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Top 10 FAKE Health Choices Most Americans Believe are Helpful

by S. D. Wells, Natural News:

It’s really disappointing to go on a health “kick,” only to figure out that what you’ve switched to is just as bad, if not worse, than what you were consuming before the change. It happens all the time, and to the best of folks. Why? Because most people believe what they read or hear in the mass media, or on talk shows, or in “health” magazines, that are written by industry shills who are hoping you’ll make more bad choices and buy more toxic products that are manufactured, distributed and sold by the same corporate food giants who sell all the other processed “foodstuff” nightmares.

The oldest sales trick in the book is called “close by choice.” This is where the salesman (or corporation for this example) gives you two choices, one always seemingly better, so that the consumer will feel in control and choose only from the offered choices, failing to “think outside the box” and realize that the choices given are both bad ones. Scrub your “choices” against this list and make sure that you are not falling for the oldest closing strategy that’s simply a trick to take your money and make you sick. Here we go:

Top 10 ploys most Americans believe are smart health choices

#1. Switching from red meat to white meat

“Wait, what? Are you kidding me?” No, we are not. Nearly all conventional meat sold inside the USA, whether red or white, contains hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, bleach, ammonia, food dyes, bacteria, parasites and pathogens (especially deli meats). Plus, meat is hard for the digestive tract to break down to get to the amino acids, which are all the body really desires for fulfilling those protein needs. There’s nothing the American meat industry hates more than those dang vegans and vegetarians who already know you don’t need meat to get the sufficient amount of daily protein.

#2. Switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners

Want to put on weight? Switch from sugar to artificial sweeteners. Fake sugars are synthetic and concocted in a laboratory to be hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar. These imitations trick the body into believing it’s getting sugar, which makes you hungrier and makes you crave more carbohydrates. Plus, most artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, saccharine and acesulfame potassium, cause anxiety and other central nervous system disorders, including depression.

#3. Switching from conventional eggs to “free range”

Most “free range” chickens aren’t free at all. They’re kept cooped up in cages or indoor barns all day, and may get to roam in a pen for a few minutes, if they’re lucky. They do not produce organic eggs, and the chickens are not fed normal food that chickens would choose to eat, but rather are fed GMO feed, like corn, soy or other dead chickens. It’s pure torture and not a smart health choice. Don’t be fooled by lying labels.

#4. Switching from butter to margarine or canola

Margarine, my friends, is one molecule away from being plastic. Canola is made from rapeseed, which is toxic to all animals. Butter is actually a healthier choice, but, as always, look for organic.

#5. Switching from tap water to counter-top water filters

The Health Ranger tested nearly every water filter on the market, and the best filter is a Big Berkey water filtration system. Most other water filter systems, especially the cheap containers that go in the refrigerator or sit on your counter-top, are very poor at removing toxic heavy metals. Also, most of the inexpensive filters perform poorly at removing elements with radioactive isotopes, such as uranium, cesium and strontium. Check out the Health Ranger’s published lab results.

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1 comment to Top 10 FAKE Health Choices Most Americans Believe are Helpful

  • Hal

    Stop eating animal products altogether as well as processed garbage like sugar,oils, white flour. Stick to whole plants as much as possible. Fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds….get creative, there are many great spreads, sauces, dips, dressings etc you can make.

    Diet will drive your health and whole plants is where the nutrition is. Everything is is pretty much void.

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