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ALERT! Silver Bull Is Raging!

from TruthNeverTold:

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2 comments to ALERT! Silver Bull Is Raging!

  • Troy

    I bought lots of silver in the $14’s….still can’t believe it was that low priced.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I doubt we will ever see $14 again.

    I think I was able to get some at about $10 or $11, but I also bought some at $38. I’ve tried to keep buying some when my bills are paid and I’ve got some money left over.

    I think that MOST of us agree that silver & gold are starting to climb the mountain, or perhaps it’s more like a countdown to the rocket launch?

    I’m gonna buy some Mega Millions Lottery tickets in a day or two because the NEW jackpot is up to $449 Million (almost 1/2 Billion) for Tuesday’s drawing.

    Let me see. Taking the LUMP SUM payment (to avoid future inflation losses), I’d convert just about the entire amount into PM’s. How many 18 wheeler loads of silver would that be?

    The lump sum payment, should be about $150 million. Buying silver bullion would affect the prices, but buying up a functioning mining operation would give me the silver and not affect the world prices of bullion. That’s what I call a NICE dream. Somebody’s gotta win it, and it might as well be ME.

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