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After Turkey’s Failed Putsch, Is Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed the Next in Line to Get Coup’d Over the Disastrous War in Yemen?

from Rogue Money:

While all eyes in the Middle East have been on the civil society-military purge in Turkey after a failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, other important events have been taking place in the region.

In Syria, pro-government forces are handing the jihadists their ‘Stalingrad’ long planned by the Russian General Staff by blocking the last supply road into east Aleppo. While the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces beat back waves of jihadists and suicide VBIEDs attempting to break the ‘cauldron’, Russian air strikes continue to pummel jihadist arms caches and vehicles.

While the anti-Assad forces aren’t yet facing total defeat (they still control large parts of Idlib province and the northern Syrian countryside), the desperation of their situation is underlined by Secretary of State John Kerry’s extensive negotiations with Moscow. The U.S. is now in the position of supplicant towards Russia in Syria and not the other way around, as highlighted further by the Turks’ post-coup power shutoff to Incirlik Air Force base entering its fifth day.

The leaks out of Washington last weekend were that the Obama Administration was finally prepared to countenance jointly directed air strikes against Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria Jabhat al-Nusra — provided the Russians make their SAA allies ease the pressure on the encircled ‘moderate rebels’. The same ‘moderates’ including the CIA TOW missile equipped jihadists of Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki who beheaded a Palestinian boy this week because they suspected him of being a spy for the ‘rafidah’ — the Iranian backed Shi’a militias fighting for Assad.

he response out of Cold War 2.0 hardliners and neolibcons in D.C. led by The Washington Post which published the ‘leaked’ U.S.-Russian agreement points was predictably furious. But these think tankers and humanitarian war hawks’ collective humiliation was mercifully cut short for America’s upstanding NYT/WaPost consumers, thanks to Friday’s botched Turkish coup. The coup came as a long predicted (by yours truly as early as August 2015) but still shocking in its incompetence move, which many in the alternative media, including Team RogueMoney’s BanksterSlayer and Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, linked to Erdogan’s peacemaking with Putin.

How Russia’s Ongoing Negotiation for Joint Operations Against Al-Nusra Has Exposed the State Department’s Efforts to Protect the Jihadists from Bombing

Joint intelligence sharing and combined attacks on the Al-Qaeda terrorists Washington previously wanted to protect from bombing are in fact what Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called for since the start of Russian air operations in Syria last October. But the devil as my friend The Saker writes is in the details of implementation. The Russians are taking a “trust, but verify” approach after the protracted U.S. excuses made for months that Syrian ‘moderate rebels’ were inextricably embedded alongside the terrorists, and therefore the latter could not be targeted without harming the former.

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