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The World’s Most-Extreme Economic Terrorism

by Jeff Nielson Bullion Bulls:

When most people hear the phrase “economic terrorism”, the first thing which likely comes to mind iscyberterrorism, such as the mysterious “hackers” known (appropriately) as Anonymous. Readers of my own work may think of things like the destruction of Greece’s economy, where Greece was bankrupted when the Big Bank crime syndicate drove its interest rates as high as 30%, via the illegal manipulation of the credit default swaps market.

However, these are mere episodes of economic terrorism. The most-extreme economic terrorism in the world today is a single, ongoing crime, which terrorizes the entire world economically, every day of our lives. It is the extreme, criminal, upward manipulation of the U.S. dollar.

This is not a “theory”. It’s not speculation. It is yet more conspiracy-fact. It is a fact that the Big Banks have been criminally convicted of conspiring to manipulate all of the world’s currencies, going back to at least 2008. A criminal conviction is not a “conspiracy theory”.

We read about this economic terrorism every day of our lives. When you read about Russia having “a currency crisis”, it is a crisis in relation to the value of the U.S. dollar. When you read about Brazil, or Venezuela, or India, or South Africa, or even China having “a currency crisis”, it is a crisis in relation to the value of the U.S. dollar.

There is no “crisis” in relation to the value of the Rest of the World’s currencies, versus each other. Rather, it is one currency, which has been manipulated to a ridiculous extreme, versus all other currencies: the U.S. dollar. In our utterly perverse Wonderland Matrix, the Corporate media refuses to point its finger at the dollar’s extreme/ridiculous value versus other currencies. It refuses to point its finger at the Big Bank crime syndicate which has already been convicted of manipulating this currency higher.

Understand the level of corruption that is involved here. While the Big Banks were being investigated for serially manipulating all of the world’s currencies, they continued to manipulate these currencies. As they were being convicted of serially manipulating all of the world’s currencies, they continued to manipulate these currencies. And after they were convicted of serially manipulating all of the world’s currencies, they continued to manipulate the world’s currencies.

Why not? Even on the rare occasions that the crimes of these Big Banks are so obvious/extreme as to require criminal prosecution, no one is punished. The banks are not even forced to forfeit the profits from their crimes. Instead, they are given a token slap on the risk, a “fine” which is some small portion of their ill-gotten gains. We have a word for such “fines”: a kick-back.

It’s no different with respect to the Big Bank crime syndicate financing the global drug cartel, by laundering all of its dirty money. At various times, various tentacles of the One Bank have been caught-and-convicted of laundering $trillions of this dirty drug-money. No one gets punished, and the Big Banks continue their money-laundering before, after, and during these pretend-prosecutions.

Imagine a rapist on trial for a previous crime. The rapist is so smug, and so contemptuous of “the Law” that while the evidence is being presented against him, he walks over to the juror’s box and begins raping one of the jurors – and no one stops him. That is the Big Bank crime syndicate. That is the level of corruption that exists with respect to our governments. That is the extent to which the Rule of Law has devolved, across the Corrupt West.

With respect to the ongoing economic terrorism of the U.S. dollar, what has been missing from previous analyses were any hard numbers on the level/extent of this economic terrorism. Here is another writer(Simon Black) supplying his own estimate of the level of this economic terrorism:

Once you do the math and convert the prices back to US dollars, it almost seems like you’re missing a zero.

This also carries over into many asset prices, including certain areas of the property market.

Here in Johannesburg, I saw an amazing home for sale in one of the nicest upscale neighbourhoods with an asking price of about $515,000 US dollars.

Now half a million bucks might not sound terribly cheap – until you find out what you’re getting for the money.

The house is an enormous seven-bedroom compound of nearly 13,000 square feet.

Pool. Courtyard. Fountains. Private chef’s kitchen. Parking for eight. Separate home for live-in staff. Wonderful neighbourhood with top schools, shops, and restaurants.

Something like this would go for at least 20 times that price in Los Angeles, and 40 times that price in London[emphasis mine]

As Mr. Black suggests; let’s “do the math”. What is described above is the U.S. dollar not being overvalued by a (mere) 25%, or 50%, or even 100% versus the Rest of the World’s currencies. What is being described is the USD, and (to a lesser degree, other Western currencies) being overvalued by2,000% to 4,000%.

Expressed in opposite terms, the One Bank has transformed the U.S. dollar into a weapon-of-economic-crime, which it can use to steal assets, around the world at only 2.5% to 5% of their real value. This act of economic terrorism would be horrific enough, even if the USD had any, real intrinsic value.

It does not. In fact; in a world of worthless fiat currencies, the USD clearly ranks as the most-worthless currency. Behold (yet again) the Bernanke “helicopter drop”.

This represents the most-extreme act of currency dilution in the world. If there was one nation on this planet which should be having “a currency crisis”, it is the United States. Note that even before the helicopter-drop began that the world was already awash with a gross over-supply of USD’s. In other words, the USD was grossly overvalued before the helicopter-drop above even started.

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