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The World’s Wealthiest Families Are BUYING GOLD — Marin Katusa


Researcher, Analyst & Best-Selling Author Marin Katusa founder of Katusa Research joins us to offer his analysis on the rapidly changing global economic order, the near and long term future of the US Petrodollar – and the critical importance that PHYSICAL gold should play in every thinking man’s portfolio. In fact, in this exclusive SGT Report interview, Katusa reveals a secret, “I’ll tell you what guys in power are telling me,” Marin explains, “the wealthiest people on the planet” are taking the contrarian position, they are getting into gold. “These are things you’ll never read in the Wall Street Journal,” Katusa says.

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135 comments to The World’s Wealthiest Families Are BUYING GOLD — Marin Katusa

  • mike

    Alright well this guy just justified everything I explained to the Eric entity bot..Innovation makes everything cheaper. I didnt think it was that hard to understand. Mining innovation would explain why gold/silver has lost so much real purchasing power over the last 2k years, it’s a lot easier to mine without the real labor.
    The lowest ranking Roman soldiers were making 200 denarius (or 2000 asses)/ year 20/ozs of Silver. The highest paid up to 15000/1500 ozs. That was at a time were it took real labor to find and mine it so of course it had more value because it was actually rare then. Not to mention they had to find visible veins of the stuff..Not like now. So what is the value of silver if you can not make a direct comparison to the past? Whatever the market says its worth and currently that is $16.39/oz .
    Good thing the end just got pushed off for 10 years from now. The end of this year was getting close. Dont know how Bo Polny is going to take the news.

    • Eric

      “So what is the value of silver if you can not make a direct comparison to the past? Whatever the market says its worth and currently that is $16.39/oz .”

      Once again the mike meathead (dead from the neck up), confuses the word “value” for “price.” He hasn’t accounted for the 5 fold increase in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. Nor has he accounted for surging investment demand as well as growing industrial demand. He is also very ignorant of the dwindling Silver supply as well as the leveraged paper market which doesn’t back paper Silver market with real assets.

      Silver is PRICED at 1979 levels. What else is trading at 37 year lows meathead?

      • Howard Roark

        If only (((mike’s))) ego were food he’d never go hungry, but alas, it isn’t so he will.

      • Mike

        Value is measured in price. You can not measure the value of silver with past metrics such as roman soldiers pay SINCE the fundamentals are 100% different now. We have been through this before.. Thousands of years ago it took thousands of slaves or workers to produce the same amount of silver 1 man on 1 machine can do today. So since your metric for “Value” is blown out of the water how else would you measure it’s value? The market and as of this second your looking at $16.40 in purchasing power. Could that change..Yes when the market makes that change but as far as value it will never achieve the purchasing power it had even 100 years ago. It is too easily mined and unlimited in supply…Got to have a talk with Cliff High about is rouge meat head web bot.

        • Eric


          Value is measure in FUTURE price.

          “Thousands of years ago it took thousands of slaves or workers to produce the same amount of silver 1 man on 1 machine can do today.”

          What are the capital costs for that “machine?”

          100 years ago Silver’s purchasing power was $1.00. Now it is $16.40. That is a 1540% increase!!!

          How much Gold have you mined in your lifetime? If it’s sooooo easy?

          • Eric

            Oh wait, the purchasing power didn’t increase. It stayed the same.

            The PRICE and VALUE increased!

            • Mike

              The purchasing power of PMs from the beginning of civilization have DECREASED BIG TIME and is reflected in the market price today…Sean said gold was a store of energy and long ago it took a lot more human energy to produce than it does today. That is exactly what this dude was talking about…INNOVATION, Did you listen? Of course not your a parrot…Well to be fair to you you had to be able to take the mental leap from Oil/Natural Gas what he was talking about and apply it to mining. There will be even more future innovation in mining to make it even more ubiquitous than it is already. I apologize for assuming you had the power of reason…My bad.

              • Eric

                Price of Gold in 1913 – $20.67
                Price of Gold in 2016 – $1,246.50

                How did purchasing power of Gold decrease in that time exactly?

                Please provide links and evidence to support your ignorant claim.

                • Howard Roark

                  I knew it, (((Mike)))…no free markets, no price discovery, ALL manipulation…yet he prattles on and on and on and on…

                • Mike

                  In 1913 you could buy a nice suit right? Well with innovation the same amount of human effort it took to produce that suit should be able buy you 200 nice suits today. 1 man 1 machine..1000 years ago it would have taken even more human effort than 1913 so you can see gold is a horrible store of value.
                  You see your losing something in translation.
                  I can try to explain it but your just interested in parroting nonsense.
                  Your losing purchasing power in inflation, I know you grasp that concept. You are also losing far more in not realizing the value of innovation in most things. Some things like PMs reflect it but others do not such as oil and gas etc. Everything is far cheaper to produce today than ever before. Thats why it seems like inflation isn’t that bad because prices are bolstered by the fact products are more available and cheaper to produce…Anyway I have no doubt PM prices will go up in the future but the purchasing power never will, it will just continue to go down as it has historically. Land is probably your best bet if you really want to have some value in the future.

                • Eric


                  Meathead… When you talk out of your ass, it STINKS!

                  Land is not portable.

                • Howard Roark

                  “Anyway I have no doubt PM prices will go up in the future but the purchasing power never will”

                  Is that right…”nice suit”, made of what, like for like, define “nice suit”?

                  Let’s use a gallon of gas…in 1964 a gallon of gas cost $0.30(three silver dimes…….those same 3 silver dimes today are worth x13…$3.90…a gallon of gas today is roughly $2.40 based on national average, so those same three silver dimes from 1964 allows you to purchase 1.625 gallons of the same gas today as compared to only 1 gallon in 1964.

                  “Anyway I have no doubt PM prices will go up in the future but the purchasing power never will”

                  Thanks for playing (((Mike)))…”muh innovation”

                • Millicent

                  $20.67 in 1913 = $500 in 2016


                  The value of Gold has roughly doubled over this span of time.

                • Eric

                  Don’t forget to read the fine print. That was also when the US DOLLAR was backed by Gold and there were Gold Reserves.

                  *Learn how this calculator works. This US Inflation Calculator uses the latest US government CPI data published on May 17, 2016 to adjust for inflation and calculate the cumulative inflation rate through April 2016. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) and inflation for May 2016 is scheduled for release by the United States government on June 16, 2016. (See a chart of recent inflation rates.)

          • aa

            Yeah Eric mike is a meathead and all the evidence you need to backup the meathead claim is this: “It(gold and silver) is too easily mined and taken out of the ground in unlimited supply.” All the evidence points in the opposite direction. You cannot reason with buffoons like him Eric because for each of your rational arguments he will counter with two assisanine ones. He knows nothing about the subject and it shows.

            • Eric

              aa – Well said.

            • mike

              Millicent- Using the evil lying federal reserves inflation chart gold has doubled in purchasing power since 1913? lol. Do me a favor and just look at a textile factory in 1913. How much material could they produce with how many people? Compare it to a modern automated factory. Your looking at least 200 times production with less human effort. Look at modern day sweat shops compared to sweat shops in 1913 lol. Many innovations in sewing tech since then…Now take a leap and imagine you buy that nice suit in 1913. The amount of human effort it took to create that suit should today buy you 200 nice suits…Get it?

              You people are totally missing you are losing a ton of value not just by inflation but also not directly realizing the value of incredible innovation in production. That is the far greater lose in value.. The lost value of the dollar and gold in the last 100 years is staggering. I just do not understand why you people can not grasp that concept? Its totally bizarre.
              What is even crazier is you people are constantly pointing out gubberment numbers then saying you don’t trust the gubberment??Wow!

        • Howard Roark

          “Value is measured in price…” “Price” by what measure, (((Mike))), what properties, define “price”, “price” in what?

          I smell ((()))

          • Mike

            The market as in people assign the value of anything. Doesn’t matter how much something cost to produce if the market is not interested in it. I don’t make the rules, I just don’t choose to ignore them Eric.

            • Howard Roark

              “The market…”

              Define that today, there are no free markets, there is no “market”, only (((central banker))) manipulation referred to as (((markets)))…the “market” isn’t interested in (((central banker))) (((shekels)))either…the “market” is forced to accept it for productivity…

              I see you (((Mike)))…

              • Mike

                There is the TOR markets the only free markets on earth and guess what? They only take BTC lol ah hahahahahahahaha.

                Seriously don’t respond to me ever. We have already been through your mental capacity issues..Oh BTW what did the doctors say you suffer from? I am still interested.

                • Howard Roark

                  “There is the TOR markets the only free markets on earth and guess what? They only take BTC lol ah hahahahahahahaha.”

                  That didn’t take long….easy flush of fonestar’s imaginary friend (((Mike)))…all too easy…”see (“Mike agrees with me, I’m not a lone bitCON nut!!!”)


                • fonestar

                  Fogies like Howard & Eric are not on TOR hidden services. Nobody there will wait for their snail-mail, trackable bullshit…

                • Eric

                  oh boo hoo! I’ll lose sleep over not being on TOR hidden services. Somebody call that waaaaaaaambulance for (((fonestar))).

            • Eric

              Value is subjective when value initiates. Always.

              I hope you remember that when bitcoin’s price is zero.

            • fonestar

              Correct. Value is what you can throw down on the table *RIGHT NOW* and walk away with. Not “hey ten years from now at 2.5% interest…..” bullshit walks…

              • Eric

                Value is relative worth, merit, or importance.

                Are you saying that Gold is only worth $1245?

                I can throw down a dollar on the counter and walk away with a crummy cup of coffee. Is that value? What if you overpay? Is that value?

                Please consult a dictionary.

                You are referring to a “medium of exchange.” Not value.

      • Ed_B

        Something else to consider is that metal ores were FAR richer in the ancient past than they are today. Thanks to improved ore processing technology and earth-moving equipment, it is now possible to extract gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from ore bodies that were skipped in the past as being uneconomical.

        A chart of the metal content in the actively worked mines for the past several decades is instructive. Steve. St.A. has published such a chart from time to time and the decline in metal content is sobering. Instead of the 80-90% metal in an ore vein, we are now looking at profitable ore bodies containing only a few grams of metal per ton of rock.

        This picture has been further confused by the 50% and more drop in the price of oil. The mining industry runs primarily on diesel fuel, so as that cost came down dramatically, it had a considerable influence on the cost to produce an oz. of PM. Note that this did not reduce the cost of labor or the amount of money demanded by governments for the mining rights to various ore fields.

    • fonestar

      Hey Mike don’t insult ERIC! That’s Sean’s fake neo-nazi bum-buddy and they will try to ban you lol…

  • Orwell

    Katusa likes gold and US Dollars.
    What does he say about silver?
    Does he think gold or silver will do better?

  • Eric

    Brazil Resources… up 272% YTD. My top holding digital holding.

    How’s bitcoin performing so far this year?

  • Eric

    The only thing I disagree with Marin is on Gold only being 10% of one’s portfolio.

    Gold should be the foundation of one’s wealth. Second Silver, Third, US Dollars (if you live in the US). Not your house, not your brokerage account, not your boat, and certainly not bitcoin.

    GOLD! The longest lasting best currency in the world and the ONLY form of MONEY!

    “Gold is money and nothing else.” -JP Morgan

    “Bitcoin is a failed experiment.” -Mike Heard

  • fonestar

    Sorry Marin, but anyone who thinks Trump is “anti-establishment” needs their head examined. Probably the same people who think Alex Jones is a “truth teller” lol…

    Deaf, dumb and deceived unto death.

    • Eric

      Very piss poor job supporting your argument (((fonestar))).

      Please try again.

      • fonestar

        Are you trying to execute my name in a (((sub-shell))) or something?

        • Howard Roark

          Poor (((fonestar))) thinks it’s a Unix shell script reference…too much basement time on trading muh BTC for muh Ethereum.

          • fonestar

            So you and Eric are:

            A – Suffering the same (((mental disability)))

            B – Howard & Eric are the same person in a Pakistani call center being pimped out by USGov?

            • Howard Roark

              If you don’t understand a (((meme))), “Mike”…er “fonestar” don’t try and fake it, you only make yourself appear more clumsy and even less credible(if that’s even possible)…well maybe in the world of bitCON…

            • BCG

              fonestar, the triple parens is called an ‘echo’ (ironically unixy as well) and is how ignorant neo-nazi keyboar cowboys signal that they think someone is a Jew. In their worldview, they are so weak and insignificant and Jews are so powerful that they must be piled on and stopped at all costs, including on random internet message boards, lest they take over humanity.

          • Eric

            Mommy’s basement dwellers would melt in the sunlight.

            (((fonetard))) = schizophrenic pathological liar.

          • Mike

            I think your a simple unix script..Although a Pakistani call center for hire spam machine is possible as well…In that case As-salam alaykum.

            • Howard Roark

              It’s “you’re” as in “you are”…slow down when switching alts, fonestar…

              • Mike

                You do understand that messaging is conversational English as and rules simply do not apply? YOu got me good on that one,,,Good god. Doh ((((ЇḎЇ☮†))))

                • Howard Roark

                  I understand laziness, sloth and excuses for it, yes, fonestar.

                • mike

                  Eric your arguing against innovation..You have blinders on and can not understand everything is made cheaper by innovation. Look at the Gottard tunnel, its 30 miles long through the Swiss alps. It took 2000 men TOTAL and 12 years to complete. They moved the same amount of material as 5 times the pyramids in Egypt.So 2000 people today can do 5 times the amount of work in 12 years that took millions of people hundreds of years to complete 5000 years ago? That is not possible according to your logic but yet it happened. You think PMs have the same value they did 2 thousands years ago when everything was done by human hands? Sorry man your lost and a parrot of your false gurus. As explained not by just me but this guy in the interview INNOVATION makes everything cheaper even PMs. At the root of my argument is if you believe the Chinese have 15 years of world mining supply of Gold, 30k tons held by their gubbernment not to mention the citizens investments.The Indian population holds 20k Tons just in Gold Jewelry and the rest of entire worlds investments ect..Where did it come from? Why was there never a shortage of the Physical other than small fabrication hickups in your favorite bullion coin?..Why can you buy as much Chinese gold in China or Miles Franklin as you can afford when your Gurus say the Chinese don’t part with 1 oz? Does 8k tons of gold that the US holds in FT Knox add up to 50 tons just for China and India in the last 10 years? Why do you not trust the Gubberment but then take gubberment mining numbers as gospel? Answer me why you would choose to ignore Innovation in the Mining industry and please explain how is this possible..The Answer is, it is not unless mines are producing far more and cooking the books. Occams Razors clearly points to mines and retailers as the source of perpetuating fake rarity and manipulation. They directly have the most to gain. I don’t have any links for you because your Gurus NEVER address that 10000 lb Gorilla in the room, the very stake in the heart of the silver story…Except Bix Weir when he said there is 100 times more gold than reported when the US stole some ancient civilizations gold in WW2 or whatever..Cant remember verbatim he is a nut bag. Only gold is money or insults are not answers to my Questions..It is you that chooses to ignore reality not me. I want those questions answered then maybe I’ll be parrot just like you..Poly says,”Only gold is money”.

                • Eric

                  Mike, they can’t even duplicate the pyramids with the same technology they have today.

                  There hasn’t been an audit of Fort Knox since 1954.

                  If mining Gold is easy, why aren’t you doing it?

                  As for your questions…

                  There is a shortage. Just look at the CME numbers. I would suggest you pay more attention to the work of SRS Rocco for starters. Government numbers are the best we have to work with along with the analysis of others. Innovation will not “Trump” the Fed’s horrible policies. It’s not about Gold. It’s about the Dollar.

                  I am not here to answer all your questions. You have to do at least some of the homework yourself.

                  I’ve grown tired of you.

                  If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

                • mike

                  CME and Rocco numbers..Rest my case CME= Gubberment numbers..Rocco relies 100% on gubberment numbers so every conclusion is wrong. Rocco and CME is not an answer it just bolsters my case. Rocco has never been able to explain the massive supply glut that apparently exist when the Chinese and Indians alone can buy so much gold 50k tons in such a short time…I mean really think about it for a change instead of attacking me. There is no shortage at all in PMs. You can go to Miles Franklin right now and purchase as much as you want…Right? But you better get it now…..

                  The Pyramids are simply stone moved by slave labor. Not hard to figure that out. If they were built by Aliens or an advanced society there would be more than just stone relics, something, anything tangible today pointing to their existence..Nothing? Were they so advanced they didnt have landfills lol..Come on, snap out of it. Millions of ancient slaves (or skilled workers debatable now with craftsman graves fond) moved material, that’s it.. And there are lots of theory’s on how they did it that are 100% viable considering their tech. Millions of slaves over 100’s of years moved 5 times less material than the Gottard tunnel workers that took only 2000 modern men 12 years. Your are amazing, arguing against Technology and innovation…I suppose you still ride behind an old mule huh? You know people can even fly today on hover boards, Planes, paragliders etc. We live in homes not made of stone, have AC, Modern medicine and even computers and cyber space which you are a part..And it will only get better in the future.,,It doesn’t matter if Eric Howard believes it or not..You will be dragged kicking and screaming into the Future, like it or not.

                • Eric


                  Buy blipcoin.

                  Get back to me in 5 years.

                  I’m done with your ignorance.

  • Kevin

    I really hate it when this site devolves into schoolyard Nyah Nyah comments.

    You can like metals, hate metals, like BTC, hate BTC. It’s your choice and no one here is obligated to defend their personal choices or berate those who have specific preferences. Metal haters are gonna hate. BTC haters are gonna hate. Who cares. We have all made our choices at this point for better or worse. Only time will tell if our choices were the best ones. Me, I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that just to cover my bases.

    Remember who the real enemy is.

    For the comment I wanted to make….amazing how silver is getting hammered today in the overseas market but it’s holding as of 1840 PDT. Noticed the line graph of price going up and down like a seismograph but it’s not dropping (knock on wood).

    • Eric


      I do agree with you. I don’t hate anyone. I just have a very low tolerance for bullshit.

      Words have meaning and we have to use them correctly. Not doing so for so long has gotten us into this mess in the first place.

      I would only suggest to anyone that the real enemy is yourself.

    • fonestar

      Kevin it’s interesting that you mention it…. because there really isn’t a “Bitcoin only” group out there. I’d say 99% of the the Bitcoiners I have met and follow own at least some physical silver and physical gold. And the majority probably own way more than “some”.

      The same cannot be said for the other camp, the “metal only” crew. These blockheads seem to think that this is some “either/or” type deal. I’ve been asking them for the past six years now one simple question:

      “Even if Bitcoin does not meet the stringent definition of money, why should a person not diversify into Bitcoin?”

      No answers forthcoming after six years now. I don’t expect any either from these idiots.

      • Eric

        Never heard you ask that once.

        “Even if Bitcoin does not meet the stringent definition of money, why should a person not diversify into Bitcoin?”

        Be my guest. Put everything you have into it. It’s still a pyramid scheme that isn’t worth anything.

        The first 6 million of them were created out of nothing and it’s not back by anything at all.

  • Kevin

    I hate bullshitters too. I like it when people state their opinion clearly and concisely, back it up with some facts or state why they have that opinion, and engage in some civil discourse about it.

    Except for “Jacob’s son”. God told me to hate him. /sarc.

  • Fraser

    Hey, hey! Suddenly Brexit at 45% and Bremain at 41%, which means we could get chaos 23-June. Americans will lose control of Europe and Europeans will buy gold fearing currency collapse. Money will get swung back and forth creating volatility, derivative defaults and bankruptcy. Let the end games begin!

    • Eric

      CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is at ridiculous lows and keeps trending lower.

      13.47 USD

      Major volatility is coming this month.

    • Ed_B

      Does it really matter what the for and against percentages are? Those who COUNT the votes WILL decide whether or not the UK exits the EU, not those who cast the votes. All IMHO, of course, but this seems to be the repeating pattern. TPTB simply want to hold elections. They do not want to be bound by their results.

  • glitter 1

    I have to admit I’ve never heard of Marin Katusa until tonight.All in all he is still a paper guy hedging his bets,imo.My guess is you will not hear him talk/acknowledge any thought of a collapse/black swan(s).Another guy who thinks he will be able to move fast enough to get out. I still find benefits to listening to his point of view. He’s either whistling past the grave yard and in denial regarding what’s going on in the world,clueless/not paying attention or all the other analyst’s/commentators are way off/full of s***.I doubt it’s the latter.
    Smart people can sometimes be just plain ignorant/stupid. Good at one thing,but useless at other things,you know the type.

    • Ed_B

      “Smart people can sometimes be just plain ignorant/stupid. Good at one thing,but useless at other things,you know the type.”

      Agreed. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. All part of the plan to encourage us to work together so that our overlapping strengths can cover all our weak spots. 🙂

    • mike

      Interesting he points out unbroken PM cycles and doesn’t believe Gold is a good thing to own..Do you listen to these interviews? I think you better stop posting links to support me….Try the golden Jackass he is a freakin lunatic that believes your ideas.

      Although I’m liking the Ranting Andy Hoffam..He LOVES BTC!

      • Eric

        Did you listen to it. He did say Gold is different and separate from the rest of the commodity cycle.

        If Andy loves bitcoin, I am very disappointed.

        Maybe he needs some new patio furniture or wants to pay more for his Gold.

  • GoldTooth999

    And morons from Stansberry Research are buying out subscription services such as Doug Casey Research but firing specific employees such as Galland, Katusa and Steer. Stansberry could have just saved the money and bought gold instead. Or his favorite sales pitch of all. Farmland likely to be confiscated by a communist country going downhill.

  • Fraser

    While stacking offers the chance of freedom and wealth on the other side of the collapse, I have a gut feeling that TPTB are only just getting warmed up. Jeff Nielson sums this up better than I can here:

    • Eric


      Fuck them. They’re the criminals. Not us.

      Find some courage people. You’re gonna need a lot of it.

      • Fraser

        “Confiscation light” is actually great for us. No bashing down of our doors, just robbing the ETFs and gold miners – leaving our stack the only available on the planet.

    • Petedivine

      Confiscation is the oligarchy admitting defeat for the world to see. It won’t work and will have many unintended consequences such as making gold and silver more valuable and scarce. At that point America probably wouldn’t even be recognizable or a place you’d want to raise a family anyway.

      • Eric

        “At that point America probably wouldn’t even be recognizable or a place you’d want to raise a family anyway.”

        Got that right. It will be a different world at that point.

        Any attempt at confiscation will create a run on the dollar. Maybe that’s the plan. When they’re ready, they’ll pull the plug.

        They’ll come for your Gold right after they come for your children, your guns, eat your food, take your house, kill everyone you love and destroy your life.

        Get ready. Then go live your life and enjoy it.

  • Hugo

    when reading this above talk between fonestar, Eric and Mike one thought comes to mind (a wise man once said it, not me)

    ”if one can only see value in paper currency terms then one cannot see value at all”

    Seems to me only Eric can see value, fonestar and Mike cannot. Sadly mike does not even get that prices are set at the margin when talking mine supply. Dude, there is 180.000 tons of that stuff above ground. Accumulated over 5000 years. Its mostly useless. Why you think not all dumped it? Because they are stupid not selling into the high tech mining revolution? *Shakes my head*.

    Really, posting with an attitude like you have with so little understanding…. Shame on you. Now please go study the relation between oil, fiat and gold before you start ranting more nonsense. Time much better spend. Here, a nice starter

    great interview btw Sean!

    regards, Hugo

    • fonestar

      Hey idiot… I own lots of gold & silver. It’s dumb-asses like yourself that can’t see the VALUE in crypto! Not that I expect you to grasp the fact that people can own TWO (OR EVEN THREE!!!) things at one time.

      Want to know what is older than gold & silver serving as money? It’s human ingenuity and the desire to invent and improve. I guarantee you that early man was more concerned about being able to start fires reliably and consistently than he was about finding a good means of exchange with neighbouring tribes.

      • Hugo

        Hello again fonestar,

        I just read back my post and I dont see any references to crypto currency in it. You know what, you can have a normal discussion without name calling. Name calling like you did shows so bad on you. But hey, Iam in a good mood today, a few hours ago a week off from work started for me. So Ill help you out on the crypto currency concept a bit.

        Did you know they had a proto crypto currency back in the (dark) middle ages in Europe for example? The book ”debt the first 5000 years” gives a great overview of that. They had a gold and silver currency on the books only. The gold and silver never existed since they did bookkeeping in Roman currency that was destroyed centuries before. It worked for centuries but since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (the Medici banking cartel of them times) destroyed that one.

        Really, if you want to discuss fine, but really, one more ignorant and rude post like you just posted and Ill put you on the same heap as Mike. A troll, or maybe even worse.

        regards, Hugo

      • Eric


        bling doesn’t count.

        Buy some bullion coins.

      • Eric

        Yes we can start fires. I know 10 different ways to start a fire without matches. Do you know 10 different ways to pull Gold out of the ground?

      • Ed_B

        “I guarantee you that early man was more concerned about being able to start fires reliably and consistently than he was about finding a good means of exchange with neighbouring tribes.”

        lol… early tribes were probably more into “exchanging” spears and arrows than goods. 😉

    • KRELL427

      Hugo,mike has no clue or never will have a clue,he also has not posted any back up info on any of his claims.Probably believes in flying unicorns.Even trolls have more brains.

      • mike

        Krell you have not been listening to these interviews…The last interview with the miner on SGT ehe could produce gold for $600 an oz..Impossible if you go by SRS Rocco, he does great work with crony numbers. I never said they did not hold value, of course they do supporting a 1200 price. I am making the perfect case as to why they have lost purchasing power over time. If something was more rare and far more difficult to produce long ago of course it would have more value and purchasing power…Cant you understand that? In this interview the guy was talking about innovation just in the last few years that has made natural gas more accessible and profitable to produce even given a low price..You dont think there has been major advancements in Mining? I understand value perfectly. Supply and demand and there is not a great demand for PMs. And like Charles Nenner in the interview Eric posted above I dont think Gold is manipulated by the markets, I think they are manipulated by mines and retailers. You guys are whistling past the graveyard and ignoring facts and unable to answer the supply question. You need to really start listening to these interviews.

        • fonestar

          Mike, these people have what’s called an “idee fixe” stuck in their simpleton brains. If something lasts “5000 years” as they continually parrot… well then that’s great. But most of us don’t want to be waiting, or holding something 5000 years. I also don’t need my currency/money/wampum to last 5000 years to buy some nachos at the Quicki Mart. If the transaction lasts 500 milliseconds that’s probably too long!

          • Eric

            That’s why for the rest of us, our wealth will outlive us and be passed onto future generations, while you’ll be 75 years old and a bum begging for quarters on the street.

            I don’t care who you are. Nachos are two bucks.

            Bitcoin not accepted.

            • mike

              Eric I own a a ton of the stuff probably much more than you..I just prefer to grow tulips if that is what spends instead of railing against them. I also do not deny technology and understand PMs have indeed lost the majority of their purchasing power over the years. I am interested in more than just “gold is money” its not at least not now. Why cant you broaden your understanding of things and question inconsistency’s in the PM story? Why do you feel the need to insult people instead of looking at facts? I really have no words for you other than a troll.

              • Eric

                How can PMs lose purchasing power when Gold is up 2900% in USD terms since Nixon closed the Gold window in 1971?

                A ton is 32,000 oz. Do you have 32,000 oz.?

    • mike

      Your obviously talking about Eric here..He doesn’t understand the term “Purchasing Power” which has nothing to do with paper currency and everything to do with goods and services. I do apologize again for not explaining it as if I was explaining it to a child…My bad. I made the mistake of assuming Eric’s critical thinking was at the level of at least a 12 yo..That would explain his constant demand for youtubes links. What’s funny is he post links that support my argument..Doesn’t bother to listen. Whats even funnier he demands I post links on THIS messageboard under an interview that totally supports “Innovation” makes things cheaper and more available…Its an amazing display of ignorance. Just watch the video above Eric it will answer your questions….OOps there I go again assuming he can understand plain English in the above video…My Bad again.

      • fonestar

        Mike, you are arguing with people who don’t understand the difference between “real” and “corporeal”. Using their own “logic”, their comments here “do not exist” LOL….

        • mike

          I know..Going to bite my tongue from now on at least as far as Eric goes. He is
          without a doubt a Silver trooper to the core, right or wrong doesn’t care as long as his silver banner fly’s high in his mind.

          I really do want to know the full true PM story. It seems to me this esoteric silver story perpetuated by the exact same people feeding off each other is just not supported by the numbers…Makes no sense. I suppose I expect too much and want someone to actually do some real journalism, actually question the narrative. Someone willing to try a different tact and get some real answers instead of just ambiguous jibber jabber that goes no where and is full of gaping holes.

          • fonestar

            I don’t pretend to understand all of the intricacies of the manipulation, but yes I do believe that gold & silver are manipulated on a daily basis by the powers. I also think it’s the only possible way to preserve confidence in fiat currencies by the powers.

            Where I differ from the ‘tards here and on ZH is that I do not believe that gold & silver are filled with magic particles that give them “intrinsic value”.

            • mike

              Who knows who is doing all the manipulation but these guys instantly stop at the CME and banksters. I suppose it’s possible they’re the only culprits but it is just as likely the mines and retailers, the numbers do not add up. No one explores the possibility’s. That is my problem with the story..Also having people actually denying technology??..That is a trip, unbelievable.
              I agree on Intrinsic value..That can only exist in the human mind, it is not a natural law all in which all humans are bound it is simply a concept. Clearly the vast majority of humans do not value PMs or they would purchase them and we would have a much higher price..

              • fonestar

                There’s a few who have been pursuing that angle as well… that the miners are “in on it”. And that’s the conclusion they’ve also come to, that many of the bigger players like Barrick are guilty as sin and are filled with Fed-people. And of course CME Group, etc…

                • Eric

                  no arguments to be made here. move along folks.

                  fonetard and meathead just taking up space more valuable than they are.

            • Eric

              fonetard – intrinsic value has utility. bitcoin does not.

              Gold is useful for non monetary purposes like teeth, electronics, jewelry, reserves, etc.

              bitcoin is useful for a medium of exchange and that’s all.

          • Eric

            Mike – read the Silver Manifesto…

            if you want to know the Silver story.

  • Millicent

    Constantly trying to prove who is the sharpest pencil in the box is a waste of time and energy. That is exactly what the PTB want you to be doing…

  • Ed_B

    Jeez… is it time for recess yet? The kiddies are getting restless. :-/

  • Moishe

    In my State you must show ID to sell PM’s, Not sure if this is all states, but I do know if the Jew magician bankers & their masonic cronies want to manipulate it & track it, then keep owning it. Ugo back to local ultimately we must return to local currencies not backed by gold because they own most of the gold.

    • Eric

      You don’t sell money. You spend it or you save it.

      They have really convinced everyone that PM’s are just assets. But Gold and Silver are money!

      It’s not the amount of Gold that is required to back currencies. It’s the price.

      Slowly I am convincing more in my community they can transact in silver. But greshams law makes the good money go into hiding.

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