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There’s a Metaphor Here Somewhere…WaPost Mouthpiece Whines While Russia Builds Megabridge (And Hacks/Shoots Down U.S. Drones Spying Over Crimea)

from Rogue Money:

What if Crimea didn’t reunite with Russia? Alternative history of Crimea by RT. JWS – Note how much of the footage of U.S.-backed Ukrainian officials in this video, while admittedly an ‘alternative history’ scenario, is quite real.

Drone with 360-degree camera flies over the construction site of the Crimean Bridge supposed to link the peninsula directly with continental part of Russia. RT LIVE

Foreign Policy, the magazine owned by the Washington Post company, (not to be confused with the CFR-owned Foreign Affairs) is unhappy that Russia recently released an English subtitled video promoting the multi-billion dollar, 19-kilometer long bridge across the Kerch Strait connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland. Foreign Policy writer Henry Johnson refers to it as an ‘illegal bridge’ because its lawfulness is not recognized by the U.S. supported Ukrainian government. Jackson does not mention the illegality of the gigantic, but ultimately far less useful military base called Camp Bondsteel that the U.S. military plopped down in occupied Kosovo without the consent of Belgrade after an unprovoked aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.

Kerch Strait Bridge will provide both road and rail links between Russia’s Crimea and Krasnodar Krai. It will be a 4-lane, flat deck highway bridge running parallel with the separate 2-track railroad. The main span over the Kerch Strait shipping channel will have a steel arch support, 227 meters wide with a 35-meter clearance above the water to allow for ships to pass under.

Somewhere in this juxtaposition though, is a metaphor. The (post)West as I now call it whines, it preens about its moral superiority because the mentally ill adult male can now decide he’s a woman and use the stall in the ladies room next to your teenage daughter. The East builds, slowly, patiently, often with setbacks including those caused by hostile acts tacitly approved if not applauded in the (post)West — for example last November’s destruction of the power lines from mainland Ukraine into ‘Russian occupied Crimea’. This thuggish act by ‘glory to Ukraine’ shouting morons only hardened the resolve of the vast majority of Crimeans and made them thank God they escaped the failing state of the Ukraine in March 2014 — without paying the price in blood and terror that the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk paid.

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