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Where Are Articles of Impeachment?

by Karl Denninger , Market Ticker:

Against them all.



The State Legislatures.

The judges.

All of them.

I have written many times about the revolving door problem in our prisons. There’s a basic principle in our justice system that once you serve your time you’ve paid your debt to society. This is how it should be, and it should apply across the board. Yes, that means that when you get out and probation is done, it’s done.

No more firearms restrictions, no more anything.


Because it focuses the mind, that’s why. Specifically, it focuses the mind of judges and parole boards on whether or not the person convicted remains a risk to society.

If you can’t keep playing post-hoc games then you must evaluate the risk up front and when you’re wrong it’s blatantly obvious why and who’s to blame. That in turn means that the public and should rise and demand that the person(s) responsible be held accountable — fired without pensions or even prosecuted if a negligence charge can be sustained.

A few years ago I wrote in the Ticker about a particular individual who shot a Marshal coming to serve a warrant on him. His rap sheet included his first serious felony, carjacking (and resisting arrest), for which he went to prison. He got out and then decided that sexual assault on a minor was a good idea, and went to prison again.

Subsequent to the second release he shot the Marshal.

Of course everyone wants to know why he had a gun. My question is why he was on the street, since it proved that his first crime was not an aberration but rather a way of life — by committing the second offense.

That Marshal should not be dead, but the indirect responsibility for it lies with everyone involved in that jackwad being released the second time, and thus in a position to shoot somebody.

Now here it appears we have an imam who prosecutors knew was radicalizing people in prison, they let him out, and…… the shooter in Orlando and he have been linked.

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