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Trump Appeals to Sanders Supporters and Lands First Real Punch Against Clinton

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Donald Trump has been running around like a total clown over the past month or so. Meeting with war criminal Henry Kissinger, vowing to debate Bernie Sanders in California and then running away like a scared child…his damaging month ultimately culminated in a mindless attack against a federal judge based on his ethnicity. The past four weeks have represented a series of foolish missteps that hurt his campaign greatly.

Fortunately for him, it’s still very early days, and he happens to be running against one of the least liked, most corrupt human beings to ever creep around planet earth. It seems someone finally talked some sense into him, as his speech today was powerful and effective. He finally landed punches all over Hillary Clinton, while at the same time appealing to disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters.

Here are a few examples, courtesy of Politico:

Donald Trump ripped into Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, painting her as a corrupt career politician who he said would enrich her allies and cater to special interests at the expense of the American people.

In an address where he rarely strayed from his prepared remarks, Trump accused the former secretary of state and presumptive Democratic nominee of being a “world-class liar” who “may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency.”

Pointing to her past debunked claims about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia in the 1990s and her “pathetic email and server statements,” Trump accused Clinton of corrupting America’s economy, foreign policy and national security.

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