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AHEAD: $100 Silver, $10,000 Gold | Bo Polny

from FinanceAndLiberty:

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11 comments to AHEAD: $100 Silver, $10,000 Gold | Bo Polny

  • Mike

    Bo Polny is a clown. Every 90 days he predicts market collapse gold to the moon!
    He has been “predicting” wrong for years!
    Someday he will be right….and so will everyone else.

    Bull Only….always wrong.

    • The boys over at SilverDoctors have all sorts of nicknames for BoBo the Clown aka Bo BlowMe aka Blo Pony aka Bo Phoney aka Bo Diddley…

      But my new favorite is by far “Nostradumbass.” 😛

  • GoldTooth999

    Bo Polny probably doesn’t even trade his crazy predictions. The con artist knows how to get cheap publicity just by predicting big numbers. This charlatan has been wrong for 4 years and has never apologized to the public and has never refunded his gullible subscribers. Worse of all Bo Polny pretends to be a Christian. Just like Satan and many possessed greedy preachers, Bo Polny pretends to be a man of Christ to only rip off the flock. The laws in Leviticus warn Christians of schemers like Bo Polny. For non-believers, Bo Polny sounds like a shyster that common sense avoids.

    Hey Sean, the last time you interviewed this lying chiropractor, he said he gave you the calendar and the turn dates for gold. Now you know Bo Polny is a professional liar after looking at the bogus calendar and the bogus turn dates for yourself. In April, he said there would be no opportunity to buy gold and silver at a fair price. The gains in gold and silver from Brexit are barely holding up. The stock market just made new highs despite Bo Polny’s prediction for a collapse.

    You need to be the first reporter in the alternative news media to hold Bo Polny accountable for his lies. Watch your website ads and revenues surpass all the other websites who are taking Bo Polny’s lucre for cheap publicity.

    Bo Polny just gives great investments such as gold and silver a bad name.

  • Millicent

    “Gold & Silver are going to the Moon! There is narrow window of opportunity to buy now so back up the truck.”

    A proven formula used to draw the flies to the poop wagon…

  • gardener1

    I don’t know how he even gets interviews. I think I watched him once about a year ago and have never watched another of his videos, even though he seems to be all over the alternative financial news universe. (needless to say I did not waste my time with this video) This guy just has nothing intelligent to say.

    SGT should take him of of the rotation. Posting his drek just gives him some kind of legitimacy he doesn’t deserve.

  • Troy

    As long as the “Club” is in charge, silver will stay under $100

  • Steelerdude

    Im just glad that SGT report has stop posting from kingworld news…Bo ought to move over there and post his interviews….then we kill two birds with one stone…

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