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This Has NEVER EVER Happened Before At The Comex — Andy Hoffman


Last Friday’s NFP report seals the deal, the US economy is on life support and now the Federal Reserve absolutely CANNOT raise interest rates because if they did it would cause “a global currency crisis unlike the world has ever seen” according to Miles Franklin’s Andy Hoffman. And against the backdrop of a crashing US economy that is doing anything BUT “creating” jobs, we have seen inventory levels of precious metals at the Comex crash to a never before seen level. Thanks for joining us as we document the collapse for the first week of June 2016.

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155 comments to This Has NEVER EVER Happened Before At The Comex — Andy Hoffman

  • Eric

    Brazil Resources up 13.35% today!
    First Mining Finance up 6.28% today!
    Great Panther up 4.43% today!
    Auryn Resources up 5.72% today!
    Uranium Energy Corp up 21.08% today!

    BTCUSD only up a wimpy 3.13% today. 🙁

  • Eric

    Did you say SGT party in Vegas this summer Sean?

  • Fraser

    In early May, with gold surging through $1,300 and Comex in trouble, the Fed suddenly said they would raise rates in June. Gold promptly dropped a $100, saving the bullion banks. Last week The Fed released a terrible jobs report (38k actual vs 200k expected) so that they could take that rate rise off the table. The manipulation is that obvious!

    Brexit is a real possibility. If it occurs you can expect markets to tank world wide, with gold surging or at least holding its own. In particular, the cabal will attack both the UK pound and the British stock market. After a week or so of carnage, David Cameron will say “told you so” and have Parliament reverse the result of the referendum (just like occured in Greece over the IMF austerity – bailout package). So (if it occurs) Brexit might create a great trade for the nimble. If it does not occur, you can expect the cabal to raise all stock markets and attack gold (as usual). Watch the polls!

    • Eric

      Not sure about Brexit. But agree about Gold. Looks like the high quality junior resource miners are breaking out again at least.

      But Gold didn’t break 1300 yet which is key resistance. But it’s coming. Soon.

    • Kakistocracy

      I would say you are being terribly naive.

      I would say that there will be no FAIR and EQUITABLE referendum, poll on Brexit.
      Those in power will NEVER allow a free and fair vote.

      There will be massive voter fraud going on, count it.
      There will NEVER be a free and fair election.
      There NEVER has been a free and fair election in any country, for at least the last thirty years. Doesn’t even matter which country you mean, it is all rigged :

      America, forget about it, game over
      Canada, new PM Justin Trudeau, asshole came from his father also PM, and a closet fag just like Barry O
      UK, David Cameron, the guy who has sex with pig faces
      Germany, Merkel ? She would rather have sex with a muslim refugee than help out a fellow German

      ALL FRAUD !

      ALL OF IT !

      There will be no BREXIT.
      The Satanic bankers will NEVER ALLOW IT , NEVER.
      The fact that you think the referendum will be free and fair, shows you just how successful their PROPAGANDA has been on you !

      • Moishe


      • What is “Brexit,” anyways? The end of the Shenghen Agreement, which is a big deal in continental Europe but doesn’t mean jack for a bunch of islands. Every other nation in Western Europe is under the heel of the ECB via the Euro – not the case for the UK.

        There’s a reason why the Pound remained as every other currency in the Bloc was subsumed by a regional fiat. Same with the Swiss not joining in the first place – these nations serve integral roles in Globalism as the home of the BIS and the City of London, respectively.

        If Brexit succeeds, it will only be because the UK’s destiny as scripted will be more insulated from the Eurozone at large than if they stayed. One can certainly imagine a future where the UK integrates into some form of this emerging “World Federalism” with more control at the supranational level by leaving as opposed to remaining in the EU – their ready integration with the AIIB “(sustainable) development bank” makes me think it might happen… just for all the wrong reasons.

        • Kakistocracy

          One can certainly imagine a future where the UK integrates into some form of this emerging “World Federalism” with more control at the supranational level by leaving as opposed to remaining in the EU – their ready integration with the AIIB “(sustainable) development bank” makes me think it might happen… just for all the wrong reasons.

          Yes very insightful.
          The Brits do not want to lose out on the TRILLIONs in commissions, brokerage fees, investment banking cunt-selling fees and bribes to the new local gauleiter etc. (BRICS:Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa created the AIIB Asia Infrastructe Investment Bank: really what it is , is A PHYSICAL DELIVERY settlement process for Aurum and Argentum) that will transpire once the AIIB becomes liquid and active transactionally speaking.

          The BRITS as always, are looking to the future of SLAVERY and FEUDALISM.
          They adapt their predatory modus operandi according to each particular military adventure (read: Colonialism and Imperialism) which makes them far more sophisticated than AmeriKa jack-booted thugs.

          Sadly, a demon sharply dressed in a suit with a fake accent gets much further than the common man with honesty.

          • Damn straight, Mr. “Rule by the Worst.” 😉

            The AIIB is already getting a significant boost in liquidity from its (relatively) recent agreement with the World Bank for co-financing such “sustainable” infrastructure projects… with Zhou Xiaochuan of PBOC/BIS fame fully endorsing and helping to smooth over the deal in addition to the RMB’s recent SDR (and eventual gold) inclusion, the changeover is certainly reaching a fever-pitch:



            The Anglo-Americans are always one step ahead of the other players on this “Grand Chessboard”; which is easy when they write most of the rules. The late Joan Veon did some excellent research on this in her Agenda 21 research – not only in documenting how many more votes the UK has through supranational institutions when each of “the Commonwealth states” are given their own vote, but describing the early stages (2005 timeframe) of the RMB being included in the increased liquidity you mention above:


            Funny, though, that Jin Liqun signed the AIIB/World Bank Agenda 21 pact back when he was still the “interim” President. Now that he officially runs the bank, is it fair to say that the AIIB is being run by an overt Globalist, given his long tenure with the World Bank goons at the Asian Development Bank beforehand?

      • Ed_B

        “There will be massive voter fraud going on, count it. There will NEVER be a free and fair election.”

        We have 3 recent examples of this that show just how correct your line of thinking on this really is: 1) Scotland vote… so many polls showed that this won with about 70% of the vote, yet when the results were tallied, the status quo was maintained by a good margin. It’s as if they reversed the for and against vote numbers; 2) the Swiss were told that if the referendum for 20% of the Swiss central bank’s reserves had to be in gold, they would not be able to maintain the peg to the euro and all hell would break loose in the financial market. So the Swiss voted that down based on this scenario, which has since been proved to be an absolute LIE! The banksters ended their peg to the euro anyway and within a couple of weeks of the election… and all hell did not break loose. But the requirement to have 20% of their central bank’s assets in gold was avoided… for now. The Swiss are an intelligent bunch. They KNOW that they have been lied to and are unlikely to fall for such lies again; and 3) last but certainly not least, we have the various Greek votes that clearly were in favor of Grexit, repudiation of all debt, a return to their own drachma currency, and a rebuilding of their economy and finances. They cannot ever do this while smothered by massive debt because their economy does not now nor has it ever produced enough wealth to even cover the interest payments. Their only hope of ever becoming prosperous again rests on escaping the clutches of the EU banksters and every sad turn of events in Greece only proves this further.

    • Ed_B

      “Look at gold stocks. You guys own any of those?”.

      LOL! Of course they don’t own any gold or gold stocks. If they did, they would not now be so financially constipated. 😉

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I can almost feel the “nervous, frightened laughter” all around me, as there are SO many things & events taking place & happening as the USSA has hit the iceberg and all the state-rooms are flooding.

    Yet there are “investors”, government & business “leaders” running around trying to re-arrange the deck chairs to save the ship.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

    Tell the band to play the “exit song” that will save all the Silver & gold Stackers & pantry preppers. I’m gonna bit sitting HIGH & DRY in Silver & Gold Balloon as I watch the ugly ship sinking under a Sea of Bad debts, bad currency, and bad leadership.

  • malcolm

    Rather than worry about the MONEY, I think people should be more concerned with what is taking place at CERN and also the GOTTHARD tunnel.
    This should show you what you are dealing with.

    Still concerned about your money.???

  • Kakistocracy

    Saw that.

    We are ALL, well and truly f*cked.
    Satanic systems have sprung up over the entire world.
    The whole Earth, is now swimming in satanic systems.
    Forget about why for now.
    Ask yourself HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?
    Forget about how did this happen.
    Ask yourself how did this happen SO QUICKLY ?
    That will tell you where the truth really is.

    Because we have allowed a small Europen Jewish family to control the issuance of CURRENCY: Rothschilds.

    Our entire world has always been run by Satanic Systems:
    Three qualities of Satanism:
    1. Self survival, service to self.
    2. Truth is relative.
    3. Social Darwinism.
    4. Eugenics
    5. Insane levels of Narcissism.

    I await for Divine Intervention.
    In the meantime, I strengthen my spirit and prepare for disaster.

    • tomche


      You tell it like it is…

      • Kakistocracy

        …You tell it like it is…

        which is why I am hated almost everywhere I go,
        just like in this website.

        the TRUTH is Dangerous.
        it really is.

        Such truths are very painful and destructive in their power.
        Such truths destroy and deconstruct the world around you until everything irrelevant and
        inconsequential is gone.
        Such truths burn away all the trivialities of life until a crucible of only pure truth is left.

        You must seek the TRUTH.
        If you do, you will be able to deconstruct the entire World in only a few moments.
        I have been far too negative these days, but remember this:

        You must seek the TRUTH, always.

        • Gerald

          Well,the truth is ,there is no divine intervention.We must fix things ourselves,though I don’t know how.If you’re waiting on some cosmic santa to intervene,things will continually get worse.

        • Ed_B

          “… which is why I am hated almost everywhere I go…”

          The discerning among us read and enjoy your comments, so keep ’em coming.

          Not that I always agree with you or don’t think that you are over the top from time to time but it is good to see some passion in a good cause these days. 🙂

        • fonestar

          Yeah, we need some fool like you to “deliver us” from evil lol!

        • ʍꀤ㉿Ҿ

          The Truth is a singularity not subject to your lengthy tortured interpretation. You take all your assumptions as 100% truth and ignore reality or even question glaring inconsistency’s..Just explained away by jibber and insults. Remember my man only BTC is Money, It is truth without the manipulation. BTC is the only money in the world limited in quantity but unlimited in its divisibility. PMs will be good for local barter with the natives no doubt, that’s why I own them. PMs can not function as an international currency without bringing in the entire crony infrastructure that currently is responsible for all the manipulation…Clearing houses, bullion banks etc. BTC functions without all that garbage. BTC is freedom 🙂 ..Just ask the Ranting Andy Hoffman…I suppose Ranting Andy is a CIA shill as well? Your internal twisted deception is not Truth.

          • fonestar

            They prefer to use TPTB banking system, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

            Basically, the SGT/ZH loser crew are what’s normally called TRAITORS.

            • Howard Roark

              June 8, 2016 at 2:41 am · Reply
              Once we have killed everyone who was against Bitcoin we are going to burn all of your books too.

            • ʍꀤ㉿Ҿ

              I am amazed especially by “The Terrible Ruler” Kakistocracy.If he wasn’t a shill he would realize he is railing directly against the vehicle that can deliver us all from this evil. PMs like I said will be good for Barter but must not be allowed as an international form of settlement or else you will end up with the exact same thing we have today..TPTB will be in control and nothing will change. I understand Bill Stills valueless currency and it makes sense up until he has the Gubberment print the money….Anyway Fonestar beware the Polly’s they bite!

              • Eric

                Precious Metals are already great for wealth protection as well as trade and for holding reserves.

                The only thing is you have to know what you have and not just guess. That means you need to look at it once in a while. And not be lazy with hopium.

                Global trade settlement in precious metals along with the Gold standard will allow low inflation, honest trade balances, and prosperity for all.

                “Bitcoin is a failed experiment.” -Mike Hearn

                Silver spot price up 4% today!

              • fonestar

                Hey Mike… did you know that we are the same person? It’s IMPOSSIBLE that more than 1 person thinks the posters here are morons! LOL….

                • ʍꀤ㉿Ҿ

                  I think the Eric/Howard is a simple Unix script and the rest are apparently angry Parrots!

                • KRELL427

                  Even if (((((Mike))))) is not (((((Fonestar))))))) it just means this site has picked up two moron virises, that threaten people who do not accept bitcoin. It must be the ultimate money if you have use low life tactics to promote a product. CIA bitches.

                • fonestar

                  Bitcoin IS teh HIGH LIFE.


                • ʍꀤ㉿Ҿ

                  (((🅺🆁🅴🅻🅻))) I never threatened anyone..Believe it or not I just want you to look at things and think..PMs will do alright but the BTC is the Future of money, freedom without corruption. Think about it 21 mil total for the entire world…That is Millions a piece. That’s why I dont understand the parroting? Your shooting yourself in the foot. Please for the love of god stop with the ((()))), it’s tard based.

              • fonestar

                Mike… Howard is claiming to be one of the original Bitcoin adopters and said he bought 300 BTC or so in 2009! fonestar asked him to prove it and he said he won’t because he is scared fonestar will hack his Bitcoin address? He’s obviously a liar and has no clue how Bitcoin even works.

                • Howard Roark

                  June 8, 2016 at 2:41 am · Reply
                  Once we have killed everyone who was against Bitcoin we are going to burn all of your books too.

                  June 8, 2016 at 11:23 am · Reply
                  Yep. Say it again… death to TRAITORS… hang ’em high!

                  Use bitCON or be murdered by fonestar…sounds like a central banker…meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

                  bitCON is so good Mike fonestar will murder you to prove it.

                • ʍꀤ㉿Ҿ

                  Bonus Howard! $320k converted directly into Gold from Amagimetals… ᔕᗯᗴᗴ丅丅丅丅丅丅丅丅丅…I suspect he wasn’t that bright to convert at the right time. What happened did he forget is PW?

          • Eric

            Bitcoin is for stupid people. It’s a lot of things. But money isn’t one of them.

            “Bitcoin is a payment system using a public ledger, and a digital currency created by open source software, introduced in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. It works peer-to-peer allowing payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. It is called a cryptocurrency, because digital encryption is used to create and transact money from bits.[5] Conventionally, the capitalized word “Bitcoin” refers to the technology and network, whereas lowercase “bitcoins” refers to the currency itself.[6]”


            • fonestar

              Death to dollar holders.

              Death to bankers.

              Death to banking customers.

              Death to all these traitors.

              Hang ’em high!

            • ʍꀤ㉿Ҿ

              BITCOIN IS MONEY ERIC >>>

              Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

              Full Definition of money

              plural moneys or monies play \ˈmə-nēz\

              : something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment: as a : officially coined or stamped metal currency b : money of account c : paper money

              a : wealth reckoned in terms of money b : an amount of money

    • Fraser

      “How this happened” and “how so quickly” can be explained by good men sitting around, doing nothing while “awaiting divine intervention”.

  • Howard Roark

    June 8, 2016 at 2:41 am · Reply
    Once we have killed everyone who was against Bitcoin we are going to burn all of your books too.

    Every instance of gold:

    sed ‘s/gold/bitcoin/g’

  • fonestar

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2010…. that’s okay very few people had even heard of it.

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2011…. okay, not everyone can be bleeding-edge.

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2012…. we’re starting to get concerned, you need to pay attention.

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2013…. you are slow and falling behind the class.

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2014…. you get a well deserved F + S for “stupid”.

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2015…. you are obviously a total moron.

    If you didn’t get Bitcoin in 2016…. Okay, now I feel sorry for insulting the mentally disabled!

    • Fraser

      Pokemon cards had good runs too. My 4 year old son got hooked and lost his pocket money, but (thanfully) he learnt from the experience. Bitgold with physical gold backing may have a future, but (I think) Bitcoin will be reviewed as just another failed human thought experiment. What I have never understood is why Bitcoin and not Dogecoin or any of the other hundred (or is it now thousand) crypto currencies? Why Pokemon and not Transformer? Answer me that.

      • Fraser

        Sorry for the spelling mistakes (my eyesight is not great these days). Adding one more thing, it is my belief that things like Bitcoin (and even gold futures, ETFs and shares) are being deliberately marketed to would-be-buyers of gold, to distract them from actually buying physical gold. But then at the end of the day (coming soon), all of these alternatives and digital representations will be reset to zero (or settled in fiat worth zero), leaving TPTB holding all the physical gold. Tell me that Bitcoin can be settled in anything other than fiat and you may have a point. If not, then I can assure you that it will be worth zero. So get some physical gold (or silver) while you still can and don’t be distracted by TPTB again.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Even though David Morgan has expressed an “interest” in, and is “studying” Fin-Tech (such as BTC), my “gut instinct” does not want to get involved with it.

    I can SEE how BTC can be very useful as an alternative to the SWIFT system, but they both can suffer the same problems (they are BOTH digital Blips on a screen and can be gone in a Nano-second, AND, they BOTH rely on the DATA & Power grid to survive.)

    BTC is BACKED by the FULL FAITH & CREDIT of all the “True Believers”. I don’t trust faith & belief, because I’ve been screwed enough in my life, that I trust only what I can HOLD in my hands.

    I sometimes view BTC as nicely as I view digital Tulip bulbs of the 1600’s. They climbed as far & fast as BTC, until they reached over $60k per “TLB”, and then, even faster, they crashed.

    AAAAnd it’s GONE.
    When the DATA & Power grid is down, my SILVER will still be on the table, in my pocket, and can still be traded, even by CANDLE LIGHT.

    VGC is a completely different (furry) animal, the same VGC can be “traded” dozens of times each day, and never lose a bit of value, not until it gets some “VIRUS” or the “FUNS” DRY UP.

  • GorteDog

    Nice Site, but off the wall comments make that feature a joke.

    Does Eric work for you to pump precious metals? How else does he have time to leave 4 dozen comments per day?

    Probably too much to wish for, but would be nice to see more educational exchanges instead of:

    fonestar: Bitcoin is the best!

    Eric: You are an idiot!

    fonestar: no I’m not, YOU are the idiot

    Eric: buy Gold, you idiot

    fonestar: but also buy bitcoin, you idiot

    Eric: I guess I’m just smarter than you

    fonestar: no, you’re dumber than me.hehehe

    Eric: no, you are the dumb one

    fonestar: no, you are dumb

    Eric: no, I am not dumb

    fonestar: yes, you are.


    fonestar: yes

      • mike

        Eric is just ignorant not necessarily dumb, although I’m leaning that way.. He likes to post youtubes links as his source for information but ignores the trillion Bitcoin youtubes vids that explains how Bitcoin works.There are plenty that show why Bitcoin is the true answer to free yourselves of the banksters and middlemen corrupting the system…The only true viable working stake in the heart of the vampire squid. So ether he is just amazingly ignorant, I mean if there was an ignorant Superstar Eric would it or he is a bankster schill..The banks dont care if you back the currency by gold they will continue printing no problem as they always have. Cant print BTC and it actually has a production limit. To counter the deflationary aspect of BTC it is infinitely divisible. It is so divisible that only 1 btc ever need to be created to account for the worlds entire money supply from here to forever more…That is fine Eric doesn’t like or understand technology and innovation. The Amish don’t either and they are fine.

        • Eric

          mike, I’m betting on them printing more currency.

          I could care less about bitcoin. It’s a medium of exchange and a unit of account. It trades like a tech stock, not a currency. It’s not a long term store of value.

          I hope you make lots of shekels with it.

          (((GorteDog))) is obviously (((fonestar))).

          • fonestar

            Yes “obviously” THREE (or more) people can’t possibly think you’re a bunch of morons now. It must all be the same, single person.

            If it’s so “obvious” you should prove it? Oh right, the moron thing…

            • Eric

              A moron is still smarter than an blip-idiot.

              • Eric

                First Majestic Silver making new highs AGAIN today.

                How’s bitcoin doing today?

                Oh it’s down. 🙁

                • fonestar

                  There’s no “conspiracy”. Millions of other people (that’s more than 3 people on SGT, FYI) think you people are morons. Like pretty much most people in other developed nations.

                  America has been left in the dust of superstitious technophobia.

                • Eric

                  Boy it SURE is nice to get GOLD and SILVER/HONEST MONEY/REAL TANGIBLE WEALTH delivered to my door by a pretty lady.

                  How’s your day going? Did you make any blips today?

    • fonestar

      Probably 80% of fonetar’s net worth is in physical gold & silver. People like ERIC & HOWARD are deliberately sent to make all precious metals fans look stupid. Oh… and also to try and associate us with Neo-Nazi groups in the public’s minds (remember the fake FBI plant, Las Vegas shootings?).

      Sean either can’t figure this out or else he is “in on it”.

      • mike

        Eric seems to think he owns the comment section on this site. He is just making sgtreport intolerable with his never ending trolling and insults. I would think Sean would put an end to it as not to lose visitors. Why would Sean post Bitcoin vids as well as PMs stuff on this site if he didnt want people who like BTC here? Why would he interview Andy Hoffman? I suspect Sean wants as many people as possible coming to his site. I am not against PMs either I just wish someone would make a vid comparing old methods of gold mining to new methods to show the massive loss in purchasing power due to innovation for example. Someone actually trying to make sense of the fact there has never been a shortage other than fabrication hickups of you favorite bullion coin. I would like to see someone attempt without Comex,USGS,Silver institute, mining and retailers fudged numbers figure out a way to really track production…You know get to the bottom of the story. If you went by Eric the Chinese and Indians alone in the last 10 years sucked the world dry of pms and the fact you can go out and buy as many as you can afford is an illusion?..Just saying something isn’t right.

        • KRELL427

          (((((((mike)))))) It is worth asking whether the price of silver stacks up as fair. For more than 2,000 years, somewhere between 1/10th and 1/15th of an ounce of silver bought a day’s labor; in today’s terms, that would suggest that silver should trade for $264 add to that population and gdp growth

          • mike

            Krell…That is incorrect and I explained before your ignoring lost value in innovation. Why would someone get paid 1/10th of an oz long ago for a days labor? Because Silver was much more scarce and difficult to mine and took a great deal of human effort to produce.

            The reason PMs have lost so much purchasing power since then is because it is far easier to mine today without the direct human labor.

            2000 years ago it took thousands of workers to produce the same amount of product it takes 1 man on 1 machine today.

            Today they can also mine areas that in the past were impossible, unlimited resouce. Today there can be zero visible pms in a ton of material but still they extract pms with little human effort..Long ago they had to find visible veins. If the market calls for more silver mines will produce more no problem.

            Today with innovation you have the purchasing power of silver 100 times less than 2000 years ago..And that is pretty good considering Silver is 1000000 times easier to produce so it still holds some value.

            It blows my mind you guys can not understand what gives something value. It isn’t valuable simply because someone says it is, its the amount of real human effort it takes to extract it and rarity. Not to mention people must value it and in the case of PMs most people simply dont.

            • Eric

              Then why is a Roosevelt Silver dime worth at least $1.25 in melt value today instead of 10 cents?

              Lost purchasing power. You are delusional.


              • mike

                That Roosevelt dime is about 1/10th an oz of silver same the Romans were paid. $1.25 compared to 2000 years ago purchasing power of $100 is about right. It illustrates perfectly the lost purchasing power due to innovation.
                You think because it has gained 12 times against the dollar it gained 12 times purchasing power?..It has not. It just shows you the dollar has inflated thats it. The larger picture shows you that the dollar inflated since 1964 but there has been a massive loss in real purchasing power over the years through innovation.
                Purchasing power is key not a dollar price.

                • Eric

                  That’s exactly why Silver is vastly undervalued compared to Bitcoin. I would rather buy something undervalued. Not something overvalued. Better to get a good deal than a raw one.

                  I’d like to see mike demonstrate how easy it is to mine silver using “innovation.”

            • KRELL427

              The amount of silver in the ground is finite, its uses infinite. Also will be the first element to disapear off the periodic table. again we have a serious disconnect in logic of value. that my freind cannot be taught.

              • mike

                The amount of silver in the ground is not finite it is an inexhaustible supply..Thanks to Innovation and being able to extract PMs from sources that were impossible only 20 years ago. Go to the debt clock and look at PM proven reserves..That changes every year. BJF did a great video years ago showing how there is no limit to in ground resources.

              • mike

                Oh yeah that’s in 2020 right even though there is 20 years already of proven reserves in the ground not to mention every single day more is found?..Remind me where that came from? …Gubberment numbers, USGS..Rest my case.

                • Eric

                  Every single day there is more demand.

                  Which do you think will overcome the other in the next 20 years? Supply or Demand?

        • fonestar

          These SGT/ZH people are a perfect example of dumbed-down, binary thinking. They believe you support Trump *OR* you support Clinton. They believe you can buy gold *OR* you can buy Bitcoin. Their pea-sized brains can’t seem to compute the *AND* function, realize that people buying Bitcoin are not buying it for the same reason as we are buying gold. Their grasp on technology and related concepts is somewhere way back in the 20th century.

          They also think their own shadow in the noon-day sun must be “a conspiracy”. I wasn’t even slightly skeptical of Bitcoin when I saw it, used it and realized it was beyond proof of concept. Pretty f’n pathetic when these people are what passes for the “enlightened opposition”. But this is where we’re at.

          • Eric

            “I wasn’t even slightly skeptical of Bitcoin when I saw it, used it and realized it was beyond proof of concept.”

            That’s exactly why you will get hurt.

            Please document your accusations.

            Gold is for savings.
            bitcoin is for gambling.

            you decide which one is best for you.

            Why are you buying bitcoin? Got more illegal activity to do?

            • fonestar

              “illegal activities”

              You’re a fucking retarded statist. Death to traitors.

              • KRELL427

                Fonestar are you now backpeddling on your prevoius statement about going out at night and jumping barbwire fences and driving through gates obtaing your midnite silver supply. if you want to get technical I can go to your staement and copy and paste it if you like.

                • fonestar

                  So what? Those things didn’t have shit to do with BTC. And fonestar would just deny everything anyway.

                • KRELL427

                  The people who bought the first wave of radar detectors thought they were tech savvy as well.

                • KRELL427

                  “So what? Those things didn’t have shit to do with BTC. And fonestar would just deny everything anyway.” Thank for documenting your zero credibility, no wonder you got ZERO-HEDGED.

                • fonestar

                  When they come for your guns it will be 100% “legal”.

                  Just like using taxpayer money to accumulate scrap gold & silver and then reselling it to China (for double-dipping profit) to be broken up there is 100% “legal”.

          • KRELL427

            I don’t have a problem with Bitcoin, if i liked it I would purchase it and use it. I choose not after doing my own research.I also wish everyone holding it all the best going into the unknown future. but I do have a problem with your attitude , if you want respect you have to earn it. Obviously we are operating under differant value sytems. If I acted like you my granfather would have backhanded me .

            • Eric

              mine too.

              fonestar cannot command respect because he doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

              He has a lot of growing up to do. Although I’m pretty sure he is schizophrenic and needs to be committed to the men with white coats.

              • fonestar

                Correct. I have no respect for people so dumb they don’t even know what “real” means.

                • Eric

                  I have some REAL wealth in precious metals coming to me today so I can’t chit chat with you much since I have better things to do.

                  I’m just glad I didn’t have to pay using bitcoin. That would have been a much bigger distraction and headache.

                • fonestar

                  Again you don’t even know what REAL means. Want that a third time? You don’t know what REAL means. Need a fourth now?

                • Eric

                  How does that song go again? 🙂

                  The 2 oz. high relief Sun Tzu silver rounds are very nice.

                  But the 5 oz. silver viking bars are very cool!

        • Eric

          mike, I have no problem with you or anyone using bitcoin as a medium of exchange. But do not ignorantly refer to it as money when it is clearly not. Otherwise, yes I will continue to debunk your constant lies and BS so nobody gets hurt buying bitcoin.

          A pump and dump is a pump and DUMP!

          • fonestar

            So you’re like Chris Duane? A used car salesman pontificating on computer science?

            We don’t care what you “think”. It’s your very ability to “think” which is in question.

            • Eric

              Then you haven’t paying attention very much.

              You have been the one responding with ad hominem attacks and strawmen arguments, changing the subject like you just did and making assumptions and accusations everytime I bury your lies with truth.

              Chris can obviously think for himself. I know you can’t. You’re too busy reacting emotionally.

            • KRELL427

              I have alot of respect for Chris and all the work he has done. His Siver bullet silver sheild article should be framed on the wall. still do this day my favourite. I also have alot of respect for Sean and the work he is doing, this remains my favorite site. To really figure things out you have to listen to both sides of a story and feel he is doing a good job providing all the facts.

              • fonestar

                Why? Because he launched an idiotic Youtube Jihad against fellow PM buyers who chose to diversify into Bitcoin and crypto? Because he is isolating the “metal only” crew from more technically savvy people who would have been able to help them in the future? Because he preaches “logic, rhetoric and grammar” and then blows smoke up your butt about subjects he clearly doesn’t understand? You don’t need a Trump/Clinton ticket you are doing a fine job of dividing and conquering yourselves.

          • mike

            Money is what spends my friend. I live on the coast and would love seashells to become money again..I wouldn’t go around criticizing people selling things to me about how the seashells are not money. I would keep collecting and spending them as fast as possible. The market determines what is money eric. Pms were once even money until the market decided they were not. Nothing stays king of the hill as far as what is money. Everything has it time then something else appears that the market likes better.

            • fonestar

              What’s funny is that the people here can’t even seem to understand *WHY* currency (not money) and especially digital currency, (centralized or P2P) took off in the first place?

              In fact, some of them even came back with the idiotic response that “you just shouldn’t buy anything online ever anyway!” So there you go Mike, yeah electronic currency is “convenient” BUT…. you should never buy anything beyond walking/driving distance anyway. These people are a special type of moron, it deserves to be classified and investigated. Someday people will look back and laugh!

            • Eric

              Gold and Silver never stopped being money. Seashells did.

              Bitcoin is not called “crypto-money.”

    • Eric


      Does Eric work for you to pump precious metals? How else does he have time to leave 4 dozen comments per day?

      Nobody pays me. I made my fortune the old fashioned way…working for it and saving. I don’t have to pump ponzi schemes like bitcoin.

      I have a high metabolism.

      If you’re going to quote me, please document your work instead of make up lies.

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