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A Tale of Two Empires: the Old and the New

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

One empire builds, the other empire destroys. It is as simple as that. In the corrupt-and-decaying Western Empire, we see only destruction: the destruction of economies; the destruction of societies; the destruction of nations. It is an empire created by the oligarchs of the banking Crime Syndicate, for the oligarchs. It’s one agenda is raping-and-pillaging. The raping-and-pillaging always and exclusively serves one of two purposes: stealing more wealth, or extending/consolidating the oligarchs’ political control.

Then we have China’s empire. China’s empire is a builder’s empire. China’s empire-building has elevatedits own population, not enslaved-and-impoverished the people, as is being constantly done in the West. China builds relationships with other nations. The Corrupt West simply imposes its will on neighbouring nations, usually via some form of political, economic, or military coercion.

China is an empire of the “carrot.” The Corrupt West is an empire of the “stick.”

We can attach numbers, to illustrate this distinction between the two empires. Over the past two decades, China has engineered an unprecedented economic expansion, as illustrated by its robust GDP numbers. Yes, we’ve all read the propaganda: “China fakes its GDP numbers.” This comes from the Western media, reporting from nations whose governments always claim their economies are “growing”, when virtually all of these nations have been mired in a Greater Depression – going back to at least 2008.

Yes, China exaggerates its GDP numbers. But even if we assumed it lies about its GDP as much as Western nations (highly unlikely), it is still a growing economy – not a steadily shrinking economy, like almost all Western nations. How do we know that the West lies about GDP more than China? Because faking GDP is a direct function of lying about inflation. The bigger the inflation-lie, the more imaginary “GDP” that can be padded on to its reports.

Compared to the West, China’s inflation numbers are credible and accurate. Thus compared to the West, China’s GDP numbers are (relatively) credible and accurate. China’s government builds; China’s economy grows. Western nations destroy; Western economies shrink. The dynamics are elementary.

We can also illustrate this Tale of Two Empires (vividly) by examining infrastructure spending.

As with its GDP-growth, what we see with China is an extraordinary rate of economic development. Again, we see the numbers of a “builder”. Then we have the anemic numbers of the Corrupt West. Here we see infrastructure spending which not only lags the Rest of the World, it also lags what we used to see in the West – decades ago, when these economies were still also Builder Nations.


However, even the very low percentages reported by the West don’t reflect the level of decay of thisrotting Empire. Most of what the West calls “infrastructure spending” is more, pure fascism. It is investment in “security infrastructure”: greater surveillance infrastructure, more prisons and “detention centers”, turning our public buildings into pseudo-fortresses. This is not infrastructure spending to “build a future”. It is infrastructure spending to preserve the corrupt status quo: the fascist Empire of the oligarchs.

Not so with China. Even the Western propaganda machine doesn’t try to pretend that China is not buildingan Empire. Several decades ago, when Western nations were still building, its infrastructure spending hovered at around 5% of GDP. Today, real infrastructure spending in the West (i.e. non-Police State infrastructure) is no more than ¼ of what the West used to spend — and that was a larger percentage ofhealthy GDP numbers.

Then we have China: consistently spending between 5% and 10% of its robust GDP on more/better infrastructure. Here, all that the propaganda machine can do is produce half-truths of the most-feeble nature.

Nonetheless, there’s such a thing as too much infrastructure spending. At current rates of investment, China, Japan and Australia are likely to exceed their needs between now and 2030…

Hilarious! If China continues its massive investment in infrastructure, eventually it will have more than it needs – in roughly 15 year’s time. How does China deal with such a horrendous “problem”? Once it has as much infrastructure as it needs, it will simply spend less.

Then we have the West’s problem: no infrastructure spending except for Police State infrastructure. How do the bankrupt nations of the Corrupt West solve their problem? They don’t. There is no solution. Bankrupt nations can’t build.

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