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“A captured, neutered, castrated public… the Republic is dead.”

by Robert Dettelis,

Sean, I have used these words and many others so similar, when describing the American public and the death of the Republic when talking with friends, etc. Your video commentary Clinton & The Lawless Oligarchy was one of your finest pieces. Your work as I have said in the past, is bar none some of the best that I have come across in truth telling circles. The tone of your voice spoke volumes about your perspective and who you are as a person. What happened regarding Hillary’s free pass is off the charts.

I also share your frustration. I have formally spoken to friends and folks in my community, I have recently begun teaching high school students outside of the public school system on the subject of monetary history, the Federal Reserve, banking, financing , honest money and moral philosophy. I had my awakening in 2007 and have relentlessly pursued self enlightenment in some form, everyday since.

I literally only know a handful of people that are on board and awake. Family, friends, etc. are in a deep sleep and time is running out.

Clinton & the Lawless Oligarchy

Ann Barhardt has the ticket which I have supported for some time. “Go Galt.” She is right. Ayn Rand was right. Just say “no” IS the answer. I have studied Ayn Rand for 10 years. I have read every word of her writing many times over. She is very misunderstood, even in much of the truth telling community. The answer lies in our faith. Faith is something I have never subscribed to in the past, but I am seeing things much differently today verses the way I had seen them in the past. There is one thing that I am certain about. We are alive and are enslaved. We have been bred to believe that we must cooperate with our destroyers. All facets of life have been manipulated and propaganda supports this lie, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. It is mass brainwashing. It IS a battle of good vs. evil in real life, in real time. People can’t see this. This is exactly why they are trying to destroy the rational mind.

TPTB need us. It is they who live by stealing the rewards of the unearned. That is their entire existence. I used to tell my brother, when we discussed geoengineering, that TPTB are literally trying to kill us. I recently said to him that I was incorrect. TPTB do not want to kill us. They really want us to live, but they want to keep us weak, sick, medicated and dependent in mind, body and spirit. Without us, they would eat each other alive and have nobody to plunder. They would have to see themselves for the sick, satanic psychopaths and narcissists that they are and have to face the fact that they hate themselves and you must earn your survival, not plunder to support it. We enable them.

You and I both have children. I truly understand the frustration of being enlightened, responsible for others that you love and being restrained at the same time. I am coming to realize that men must come to terms with the subject of death. People refuse to discuss the subject of death. (Great video by Stephan Molyneaux discussing people’s refusal to accept that they will die.) Because of this, even some of the best minds and truth tellers, stay frozen within a specific space, unable to move beyond their created boundary.

What I am trying to say is, the founding fathers and many men throughout history spilled blood for a shot at freedom and what they believed in. Our faith is truly being tested. We must respond to this machine. They will not stop. Our cowardice, or lack of faith, or losing what we have is why we do not respond. We are afraid to die. We are either afraid of dying ourselves, or seeing our loved ones suffer, or living in misery. I used to believe in God and Jesus when I was a kid. Then for the balance of my life, until this year I did not. That all changed this year. I see that there is in fact intelligent design all around us. I’m not sure of the source, but it is real and we are being kept far from the truth.Another story for another day, but its only now that I can clearly see what is right in front of me. TPTB for centuries now have been rewriting history, burying proof, artifacts, and erasing minds to ensure that there is no awakening, no faith, no belief in the FACT that there is RIGHT in this world and that the proper moral philosophy for man to survive by the means of logic and reason exists. The program to erase minds and sink humanity deep into chaos is escalating in our time, our children’s time

We all will die someday. This fact is irrefutable. For myself and the real future of my family, when I die, I need to die knowing that I was the man I always said that I was. I can’t go out in chains and I will never go out on my knees. I have to know that I did something and that I tried with everything I had and held nothing back. We have to take risks, not for humanity, but for ourselves. We have to stand for ourselves and our morals and values. We can’t wait for a movement. Collective solutions are never the answer. It will NEVER happen in any organized way. Things don’t work that way. Each man must find within himself what he needs to do and what he can or can’t live with. There comes a day for every THINKING man where he has to face himself in the mirror. He will have to ask himself if he likes what he sees. He must ask if he is afraid. He either lies to himself, or he will accept the truth. We must find the truth. We must prepare to defend our lives if we truly want to take it back from our captors. Most men will accept that things are ok, and they can accept a little slavery as long as they have a job, stuff, the family is ok, have a bit of savings, etc. A friend told me once, “You know Rob, you just have enjoy life… stop worrying about all that stuff, you can’t do anything about it anyway.” I heard- I’m not an adult, I’d like to stay here in a perpetual state of childhood and just have fun, let someone other than me worry about how things work, I’m ok with other people controlling my life as long as I can keep having fun. I just let it go. There is no discussing adult subjects with someone who has their head deep in the sand. This is most of what I see all around. I am not that guy.

This is it. This is our life. I don’t know if there is anything after this. I can’t let someone destroy or steal it. When you value yourself and all of those you love and the beauty of this world and are truly awake, I mean truly awake… one stands and says no more.

There is going to come a day when we will not have the strength or the means to stand against the machine. Then, people will say “we should’ve fought when we had a chance.” The people of WWII era Germany and Europe that didn’t support Nazism saw Hitler “boil the frog” and did nothing as he neutered the citizenry right before their eyes. If you haven’t read Leonard Peikoff’s The Ominous Parallels, check it out. America is right on schedule for the FULL takeover, just like in Germany and in Soviet Russia.While people are still stuck in the false right left paradigm, we are losing ground.

The time is now… and I have some creative ideas that I do not believe have ever been tried. There is still time, not much, but there is time to unleash the rational mind and take back our lives and our country before inevitable violence occurs, which I feel can still be avoided. It is time to turn the tables on our captors.

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11 comments to “A captured, neutered, castrated public… the Republic is dead.”

  • Karma Respect

    Sean I concur with these sentiments, your passion for truth and the love you provide to this forum is unrestricted, exemplary and worthy of praise.

    There are psychotic war minded political leaders in positions of authority who are anti-divine, both Clintons, Bush, Blair and Obama come to mind. In photographs they are always smiling and grinning broadly. Tony Blair in the UK at the Chilcot findings expressed extreme remorse for the Iraq war and accepted blame only to say that he would do it all over again. This is the mind of a psychopath they commit the crime but blame the victim for the consequences. It would appear that almost every one of our politicians and smug bankers fits this description.

    It is unfortunate for the great body of people that the anti-divine always seek positions of political or financial power and that they are always given full media exposure.

    In the hierarchy of life the divine are more important than the anti divine or otherwise for the great body of people there can be no justice.

    The right ordering of the world is to have balance that favors the divine.

    • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
      -Edmund Burke

      The “Republic” has been dead for a long, long time for this simple fact.

  • Karma Respect

    To continue with my post above.

    Even the divine would not claim to be enlightened, realizing that we are mortals is a very humbling experience.

    The answers to the right ordering of the world as far as I can ascertain lies in the understanding of physics which is the awesome blueprint of reality that governs all aspects of life.

    Look at the modus operandi of the anti divine and see how they deny the awesome blueprint of reality, the divine plan.

    The use of genetic engineering, financial engineering and social engineering serve to destroy a major part of the ecology, economy and social fabric of humanity. The three types of engineering are sufficient for the physics of the entire human race to be broken apart.

    I have a short article that in some way explains the evils of these thee types of engineering but would need an email address for SGTreport in order to have it published for comments.

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Keiser Report: Summer Solutions (E938)

    Read the comments!

    World Central Banks Have Turned the System Upside Down

    Read the comments!

  • Neo

    People are slowly waking up to anarchy which does not mean chaos, but instead only means no rulers, no state.

    Self-ownership also means self-responsibility and that means the end of the illusion of the protections and safety nets of the nanny and police state.

  • wauhoo

    Sean, we need to read more from Rob. Well written and from the heart. Thanks for posting.

  • Desert Fox

    Solid write-up RD!
    Couldn’t agree more. Granted there are surely many of us but spread out and thin.
    Sean you are a treasure and invaluable resource for us. Also a target but that comes with the territory, for exactly the reasons you openly discuss.
    Probably seems futile and hopeless but good men have struggled against evil and wrong throughout. Many unnamed but we share their DNA, spirit and knowledge that this must be fought against at any and all costs.
    They have are backs in this struggle and will welcome us into their ranks when the time comes.
    What? Did you think you were gonna live forever? [sarc}
    God Bless and Keep the Faith!
    DF out……………

    • anon

      Divide and conquer, Eric. As you well know, THAT is what poly-tricks is ALL about. Keep people in FEAR, and keep people DIVIDED, keep people FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER (the 99.999%), SO THAT, THEY DON’T SUDDENLY REALIZE, THAT WE ALL HAVE MORE IN COMMON, WITH EACH OTHER (the 99.999%), than we do with the .0001% !!!, who are robbing us all blind !!!, with our BOUGHT-OFF GOVERNMENT’S ASSISTANCE !!!

  • P.W.

    Hi Sean,
    I wanted to jump on here and give you some encouragement.

    I am with you, brother (as a patriot and a Christian). Some of my friends and family see what is going on but Robert Dettelis summed it it so well:

    “Most men will accept that things are ok, and they can accept a little slavery as long as they have a job, stuff, the family is ok, have a bit of savings, etc…… “I’m not an adult, I’d like to stay here in a perpetual state of childhood and just have fun, let someone other than me worry about how things work, I’m ok with other people controlling my life as long as I can keep having fun.”…There is no discussing adult subjects with someone who has their head deep in the sand. This is most of what I see all around.

    I am taking all the steps I can to prepare for what is coming economically, including sounding the alarms, but few men want to hear, much less do anything. I was there once too. I posted on my Facebook page a week ago that we have lost our republic based on the FACT that now all three branches of the government are corrupted and hijacked. I think most that saw it think I am “over-the-top”.

    All we can do, Sean, is keep sounding the alarms. You do this very well and your site has helped me A LOT. My hope is that I can have some influence too.

    One more word of encouragement: a lot of people ARE listening and see what is happening – maybe not at the level we’d like or in our timing, but all of us who are awake need to persevere and maintain faith.

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