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Trump Speech a Hit: Emotional Honesty May Be Pivotal to His Election Success

from The Daily Bell:

Donald Trump’s Latest Distortions on Hillary Clinton … A look at Trump’s assertions about Clinton on Wednesday and how they stack up with the facts … Donald Trump’s fierce denunciation of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday was rife with distortion. –AP/Fortune

This article by the AP posted at Fortune attempts to counteract distortions in yesterday’s speech about Hillary Clinton by Donald Trump.

It goes through Trump’s statements and finds statistical flaws and other sorts of factual errors.

But really, this is a flawed analysis.

Trump is not so concerned about statistical accuracy. He’s concerned about emotional honesty.

NPRs Mara Liasson called the speech one that “Republicans Have Been Waiting 20 Years To Hear.”

Donald Trump did what Republicans have begged their presidential candidate to do for months — lay out the case, from A to Z, against Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn’t hold back in a blistering speech Wednesday. He went through chapter and verse of every criticism — based in fact or conspiracy theory — against the Clintons. In sum, Trump said, Hillary Clinton may be “the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States” and a “world-class liar.”

As he would be with a good movie, Trump isn’t interested in the plot so much as the feeling.

And his speech was effective because it portrayed Hillary’s larger political philosophy.

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