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Islamists Chopping Off Heads of Turkish Military After Failed Coup…


by Vanessa Beeley, 21st Century Wire:

The coup in Turkey is over, as quickly as it flared up and as drammatically as it exploded onto our news feeds it has now subsided but what comes next is chilling.  Erdogan’s AKP supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood followers, who were being summoned onto the streets by the Imams as the call for prayer resounded across Istanbul and Ankara, are now turning on the military and civilian dissidents. Reports of lynchings and even beheadings are now shockingly prevalent particularly on Twitter that has been real-time reporting on events as they unfold.

“Graphic pictures have been shared on social media allegedly showing the beheading of a Turkish soldier following an attempted coup.

The pictures show the man’s body on one of the bridges crossing the Bosphorus river in Istanbul, after he was allegedly beheaded by supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The soldiers, who had blocked the bridge throughout the coup, surrendered earlier on Saturday.” ~The Independent

HOW COUP BEGAN HERE: UPDATES: Turkey’s Military Coup – Erdogan Takes Cover, Then Returns

21st Century Wire says…

Erdogan’s followers have designated an Alevi commander, Colonel Muharrem Kose as head of the uprising.  Fears mount that this may lead to the ethnic cleansing of yet another minority in Turkey.  The Alevis are a minority Islamic sect whose adherents are followers of Ali and the twelve imams in Islam which brings them into proximity to the Shia Muslim beliefs who of course are feared and loathed by the Saudi wahhabi sects funding terrorism in Syria and Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood who are the majority Sunni Islam faction in Turkey.

Le cerveau du putsch serait le colonel Muharrem Köse. Étant d’origine alévie, les pro-Erdogan fantasment sur un complot confessionnel.

Les pro-Erdogan ont désigné leur “tête de turc”: le colonel Muharrem Köse. Danger de représailles contre les alé

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UPDATE – 15.00 UK Time:

  • At least 161 people died and another 1,440 people were injured across the country.
  • Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said at a press conference Saturday the situation was under control
  • A total of 2,839 military officers have been detained, a source in the President’s office said.

CNN once more warning us of the risk from ISIS operatives escaping Syria into Turkey and Europe. Is it according to US Coalition plans, or not?

“CNN global affairs analyst Kimberley Dozier says Turkey is one of the key parts of the U.S. and coalition campaign formed to fight against ISIS. She says the coalition need Turkey to stabilize and seal up the border so that ISIS can’t get in new foreign fighters to replenish their numbers.She said: “U.S. military officials tell me they (ISIS) have been trying to get out of the area of Manbij — that is a city that is under siege right near the Turkish border by U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

“It has been serving as a transit point for ISIS fighters – a call center to raise funds and bring in new recruits. The fact that the transit center is there tells you that there is a wider network inside Turkey of ISIS fighters, ISIS supporters.”

Dozier continued that with the coup attempt overnight, Turkish intelligence services will be more focused on finding more coup plotters rather than on tracking down these ISIS supporters who may have slipped across the border

“And that is a bad thing for the U.S. coalition’s plans,” Dozier said.”

Further news from inside Turkey reveals that arrest warrants were issued for 140 members of the Supreme Court of Appeals:

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3 comments to Islamists Chopping Off Heads of Turkish Military After Failed Coup…

  • B.M.

    Just listened to a few smart folks comment on this, and many believe it was a false coup by Erdogan to rid himself of thousands of judges, professors, military generals and dissidents who opposed him in the past. Much like Sadam Hussein, Mao, Stalin and Hitler did during their reigns of terror.

    This guy, Erdogan, has to go. Period.

    • The CIA has LONG wanted to rid Turkey of Erdogan – not that he doesn’t play ball, but that their “man in the wings,” Fethullah Gulen, is completely in their back pocket:

      There was an attempted coup over a decade ago when the “Grey Wolves” (the Gladio A club as they were known in Turkey) were purged from the country. NATO tried to install Gulen at that time, but he was run out of the country… ever since, he’s been in northern Pennsylvania running what’s called the “Gulenist Movement,” a chain of CIA-backed charter schools. But that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

      Western media has done nothing short of play up Erdogan’s corruption as well as publicizing his feud with Gulen as early as 2013 – what you’re watching is a Color Revolution.

      One also has to remember that Turkey has long since been a key refining/trafficking route for Afghan heroin headed to the Western world… yet over the past five years, not only has Mexican heroin growing gone from nothing to a significant region for the crop, but Afghan heroin has begun to be routed through the Gulf of Guinea instead:

      There’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye, B.M., and I can all but guarantee that Fethullah Gulen will succeed Erdogan when he is inevitably toppled. At least, this will be attempted – thankfully for Turks, many in the country know exactly what Gulen is: A CIA asset.

      Be careful what you wish for…

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Erdogan & Turkey gone full islamic retard?
    That won’t be good for tourism.

    I imagine that Erdogan will be in the cross-hairs pretty soon.

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