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WARNING! Cops Now Using ERAD Device to Seize Money from Your Accounts

from Dahboo7:

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said. “We’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s someway that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.” Troopers insist this isn’t just about seizing cash.

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Helpful advice- I will say this AGAIN.

    There is a WAY to have LOTS of “money” & a “pre-paid debit card” but here is how you keep it at a ZERO balance until you want to SPEND (or remove ATM cash). Cops or FBI, etc, can “scan” your card as much as they wish, but there won’t be ANY money on it UNTIL YOU go to your “on line-OFF SHORE account”, and SELL some of your ALLOCATED GOLD BULLION out of your vault account, and have them “Load” the proceeds onto that particular Debit card.

    Spend that money (it’s a Debit- MasterCard), and anything that remains, if you wish, you can get back into your “on line account” and use what’s left, to buy grams, ounces or milligrams of gold back onto your bullion vault “allocation”.

    the place you go to open this “account” is at (there is NOTHING “bit” or cyrpto about it, it’s just a “fancy name” for a PHYSICAL GOLD bullion account that the “adminstration offices” are in Canada, but your GOLD is held in the vault YOU choose.

    I prefer MY physical gold to be held at Hong-Kong, China (or Singapore) because those places are NOT under the control or fear of the USSA government and are LEAST likely in all the world, to kiss USA tushy and give up your data or your money, gold, etc.

    When the price of your gold “ounces” goes up higher and higher, if you don’t want to “sell it’ and get hit with IRS “capital gains tax”, you can CHOOSE to have your GOLD sent to you in the mail for the standard mailing fees (about $30.), and you won’t have sold it, so you won’t be “Liable” for any “tax” until you make a “profit” on the sale of it when YOU choose to sell it.

    Their “FEE STRUCTURE” is VERY reasonable, (LOW).

    Good Luck.

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