around the bases where they were said to have departed from. On one base, which primarily holds B-52 bombers, a local witness mentioned that all of the aircraft that was normally stationed there had taken off.

Military radio traffic had also increased in activity, with many operators speaking out of distress. Some transmissions included errors not normally heard in these types of communication. An encrypted digital signal was also heard on 11175 Mhz, something that had never been noticed by our own radio interception team in the past (listen below). This channel is generally reserved for Emergency Action Messages, which were also quite excessive across most USAF frequencies on Sunday and Monday.

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