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The global elite are now in the process of unveiling that which they have been hiding for centuries. There is a spiritual war taking place on planet earth at this very moment. Look no further than the Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony on June 1st in Switzerland. The nearly $9 million dollar occult riddled ritual featured Baphomet copulating with human women, the bride of satan giving birth, all seeing eyes and an endless amount of other Satanic symbology. Meanwhile over at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider project in the same country we see Shiva the God of Destruction standing proudly in front of CERN’s headquarters. And the CERN movie ‘Symmetry’ makes their aims perfectly clear, they are actively trying to break the barrier between that which is seen and unseen. Again, the elite seem Hell bent on ushering in their NWO Beast system and at this point they have stopped hiding it.

Would it really surprise any of you who understand this information if you were to find out that Darwin’s theories on the Origins of Species are also nothing more than lies based on deplorably bad “science” in order to get the world’s population to dismiss the notion of a Creator altogether? If the elite could get the whole world to believe this beautiful planet and all who inhabit are nothing more than a random accident, they could get human beings to lower their spiritual shields thereby making it far easier to usher in the global system they seek, helmed by the one they secretly serve, Satan. Spiritual warfare on planet earth is alive and well – and you have been lied to. Author James Perloff joins me to deconstruct Darwin. and share proof that God is real. You can support James by visiting his site and buying his books, here.

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  • Mikey

    The Biggest problem with the arguments of evolution vs creationism, or one religion vs another is “definition”.

    when you use the word GOD what are you referring to?

    Don’t ask, WHO is GOD?,or WHO is Jesus?, or WHO am I?
    Ask WHAT is God?, WHAT is Jesus, WHAT am I? WHAT is Evolution? WHAT is Creationism.

    This has to be clearly defined first before a meaningful conversation or argument can to take place.

    • malcolm



      • ChainMailArmor

        Thanks for the Vid SGT, while I was personally up on everything in the vid it is a great post for those who are still deceived. While no one would ever like to admit to being deceived we live in a world of deception so all of us harbor at least some form of deceptive thoughts or thought patterns in our life. This is why God’s Word is so important because it reveals those deceptions. This is also why it is always under attack by the enemy because he seeks to keep the veil of deception over us.

        Satan’s first order of business is always to get you to deny the truth of God’s Word. If he can get you to deny the Word of God he can get you to disobey it. If he can get you to disobey it he can get you to sin(break God’s moral law). If he can get you to sin he can spiritually cut you off from God because sin spiritually separates you from your Creator thereby leaving you in the flesh without spiritual protection from God and fully exposed to satans barrage of deception and attacks. God’s answer to satan is always Jesus. Jesus forgives you of all of your sin thereby re-establishing spiritual connection between you and your heavenly Father.

        • Well said.

          “Submit yourselves, therefore, unto (Creator) God, and the devil will flee from you.”

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            Yes, I agree that Satan will flee, but it’s the TAX collector agents, sheriff and courts that don’t flee (and confiscate your home and throw you in jail) that worries me.

            Satan can’t compete with the tax department, and unlike the mythological satan, I can actually SEE and touch the Tax collectors and Sheriff, court clerk, etc.

            And they can SEE me too, and they can kick my ass all the way to jail. Satan has no power to do any of those things… at least I have YET to witness such things from Satan.

            People can tell STORIES all year long about Satan, but for the last few thousand years, it’s all just a bunch of ghost stories to frighten little children.

            And for all those idiots who says that Satan whispers to them, demons, etc? I’d say,,, ASK them for the winning LOTTERY numbers, and AFTER you collect a HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS,,,,, then I’d admit that the voices were more than just your imagination (or lack of medication).

            So, for anybody who believes in all this angel devil stuff, let me know when they successfully gave you the big jackpot numbers, and then we can talk.

            No jackpot? It’s just a crackpot.

    • Fraser

      Spot on Mikey, when debating the question “does God exist” one first has to define the words “God” and “exist”. I have no problem with Gods existing in the human mind as ideas (along with unicorns and other stuff). The tricky bit comes when you define the word “exist” to be a predicate to a real thing. However if God is a real thing then it should be detectable and measurable, which it isn’t. Or rather we haven’t found it yet, which is my position (agnostic). Maybe the answer (or rather the fall back) is to just to define the “universe” to be “God” and move on knowing that it exists and that YOU are an integral part of it.

      • Ed_B

        “However if God is a real thing then it should be detectable and measurable, which it isn’t. Or rather we haven’t found it yet, which is my position (agnostic).”

        Not necessarily. Does a bacterium “detect” a human being? No, it does not, yet BOTH exist. It’s just that one is about a trillion times more complex and rational than the other. Added to this is the concept of faith. This is a critical spiritual concept, yet if we could PROVE that God exists, what room would be left for faith? Well, none, actually. Faith is of sufficient importance, therefore, that God not only has not been detected but cannot be detected. IMO, the only way to detect God is to allow Him to come into your heart and fill you with the grace of His glorious being. Other than that, proof is likely impossible.

        • Mikey

          How I see it.

          Imagine the image of white light hitting a prism and breaking it into all the colors of the rainbow.

          GOD is like the white light, the source of every color. We are the prism(The one separate from the source), breaking that white light into everything that can be created. (good or bad).
          The pure white light had to be broken(sacrificed)so the rainbow of color that was produced, could be used to paint reality.

          • Mikey

            My prism analogy also works in reverse, the colors of reality pass back through the prism to create the source light. One does not exist without the other.

            GOD created man in his own image. thus, WE create GOD in our image.

            Its a paradox, to our simple minds.

            • Fraser

              But why the need for a God in your analogy? What is wrong with just having light and rainbows? God only creates another problem – who created it? Good article below (submitted by Healthy Skeptic – cosmologist Dr Krauss) showing no need for a God. Relax and remain open minded. Science will get to the bottom of it. We must be patient and stop jumping to easy (but wrong) conclusions.

        • Fraser

          In other words, without any proof and knowing there can be no proof, religion just makes stuff up. OMG, heavenly fathers that love you make you feel special – what childish, self-absorbed BS!

  • Mikey

    Evolution IS GOD’s Creation in progress.

    …and NO, the Universe was not created in 6 days.(maybe we are still on day 2 🙂
    Adam and Eve did not eat an APPLE.

    Don’t take these stories literally, their meaning is what is relevant.

  • This is absolutely right. The reason the Big Bang, Evolution, and the Heliocentric Solar System was invented was to turn people away from God. It’s all a lie. God didn’t make any planets, just the earth, sun, moon, and stars and placed a dome (firmament) over them. THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE, not on some round ball spinning in space. For the complete story with scriptures see

  • malcolm

    Here here spot on. Nasa went up to look and then found out the real truth.

  • PTG

    George Carlin sums it up really good.

  • Kakistocracy

    You are close John but missing the Flat Earth is a PRISON aspect.

    We are living quite literally on a PRISON FARM.
    We are actually not here.
    Hear me out.
    Our true being is FIFTH DIMENSIONAL. We are imprisoned here on this THIRD DIMENSIONAL PLANE(T) of existence by FOURTH DIMENSIONAL ALIEN PSYCHOPATHS (those at the very very top, beyond the Rothschilds).

    So this is NOT our true home.
    Our true home is with Humanity’s God, which is actually FEMALE if gender is to be applied. Here we speak of Spiritual Gender and not something is primitive as sexual gender.

    We have been separated from Humanity God’s the Aeon Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom.
    We left her and have been imprisoned by the FOURTH DIMENSIONAL ALIENS ever since.

    Remember the clue is Reincarnation.
    Study Dr.Stevenson’s empirical papers and stories like James Leininger/James Hutson Jr.
    Read that Astral Plane Travel is possible as documented by Robert Munroe.
    Finally, out of body and near death experiences as documented by many cardiac patients, indicate human consciousness surviving outside of the body.
    All of this lends great credibility to the concept that the human soul is a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ENERGY FIELD beyond the limits of space and time.

    Understand that all religions are made by those alien psychopaths.
    All organized religions ! No exceptions.
    That is one hurdle most will not be able to get over.
    Thus they continue to fortify their positions before the final convergence.

    Thus we are rapidly approaching a ‘Shatterpoint’ .
    To hide the DISCOVERY and EXISTENCE of GOD.
    Which we are tricked into leaving via the use of the dimension of ‘time’ and a ‘human body suit with sensations’.
    Anyways, Shatterpoint is ahead.
    A point where very many forces are converging for an ultimate resolution.
    Good and evil are bringing their arms to bear.
    Conflict is at hand as the intensity increases. We are in Kali Yuga, the quickening.
    Changes will continue to happen faster and faster accelerating until convergence; shatterpoint.
    False flag mass shootings entirely brainchilded by the CIA yet blamed on innocent duped Muslim patsies?
    Assassination of a high-level government politician in the US? Donald Trump? Could be.
    Multiple simultaneous blasts in several major US cities set off by Muslim/Disgruntled Veteran patsies under the guidance and control of the FBI/CIA? 100% guaranteed.
    Nuclear detonations in the Middle East? Most assuredly.
    Cyber attack on the North American infrastructure to be blamed on China/North Korea? Inevitable.
    Bank holidays and total seizure of deposits? Already put into place, just a matter of time now.

    P.S. Great interview SGT !

    • colin

      so Kakistocracy,where do the klingons fit into our matrix. your theory sounds does sound awesome, but most of us will stick to the old jewish version from 6000 years ago. Kind of like Gold, we trust it because it original , been around for a long time, and has stood the test of time, unlike modern fake money, i stick to the old school bible. Old T or New, either or i am good to go.

      • Kakistocracy

        Leaving aside your puerile attempt at humour, this is a serious subject.
        If you can’t be serious about it then what is the point ?
        I will give you the benefit of the doubt here , once.

        You stick to the old Jewish version if you will.
        Most history of the jews tends to some a very different version.
        In any event,


        Wow !
        That doesn’t need further comment nor a reply from you.

        Getting back to the FIFTH DIMENSIONAL ASPECT.
        You actually have to do some research, some hard work and some original thinking if you want to know something for yourself.
        But then again, you can do it the good old American way.
        Believe what you are told.

        • colin

          Well thanks for the once time chance.

          Child sacrificing? would be be more specific please. I would be happy to explain if u have any questions.

          But as for your theroy. You are beating down a parallel track here to that of Christianity, yes there are multi dimensions, and angles can travel in and out of them. Satan the big chief alien, is the ruler of this world, its not God ( may unbelievers miss this). But your ideology is of the occult, its as simple as that. I will not pursue your occult ideas of reincarnation, because our Good deeds cant progress us spirituality, it is only by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, the pure blood of Christ can we be saved.

          God sacrificed his own Son so that you could live. Now that is the God i want to serve. ELOHIM is the one and only true God. Everything else is of the occult. No offense intended.

          • Kakistocracy

            In the tradition of your Abrahamic religions,
            I wish peace be upon you.
            Regardless of our differences, we are fighting the same enemy.

            This is a CLASS war but a Spiritual War first.
            Both must be fought.
            One in this plane(t) of existence and the other in the space between our ears.

            • Kevim

              Your notes about Sophia and archons are part of the gnostic Judaic and Christian teachings, practiced by the Essenes of ancient Palestine. So it’s not something out of left field or made up.

            • Kevin

              Kak, your comments about Sophia and archons are based on gnostic Judaic and Christian teachings, as practiced by the Essenes and others. So definitely what you wrote is not without historic precedent or out of left field.

              • Kakistocracy

                Once again, I thank you for your reasoned comments.

                I don’t know what the truth is.
                I only know ONE THING FOR SURE:


                Once people understand this (they won’t, realization will come to late, as the enemy seeks to escalate as time is against them), then maybe we will be free.

                But not a moment before.
                People must START TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

                Beliefs ?
                Only fools have beLIEfs.

                A Spiritually Awake person has ZERO BELIEFS.
                They KNOW the TRUTH.

          • Mikey

            Colin, please explain, WHAT is GOD?, WHAT is JESUS?, WHAT is the sacrifice?
            What does this really mean? …and don’t just quote more and more Bible verses. Give it to me straight-up!

            I am clueless, I am primitive 21st century man, please explain to me, using 21st century language and terminology, so I may understand.

            • Mikey

              Colin, my questions above are not sarcasm.

              When I was about 5 years old I asked my Mom how does a car go, she said you put gas in. She herself didn’t actually know how a car works, so she would give very little details and just make SONG and DANCE so as not to look ignorant. As i got older I learned about internal combustion engines and how the gas was turned into energy that moved the pistons etc. I want to know “WHAT the Engine of GOD is?” and “HOW it works?”…and without all the SONG and DANCE.
              I grew up in the Lutheran church.

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                I would also like to know what “God” really is.

                At this later stage of my life, I’m more and more inclined to think (no proof of anything, just like true believers have no proof of anything either), that perhaps that all the interacting forces and energies of the universe, gets the name God from us humans, because we have a need to continuously believe there is more.

                Perhaps all the energies, are not really so much of a massively powerful intellect, but just a massively powerful set of “Newtonian type” of universal, quantum laws that we may or may not understand, so we put a name on it, calling those laws “God” so as to feel comfortable in our lack of knowledge.

                I do think we human “souls” DO have massively MORE mind & communal capabilities that can be, and is EXPANDED through meditation and self improvement-evolution (our energy levels perhaps).

                But yes, how the UNIVERSAL ENGINE gets its “gasoline” from somewhere and how it changes into other forms of “universal energy”? I’m without any clue, but I do SEEK and keep an OPEN mind that perhaps someday I will achieve more parts of that Gnosis.

                At some point in the future, we may find that we are at the top of the heap, or not.

                I’m still waiting for any of my DIRT piles on the table to change into gold, and every amputee in the world is still waiting for ANY of the thousands of Gods to grow a new arm or leg.

                Even the Tony Robbins followers who got BURNED doing a “walk on the hot coals” demonstration of faith (and lack of common sense) are still waiting too.

                • Y = life
                  H = giver (feminine)
                  W = law
                  H = giver (masculine)

                  Creator God owns and is responsible for what He creates. The rebels left heaven (Gen.6) and took over here, and begat the Nephilim (tares) which became the “old gods” (rulemakers ie. tyrants) worshipped all over the planet under various aliases, due to their technological and physical prowess.

                  After they had screwed things up Creator God decided to start over with a man “perfect in his generation” IOW – of pure lineage. The Tarim Basin was flooded killing most of the giants, which gave Noah’s offspring a chance.

                  When Abram was fifty he attended Noah’s funeral. Fifty years of listening to his great (x11) grandfather’s history caused him to have great faith and thoroughly reject the idolatry of his time. He was promised that his “seed” would be a blessing to the whole planet.

                  The rebels have done (counterfeiting) everything in their power to thwart the promises Creator God has made, but all they have accomplished is to cause a resolute “remnant” to be trained as kings and priests for the new government (kingdom) coming down from heaven.


                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  All that stuff sounds interesting, etc, but in my own studies of Abraham, it turns up some very disturbing behavior from a “Godly” man.

                  Abe goes to Egypt, where (his version of the story), is to avoid death, Abe tells Pharaoh “she’s my sister” (which is at least partially true-incest is big with those tribes), anyway, Abe PIMPS out his wife, the Egyptian “household” gets some STD’s, gives Sarah back to ABE, (and is freaked out by the STD’s), and gives ABE lots of GOLD, Livestock, Servants, etc.

                  (Abe is HAPPY with his pimping business and travels to Persia and does the SAME ROUTINE, pimping out SARAH for MORE gold, more livestock, servants, etc. Yeah, I can see how God is happy with Pimpie-Abe.

                  Sarah is childless, and so, Sarah makes a deal for the MAID to SCREW with ABE and give birth to some kids. (This HAS to be ABE’s version of the events, because there are NOT many women out there who are HAPPY to have their HUSBANDS sleeping around, eh?)

                  But since the bible was NOT written (recorded) by anybody with a VAGINA, and women STILL get their HEADS chopped off if they disagree with the MAN’s story, you’ll forgive me if I take all the “manly” bible stories with a TRUCK load of salt?

                  So, just about EVERY story is how the MAN was great, and the woman did everything bad. Yeah, sure.

                  Then we learn how the APPLE does NOT fall FAR from the Family Tree….. LOT is Abe’s NEPHEW. Another “manly story”, where Sodom is gonna be destroyed, God sends some Angels to WARN Lot, etc.

                  “Lottie” is such a GODLY, faithful man, that he offers to “sacrifice” his daughters to the evil crowd to “protect God’s angels”???? Huh? Since WHEN does GOD’s angels need HUMANS to protect them?

                  Obviously, LOTTIE BOY has been RAPING his YOUNG daughters (often the case in Middle Eastern groups where women are SEX slaves and if they speak out, they get killed). So it’s likely those girls were ALREADY PREGNANT and the MASS RAPE PARTY would make a great “cover story”.

                  Later, LOTTIE BOY’s wife gets killed by GOD? Very convenient story that NO COP today would accept. She likely got TOO old for LottieBoy, or put up a fight to protect the young girls, so she had to be killed, and since LOTTIE is the ONLY one who tells the story (later date), he’s NOT going to say he murdered his wife, eh?

                  Later, when the JEWS find LOTTIEBOY and the GIRLS (who have had SEVERAL BABIES from “Daddy dearest”), LOTTIEBOY claims the daughters got him SOOOoo drunk (to force him to repopulate the world etc), and so, of course it’s THE WOMEN’s Fault (again). LOTTIE BOY had nothing but a CLEAN record (because HE’s the one who DICTATED it, and would have KILLED the girls for testifying against him).

                  NO POLICE officer today would take LottieBoy’s story as true. They’d slam his criminal rear end in jail for “wife murder”, and daughter raping, etc.

                  Yep, Good old family of ABE, such a nice group of people.

                • Rick

                  @Craig Escaped Detroit,
                  Abraham pimped out his wife and the Egyptian household got STDs. That is no where in the Bible. Do you know who the “father of lies” is?

                • You seem to be very bitter at Creator God for dealing with sinners.


                  “I have often said that half the world is mad at God, and the other half doesn’t know Him. Why are so many people mad at God? Men disagree with God and His methods, thinking Him to be unjust for allowing troubles on the earth. And so theologians and philosophers dream up all sorts of “solutions,” trying to explain the origin of evil, why it exists in the world, what God must do to judge wickedness, and how a sovereign God must be dissociated from it. This is the root of most false doctrine.”

                  Do you read links? 

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  I am alwasy surprised at so many people who have not reached a level of discernment to be able to read both what the bible says, and also what was NOT said.

                  And the lack of ability to ask fair, hard & honest questions. Sometimes like a detective deciphering clues that others don’t even care to observe because they are comfortable with the shallow explanations. Seek and Ye shall find.

                  In generations past, they never used to say a woman was pregnant, but they camouflaged by saying she was “heavy with child”.

                  Same for Abraham who told those kings that Sarah is not my wife, but my sister, then the woman became part of the kings “Harem”, etc. and the bible further states that the royal household became “troubled” with problems because of (sex) with Sarah, and they discerned that Sarah was the WIFE & not sister.

                  They cast her out and put her back with Abraham and paid “compensation” (as penance), etc. The bottom line, was Abe got very RICH from that situation, but later, Abraham went to a NEW land and did the exact same thing again, and got MORE rich again.

                  If you know how a PIMP operates, then have the courage to call a SPADE a SPADE and a man who gets GOLD, livestock & servants from his “wife-sister-sex slave”, can be RIGHTFULLY called a PIMP.

                  But such understanding takes a higher level of discernment as well as logic & honesty than many so called “Christians” possess.

                  This is considered only MID LEVEL of advanced understanding, and in the past, I often taught it to many others, but the deepest level much more esoteric stuff, is more complicated than I cared to spend the time or effort to get to know very well.

                  So if you think THIS was hard to swallow, then you’ve got a LONG long way to grow.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  @Rick (and others out there, who need the bible to spell out every single word and hold your hand and do all your thinking for you.)

                  The real world goes deeper than that. Can you not read a news story about a car drove off a cliff, and do you NOT ask if it was tire failure or if the driver was DRUNK?

                  But when you read the bible, your eyes see the words in front of your face, but your brain cannot dig deeper?

                  You think it’s bad to question God? Hey, even Abraham questioned “The Lord” on the way to destroying Sodom, and Abe asked, “Would you save it for 100 righteoud people? Then he asked again and again until the number of righteous people to save the city, could be as few as TEN.

                  Do you NOT have the COURAGE of that day? To question God himself?

                  In Judges 1:19 where it says that God was “WITH” Judah, and they WON the mountain land (for the Israelites), but even though God was WITH Judah, they LOST against the Valley people because the valley people had the iron chariots.

                  Do you know how to read what was NOT said? I’ll spell it out for you.
                  It does NOT say that Judah did anything WRONG to make GOD abandon him for the valley battle.

                  Do you NOT understand how to formulate some VERY interesting QUESTIONS about this SINGLE verse?

                  Here are most of the clever questions that a deep seeker can ask.

                  If the Bible is really from God and is 100% TRUE, then HOW can GOD be a LOSER in ANY battle?

                  If GOD is 100% reliable, true and powerful, then you MUST come to the conclusion that PARTS of the bible are WRONG (or even telling a LIE).

                  Also, if God really DID abandon Judah for some true reason, then you may conclude that Judah still WON a big battle WITHOUT any help from God (and the lesson would be that you can be victorious by you own hands and NOT need God to help you.)

                  So, WHERE does it say that Judah screwed up and God had to punish the Jews by allowing them to Lose the battle? I don’t see it, do you?

                  Oh, are you going to make all kinds of EXCUSES for God losing the battle?
                  Is God a little boy who needs YOU to speak for him and for his losses?

                  I think God is a BIG boy and does NOT need anybody to make up excuses for the Loss against the valley people. He can speak for himself.

                  Or. perhaps this is just ONE of a thousand reasons why a LOT of people dismiss parts, or ALL of the bible.

                  I find a lot of WORTHY, wonderful things in there, but I do not hide my eyes from the grunge, or from the errors of logic and truth.

                  I did my best work, when I was teaching the teachers, as they were often ready for some deeper, harder discussions. The common church people (sheeple) are too easily offended and just start quoting verses like some kind of tape recorder without any brains.

                  Memorizing things, is NOT discerning them.

                  There are SO many interesting, but complex things in the bible. This was only a tiny taste of it.

                • Fraser

                  I also sat down and read the Bible around 40 years ago and my impression was that it was a bit long. Here is an abridged version:
                  (1) Man did not understand much about anything, so they created a God to have a quick answer for all unknowns. Moses dreamed he talked to God, but unfortunately God did not pass on anything new or useful (like electricity or nuclear physics etc). Instead, God made Moses write down ten things on some really heavy stones, which were then carried around the desert for 40 years, until his followers ditched them, whereabouts unknown. But they have been looking for them ever since.
                  (2) Four guys out of a world population of around 300 million thought that one man, Jesus was very special and each wrote down their thoughts. After Jesus died, the Roman Empire collapsed and the Romans decided to turn the last Caesar into the first Pope, who got his powers directly from (three) Gods, instead of from the people. Introducing the death penality for blasphemy, they easily put down all opposition. With this success, the Romans went on to create a new world order, based around the Roman Catholic Church (center Rome, language Latin) to rule over mankind. And everyone on planet Earth lived happily ever after. The End.

                • Craig Escaped Detroit

                  +999 Fine Gold for your Brilliant “wrap up” of Bible history, etc. I loved it.

                  You stated a VERY simple and OBVIOUS fact concerning all those times that GOD spoke to men, or sent messages and NEVER, not ONCE, ever communicated something very useful.

                  Sure, a few good COMMON SENSE TIPS about being NICE to each other, not stealing, murdering or cheating. DUH!!! As if that is such a revelation (it’s just COMMON sense & a bit of GOOD behavior.)

                  Even though Electricity, Magnetism and biology would have been TOO much for them, perhaps he COULD have set things in motion about those topics, but a REALLY useful bit of advice for the 10 Commandments, SHOULD have been something like this.

                  1. Thou shalt NOT be stupid sheeple and shall follow some good, COMMON sense in your lives, to be nice, fair, honest, do no harm to others and not fall for too many stupid ideas.
                  (That covers even MORE than the original 10.)

                  2. Thou shall Learn that there are benefits to CROP ROTATION & companion planting (prevents pests and disease from killing all your crops.) Figure it out, make comparisons, test some ideas and write down the tests & the results for future generations to improve upon your tests and results.

                  3. Thou shalt Never let anybody change the common money from Gold & silver, into paper promises.

                  4. Thou shalt learn, test and understand things rather than just swallowing any old story, no matter how good it sounded. Thou shalt learn that the earth is bigger than you thought, it is a SPHERE and the SUN does NOT fly around the earth, and the earth is NOT the center of anything, and thou shalt learn how to measure and verify these statements as either true or false. Don’t just take MY word for it, learn how to discover these and more.

                  5. Thou shalt Learn that there are things in the physical world that are helpful, or harmful, and some of those things, are so tiny, that you will never be able to see them without making/inventing NEW tools for it. THere are things beyond your sky and stars, that you will be able to study and measure when you learn how to make new tools for that stuff.
                  Write down your experiences, your tests, and your results in a way that future generations will be able to improve upon your successes and your mistakes without going over the same steps again and again.

                  6. Thou shalt learn about biological reproduction, plant reproduction, etc, and thou shalt learn that Earth, Air, Fire & Water all contain OTHER elements, of which the world has MORE than 50 such things. Learn about them, testing, studying, writing.
                  I shall give thee a small head start= Water is made up of 2 element GASES. Fire is NOT an element, but is a process of combining one of those gases, with other elements and it produces energies in the form of HEAT & Light, and there are “left over byproducts” that you can also study, learn and teach about.
                  So that you know I am really God, I will tell you that common table salt, is made up of 2 elements, one is a METAL and the other is a GAS, each of them are poisonous and can kill you, but together they are NOT poisonous and is very useful for men.

                  7. Thou shalt learn more about safe ways to STORE food, and for HOW long it remains safe before some process or hidden things makes it bad or even dangerous for you. Study, measure and find safe ways to test why boiling, drying, salting, or freezing has its uses for food storage, and what containers and methods work best.

                  8. Thou shalt learn that even though you have no wings, that you will be able to fly if you invent all the right machines and things needed to do it. Also, even though you have no gills, if you build other machines and things, you will be able to travel and survive for hours, days and even WEEKS under the sea.

                  9. Thou shalt learn that there can be TOO many people, or too many animals for the land to support, and learn that your waste products can poison the land and water, and when there is not enough good inventions or process for making it safe, then you must be careful to not over-populate according to what “nature” can handle.
                  Do not be TOO fruitful or multiply SO much that it creates situations that will destroy your own community.

                  10. Thou shalt Think for yourselves, and don’t be too worried about doing stupid rituals. Your time is better spent on improving yourselves, your land, and your future. Learn that the earth, is a complex thing with many hidden interactions that can be damaged to your own detriment. Don’t over due too many things too excessively, or you may make large parts of your world poisonous forever. If you want your future generations to be healthy and happy, you must also give some care for the world on which you walk, eat, drink and breathe.

                  Now THAT would have been a USEFUL set of Commandments that also woold have PROVED that there is a SUPERIOR intellect out there to be called GOD, and would have set MAN on a GOOD path that also included some self growth.
                  So, if there is PROOF that there is a real God, then he has MISSED some VERY good opportunities to be a LOT more helpful, useful, and help to dispel a lot of myths and missteps. I’d call it a very stupid mistake.


                  But NOOOoooo… all we got is mostly a bunch of Fancy Pantsie talk talk talk. The good stuff, is pretty basic, and a bit of psychological stuff, behavior, foods, and a LOT of rituals that are useless even until today, mumbo jumbo.

                  So yes, I tend to think the bible and all the other books, were imagined by men, and NOT by a superior intellect.

                • Fraser

                  Totally agree! All your 10 things would have been much more useful than the stuff we got. But I still think, with all the “divine inspiration” going on at the time, God could have easily downloaded a crash course in medicine, law, science or engineering! Even some sports results as proof of existence! But no, we got zip then, now and (I think) we never will get anything because he either ain’t there or isn’t the slightest bit interested in us. Which is fine by me – because we don’t need him! And I’ll bet my boots that church leaders don’t even want him (in case he condemns their BS).

              • colin

                MIKEY -Not to quote the bible, well if i do that i start to borderline creating a new cult. 🙂 we have enough of those. If you want to know who God is read first 3 chaps of Gensis. I cant do a beter job than that.

                what is sacrifice?
                “For the life of the body is in its blood. I have given you the blood on the altar to purify you, making you right with the Lord. It is the blood, given in exchange for a life, that makes purification possible.”

                Or simply put, if your buddy does something wrong, u can take the fall for him, its a substitute. Because God is holy, he simply stand stand in the prence of sin. So we need to tag it out via Sacrifice. I guess this keeps God consistant, if God could stand in the same room as sin then maybe a litle sin becomes a lot of sin. So i think its great that God cant stand sin, otherwise we could end up with Hillary Clinton as God. Hope u understand what i am getting at. Trying to explain it more logically. Is a good thing the sacrifice, its not a bad thing. Our PC programed minds just find it hard to accept today.

        • knowtoomuch


          Well, “we” do it all of the time by abortion. Kiling kids in the whoomb.

          Because “it” didn’t coincide with our planned vacation, preferred sexe or some carreer move or whatever.

          So the “strange” or “false gods” are us !

          • Kakistocracy

            I agree in principle with what you say.
            There have been far too many of those deaths.

            Each time that happens, it diminshes us all.

            Just remember gentle one, that you are being controlled by a mass-murdering cult of Arch Zionist, Criminally Insane, Psychopathic Satanically Inbred Coven of Rothschild Khazarian Private Central Banking Parasites.

            Remember who the real enemy is.

        • Eric

          Here is some real klingon humor.

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            @Eric, that “interaction” reminded me a lot of bible quoting believers bumping heads with a knowledgeable, scientifically based realist-atheist.

            (Thick headed Neanderthal faith confronting the highly developed MODERN intellect.)

            PS. Do the Klingons look Kazarian to you too? The “Chosen tribe” that sees itself as above all the others?

    • Kakistocracy

      I’ve been saying for so long :


      Thank you James Perloff, you said almost exactly what I have !

    • Eric

      Kak –

      In general I agree with most of what you said. I could go back and forth on each issue for hours but I have done so with others here before. It’s only a “prison farm” because we have been programmed by the fourth dimensional extra-terrestrial archontic parasites to be ego-obsessed, materialistic, and selfish unthinking consumers.

      “We have been separated from Humanity God’s the Aeon Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom.”

      The aeon Sophia is Gaia. We are not separate from her. We are connected to her.

      GOD = Geometry Of Design

      • Kakistocracy

        Excellent stuff.

        I have been a great reader and listener of John Lamb Lash for several years now.

        All is not lost because we await: Sophia’a Correction.

        When the Aeon Sophia stirs from her paralysis (induced by the Archons), she will awaken and humanity will then be able to once again contact her.

        I know, I will be trying…

    • AK

      All this sounds interesting and even plausible but how do we know that this is not just another theory?

    • Fraser

      Has this got anything to do with the mystical knightly order of the Jedi, whose origins date back before 25,000 BBY (before the battle of Yavin)? If so, count me in and tell me who I give my life savings to! If not, you sir are a blaspheming fool who must be put to death by sabre sword…

  • fonestar

    Why do the people who proclaim to disbelieve or deny God only pick on Christianity? Why are they never protesting at satanic or wiccan temples and events? Why do these people so often seem to be mixed up in “new age” type beliefs themselves?


    • Fraser

      Religion requires a certain personality type and you are either inflicted or you are not. The same religious type would be Christian in America, Hindu in India, Muslim in Iran and Jew in Israel. They are more alike than the they know! Opponents of all (like me) just see the complete waste of time, energy and (particularly) money involved in humans creating Gods and worshipping them. In specific answer to your question fonestar – “when in Rome”. In other words, when in America attack Christianity, because attacking any other just encourages Christians further.

      My question is, why the current crop of Gods – what was ever wrong with Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptunus, Mercurius & Ceres (in my personal preference to the million Gods before that). I think they were much better and more interesting than Jesus, Mohammad and Krishna! I mean, they all had exactly the same MO – virgin birth, performed miracles, died for man, sit in judgement etc etc – so you can’t fault them for not being good enough. In fact and quite seriuosly, I vote that we go back to the old Gods because the current mob only seem to cause fighting.

      I understand that religious type needs a God to worship, but does it really matter which one?

      • The “old gods” were false gods. Usurpers.

        • Fraser

          What astounds me is how religious people can claim that all previous Gods and all current (other) Gods are false and yet theirs is true. Wars are fought, lives destroyed, founding principles of their own religion contravened. Well here is a news flash: your religion, whatever it is, is equally man made and destined for the same scrap heap. Zen Buddhism has a saying “kill the Buddha”. What this means is stop worshiping and BECOME (the object of your worship). For example, if you follow Jesus, take tiny steps each day to become more like him. On the other hand, if you only pray to get stuff, then you are so far off track it isn’t funny.

          • “For example, if you follow Jesus, take tiny steps each day to become more like him.”

            This is excellent advice. If one were to strive in this and expose “the doctrines and commandments of men” emulating what Jesus did, would you still consider this a religion?

            • A follow up question: If a person did and taught as Jesus did and taught: “My doctrine is not mine but Him that sent me.” Would you consider this to be (man-made) religion, ie. “commandments and doctrines of men” or not?

              He was (is) either doing what he said he was (is) doing or he was (is) a liar. There is no middle ground.

            • Fraser

              If everyone followed Jesus, then the world would obviously be a much better place. However, while his sense of compassion and forgiveness were brilliant, they would not work (say) in a court of law. Should a killer be forgiven just by “turning to Christ” at the last minute? That is why our legal system is based on Buddhism not Christianity (motive, intent, reasonable man test, etc etc). So I think we should take the best from all religions, without necessarily adhering to any. Which is sort of what humanity has been doing anyway.

              • “So I think we should take the best from all religions, without necessarily adhering to any. Which is sort of what humanity has been doing anyway.”

                And this is things are so screwed up. Causes chaos, misery and oppression. Own it.

      • SGT

        Just to be clear, this was not a video about religion.

        • Eric

          I guess a screaming viking will do it.

        • Paul T

          What do you mean the video is not about religion? The video says in the title “God is real”.

        • Fraser

          Darwin got creationism kicked out of the school system, which has hurt the church because without young minds to corrupt, church attendances are dropping to zero. Now we see a resurgence under the cover of ID (intelligent design), which is being spun as “non-religion” in order to get it back into schools. Well bad luck, because Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School District (2005) put an end to all that with the ruling that ID is NOT science! So nice try Sean, but I suggest that you drop this BS and leave our kids alone!

  • See what you can do with these definitions:

    god = one who makes rules for others
    false god = one who has no authority to make rules for others
    religion = belief system devised by liars or blind leaders, practiced by the unaware
    believe = what you live by (by-live) in actuality
    politics = what we say we believe
    creator = one who owns and accepts responsibility for what he creates
    spirit = in man – the part able to endure separation (death)
    body = the part (terrestrial) that is placed in the grave (hell) after separation
    soul = spirit living in breathing body
    KJV = government issued “bible”
    denomination = religious group controlled by government (501c3)
    church = a local group of Christ’s disciples called out of the world (system)

  • Antony

    Excellent interview and great information Sean! Made so much sense.

  • Bob

    Wow, all these eons trying to figure out if God exists without success. Who would’ve ever guessed that Sgtreport would come up with the definitive answer. Do Santa Claus next. Then let us know the cure for cancer.

    • Fraser

      Nailed it Bob !

    • SGT

      We deftly deconstructed Darwin’s elitist, faux scientific atheistic bullsh#t, we could probably do Santa Claus next if you really want us to.

      • Atheistic? Sean, look up the definition of “theism.” There are plenty of people who reject NeoEugenics as well as the notion of an anthropomorphized “God.” Why does “God” have to be a deity? Why do the religious always seek to frame the debate within their static worldview?

        Darwin is guilty of anthropomorphizing his “science” of Race, and in doing so, has created a new ideological caste; the Trinity believers did this thousands of years ago, only to the Heavens, (a profound act of arrogance) and it’s been done thousands of times before that. Both are equally dangerous bastardizations of a hypercomplex Universe used for means of control. You and Perloff think YHWH’s control is somehow benevolent, that He is a “good King.” Debating that with you would be a futile effort – but you’d have more success framing this within the historical context as opposed to offering a single aspect of the dialectic as the universal “solution.” I know it’s written all over that book of yours that “saving souls” is the Prime Objective, but garnering allies against Transhumanism (the end-game of all this madness) is a far easier task than converting everyone to Christianity.

        Which begs the core question – is your goal to stop the machinations of the biological Singularity, or merely convert people as what you see as “inevitable” occurs?

        • SGT

          The “singularity” will be the NWO Satanic Beast system realized, it’s Richard Dawkins’ wet dream, humanity merging with machine, the complete destruction of man created in “God’s” image – and it’s exactly where the Satanic elite want to take us. It should be resisted by everyone who understands this information.

          • Fraser

            SGT. I think you have an incorrect frame of reference.
            You say : GOD created man in his own image.
            I say: MAN created God in his own image.
            The Bible also uses this trick many times:
            “God talked to Moses in a dream” could be stated as “Moses dreamed he talked to God”.
            By transfering the centre of reference, you not only create religion but also a seperation between man and God. To this I most strongly object.

            • Why would Man create a god that condemns everything he wants to do?

              If men created gods in their own image we would have massive chaos, misery and oppression; wars of the gods (rulemakers).

              Who da thunk…

              • Craig Escaped Detroit

                You brought up a very good point (why would man create a God that condemns all the fun stuff?)

                I think you already KNOW the answer, is that there are SO many Pessimistic people, complainers, never happy about things, who prefer a God who is the same way.

                On the other hand, take a GOOD LOOK at Muhammad (and his created god ALLAH), who APPROVES of every sexual perversion and selfish things that Muhammad desired to get away with, and with the full approval of his created god.

                Muhammad wanted sex with young girls & even with BABIES? Sure, the Krappan (and Allah) approves. That’s why MuDhammad “married” a 5 year old Ayeshia, but waited until she was 9 to “consummate” the “Marriage”. Such a NICE guy, eh?

                Allah was the creation of a fully perverted criminal who used the stupid beliefs of the followers to rise to ultimate power, and is still causing massive suffering where ever it exists.

                And the LAST choice, is that if there really is a conscious God (who is not physical), and who actually cares about the spiritual things, then I’d say that HE would NOT be obsessed with penis or vagina issues quite as much as the God of the bible. For him to be supposedly “spiritual”, there certainly is a MASSIVE amount of highly detailed MUNDANE & ridiculous amount of NON spiritual, physical laws, rules, blah blah blah.

                • My point is that one can have an idol of Creator God as well as of a false god (see definitions above). Making yourself god (rulemaker), which is against the first commandment, also leads to chaos, misery and oppression.

                  It seems to me that you are much more obsessed with sexual issues than the Creator God is.

                  Asking deep, pentatrating questions is fine, if you lay aside your assumptions/presumptions long enough to hear an answer. Can you forgive the Creator God for not letting you in on everything He is doing in the world, or at the very least not asking for your advice?

                  Here’s some more from the link since there is no evidence that you saw it:

                  “Men become bitter against God when they feel he has treated them unfairly. Some turn against God outright; others remain in the Church, but complain all the way to the glory shore. Instead of going to God with their complaint, many gossip about Him to all the neighbors. They know better than to complain about God Himself, Instead, they project their bitterness and anger against circumstances, against their family or neighbors, or (most commonly) against the sinners in the street or perhaps in their church.

                  This is a common psychological defense mechanism called “projection.” A man is unjustly accused by his boss at work; he comes home and slams the door, kicks the dog, and yells at his wife for not having supper on time.

                  Job complained much while he was being tried. Although the Bible says that “Satan” was the direct agent through which his troubles came, God takes ultimate credit for it (Job 1:12). In his trouble, Job spoke in bitterness, for he did not understand why a good God would do this to him, or why God would allow it to happen to him. (See Job 3:20; 13:20; 23:2; 7:11.)

                  Job did not understand that all these evils coming upon him had a good purpose. God uses evil to bring our pride to the surface where we may deal with it. Job, in his pride, judged God. In effect, he was saying, “If I were God, I would do it differently; I would do it right!” Yes, we would certainly do things differently if we were in God’s position. But I guarantee that we would only make a mess of things.

                  Isaiah 45 gives us warning about this kind of thinking.

                  7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things… 9 Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherdstrive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, “What makest thou?” or thy work, “He hath no hands?”

                  In other words, God takes all the credit for creating both good and evil. If we potsherds of the earth want to argue the point, we should argue with someone on our own level: other potsherds. Should these clay potsherds insult the Potter by saying He is incompetent? Is God handicapped? “He hath no hands?”

                  The book of Job is really a book on how to avoid the root of bitterness from invading the heart. God allows us to be wounded from time to time by false accusations, and sometimes by true accusations that are given harshly and apart from Love. If in our pride we judge God for this, believing that He has treated us unfairly or unjustly, we have plenty of company! Most people do this, although few realize it. To admit such an attitude would not be “righteous,” and this we can hardly admit.

                  But the plain fact is that this root of bitterness begins to work within us, and it is not long before others see it. You have all met people who were bitter in life, both in and outside the Church. You can easily tell a bitter pastor by his harsh, judgmental attitude toward people – especially toward sinners. He is really angry with God, but cannot face up to it, so he lashes out against everyone within reach. This gives him a “legitimate” way of expressing his anger against God, safely concealed by the legitimate sin of the sinner. If anyone points this out to him, he can easily hide behind the screen of “righteous indignation,” rather than face up to his own personal anger against God.”

    • KRELL427

      Bob there are already over 400 cures for cancer, but our medical system has noyhing to do with cures.

    • mahatma

      I can’t help but wonder if there’s a reason your name is a palindrome?
      Irony or ‘by design’?
      For instance, you could just as easily be ‘Boob’.
      Now, that would be irony.

      P.s. As for “… let us know the cure for cancer”.
      Now you’re just showing off your ignorance.
      Tisk, tisk.

      Thank you for this remarkable discussion.
      I enjoyed your comment that this interview was not about religion.

      You, and James Perloff, are truly remarkable.
      God bless you both.

  • Fraser

    What is remarkable abour Darwin is that he developed his theory without the genetic knowledge we have today. The layman can get an insight into evolution by understanding how we humans create GMO food today.

    GMO foods are NOT created in a sterile laboratory, splicing DNA with a micro-scalpel. They have found a specific bacteria, Agrobacterium Tumefaciens which unlike normal bacteria, can transfer DNA between plants and animals, thereby changing the DNA of each new host. The genetic material that is introduced is called T-DNA (transferred DNA).

    So what scientists do is take DNA from ants, jellyfish, and many other things, mix it with this bacterium and then inject that into corn, soy or whatever. After a while, the bacterium transfers the selected DNA into that plant, which is then transferred (together with the remnants of the treated bacteria) into our bodies upon consumption.

    This bacterium is obviously incredibly important in evolutionary biology, because it can transfer DNA between plants and animals and thereby create all the different variations of life we have here on Earth, But it does so randomly, with very few mutations ever being successful and most leading to “cancer” and organism death. The techinique is so powerful and dangerous that scientists have even created a glow-in-the-dark monkey – no God required. Worse still, we are close to creating “superior humans” from scratch.

    However the named bacteria can not only transfer DNA between organisms, but it can also move genetic code around the same organism, causing confusion with regards to each cell’s proper function and purpose. Indeed, cancer is thought to be the result of cells losing their identity and then multiplying without constraint to form tumours. And this bacteria is a known cancer causing agent, causing gross malformations in both plants and animals. Very rarely, it creates a new stable organism, mostly it just kills.

    So forget the (obsolete) debate over God and creationism!!! The question is, do we want Monsanto to hijack evolution and modify our DNA through our food, without our knowledge or consent?

    • You are describing adultery (or adulteration) which we were warned about. They don’t know what they are doing. This stuff can get “out of hand” real easy.

      “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

    • Agreed, Fraser. There’s little reason to express WHY one is against the biological Singularity, the Transhuman borg beehive, personally. If anything, it merely divides us. Our common bond should be that we feel a body in the flesh and our mortality is an important part of our Humanity and are not to be cast away haphazardly:

      “Molecular biology” is merely Darwinian/Huxleyan/Wedgewood/Sanger/Stopes’ brand of eugenics rebooted. Darwin’s theory hinged on so many elitist unrealities (black people being the missing link between ape and “humans” at the forefront) that it’s amazing the term “evolution” can even be used anymore.

      “Propaganda” has been rebranded to “public relations.” “Eugenics” is now “molecular biology.” Yet the terms evolution and natural selection remain…

      The most elite of academics know the gambit for genetic modification and manipulation has nothing to do with “healing the sick” or “feeding the world.” Darwin’s expression in “The Origin of Species Or: The Progress of the Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” was that of “bad blood.” Today, it’s “bad genes.”

      If you went to Harvard, Oxford, or Johns Hopkins at any time from the 80s through to the late-90s, you’d have caught the lectures of Lily E. Kay, who succinctly demonstrates that the Rockefeller family and their cohort of intergenerational inbred elite butt-buddies rebranded “eugenics” to “molecular biology,” funding the “science” for completely ulterior motives. But these books are rare, aren’t available digitally, and quite expensive:

      Not to mention reading a whole book is much more of an exercise in the passive literacies than watching YouTube all day.

      Kaczynski mentions the fracturing of resistance to the Technocratic Era in his “Manifesto” – that the most active forces against it will be a coalition of societal malcontents and the deeply religious, and that those who find themselves philosophically or ideologically opposed to the genetic Panopticon will find themselves without a place in the chaos. It’s sad and all too clear that these are the lines already being drawn.

      Of course, it’s far too late (and was always a futile effort) to “destroy the Technostructure” as well as the people who’ve built it. We find ourselves forced into the position of democratizing technologies in order to decentralize this control and simultaneously rejecting others as harmful to our Humanity (like GMOs). Equally as sad is that Humanity has proven itself largely incapable of distinguishing between liberating technologies (like solar panels) and harmful ones (4G spectrum phones, for example) let alone using them for the sake of freedom. Humans greatly prefer their digital and biological chains to creating their own “grid” free of such machinations.

      Christianity’s answer to all this is to sit back, relax, and wait for YHWH to deliver salvation from this spiritual cage. All preordained, they say. No wonder we’re all screwed.

  • Sayldog

    An analogy I like to use when discussing the NWO/Luciferian agenda with someone who dismisses it all with “I don’t believe in God or the devil.”

    It wasn’t Sharon Tate’s beliefs that killed her, but Charlie Manson’s.

    • Ed_B

      Libs often look down their noses at people when delivering what they believe is the coup de gras in a religious argument. Typically, this takes the form of “Well, I just don’t believe in God”. The look on their supercilious faces is amazing when I point out to them that what they believe is likely irrelevant because whether or not God believes in them is what really matters. 😉

  • knowtoomuch

    Just skip the biological aspects from the discussion, and focus on the spiritual ones.

    Our “spiritual DNA” if you like.

    Example : WHO of you guys could say with HONESTY that you couldn’t care less if your MOTHER f*cked 10 or 20 guys before bumping into your (biological) dad ?

    The SAME IDEAL for your sisters and especially your (future ?) daughters, would you ‘like’ to see them f*ck around ?

    OR would you prefer this “one partner” from the beginning and for always ?
    this husand who didn’t ‘know’ either another woman before dipping his d*ck ?

    I think I know the answer, because ALL human “spiritual DNA” is the same.

    DON’T you “see” that ?

    That’s RIGHT ; the CREATOR gave you ALSO Spiritual DNA.

    To HIS resemblance that is.


  • knowtoomuch

    Soooo ‘sad’ for the satanists they never succeded and NEVER will succeed in changing this “Human Spiritual DNA ” …

  • knowtoomuch

    … and WHY they WON’T prevail …

    e v e r . . ! ! !

  • Millicent

    the goal is to destroy all human life on earth so that there are no heirs to the promise…

    • KRELL427

      In a future age they will be scratching their heads wondering why there are stacks of silver scattered all around the planet😁

    • Kakistocracy

      the real goal is FAR WORSE THAN DEATH.

      DEATH ?
      Millicent, Death is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
      Death is a release.

      No , Millicent. The goal, THEIR GOAL is not DEATH TO US.

      THEIR GOAL IS TO PERVERT, INVERT, WARP us into willing slaves.
      (Genetic modification, political modification, educational modification, etc.)
      Ensalved beings.
      Flesh robots.

      That is their true goal.
      Eternal and never ending PAIN to the Human Race.
      Death ?
      pfffff, they have much higher -diabolically speaking- goals

      • Millicent

        I never mentioned the word death… I said destroy all human life which is a far different matter than death.

        • chuck

          Kak seems new to this and thinks no one else has heard any of it. Kak tends to jump to conclusions.

          • Kakistocracy

            I think it is you who are not seeing deep enough.
            You can read my lengthy comments in almost all threads.
            What do you contribute ? Not much.
            But then again, this site ain’t Zero Hedge, that much is for sure.

            death ? destroy ?


            Enslavement is the goal.
            Never ending torture and pain till the end of time.

            That is the goal.

            • hal

              Perhaps the idea that we are trapped here in some kind of prison is also an idea promoted by those who are trying to enslave us (aka steal resources from us. control is about theft, after all).

              Just a thought, I really cannot say for sure, but we are assuredly being lied to about a great deal, including the earth and cosmos as we think we know it. You are definitely on point with flat earth and faking of space exploration etc.

              • As seemingly head-scratching as the idea of a “Simulacra within a Simulacra” may be, hal, I think you’re onto something… Transhumanism is the modern “Mystery School,” re-dredging all that Neoplatoic philosophy (which Christians ham-fistedly refer to as “Satanism”) for their own purposes:


                And at the core of Neoplatonism is “emulation of the Divine.” The belief that there is a “perfect Realm of the Gods,” a “Heaven,” that can be duplicated on Earth with enough effort. But to duplicate/emulate something, an “original” must first exist to be copied…

            • chuck

              The truth is, you don’t know. I choose not to go on about things I cannot prove to others. You obviously have no problem with that. The journey is personal one for each of us. The claim to be wise is certainly a sign of its absense.

  • The Universal battle for one’s Soul is fought deep within and one’s belief or disbelief in God isn’t required for the fight. Your Soul stands independent of God and man’s affairs, but has an interest in you as a Companion, a Partner, and maybe a Friend and everyone who tries to capture it is pointing to a powerful secret you don’t know.

  • KRELL427

    I’m sure there are a lot of answers are hidden in the Vatican library

    • Fraser

      Does no one notice that the Roman Empire simply devolved into the Roman Catholic Church (ie Christianity), which is centered in Rome and not Jerusalem. Or that the Romans only decided to create this religious body around 150 years after Jesus died, before which, Jesus was widely considered to be just a (very good) man. Or that the offical language of Christianity (to this day) is Latin and not Hebrew. Or that the last Caesar in fact become the first Pope and the Senators became the Cardinals. If people actually followed history and stopped reading stupid old books while awaiting divine intervention, then humanity might grow up, stand up and take responsibility for this planet themselves.

      • chuck

        Good points Frazer. Catholics consider Simon Peter, an apostle of Jesus, the first Bishop of Rome and the first pope. Peter had left Antioch and went to Rome to lead the Church of Rome around 60 AD. (Protestants reject the idea of Peter as “Pope”) Many perceive that Constantine, observing the Christian movement in its many forms sweep across his empire, adopted the movement and integrated it into the government of Rome as a way of controlling it. In 325 at the first ecumenical council in Nicea, many of the books and teachings on Christianity were gathered up, reviewed (and some possibly modified) and adopted as the defining book on Christianity. This book, mixed in with the pagan traditions and beliefs of the Romans, became the Bible. This Bible and its associated “religion” became, over time and with many shifts of political and military power in the region, the basis of rule over the civilized world. Roman Power became embodied in the Catholic Church.

        • chuck

          I apologize for the misspelling Fraser.

          • chuck

            Bible code is interesting. Many of the discoveries, like the names of significant rabbis written in the code long before they were born, leave me amazed and with little to say. According to his books, Moses spoke directly to the god of the Torah often. If this is true, and this god new man and his language better than man knew himself, well, maybe it’s true and these messages were put there for future discovery without the author (often Moses) even knowing they were there. I find an interesting comparison in the timely discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library and its revelations on the gnostic nature of early Christianity with the discovery of the “code” and its (if not marginal) influence on modern Judeo-Christian thought. Especially since the Apocryphon of John, in my mind the most significant book in the NH library, outs the god of the Old Testament as a demiurge!

            Too bad Gnostic is not around to add his two cents worth!

  • cloudy

    Hi “Jason”,

    Regsardless of what the following meant to you, please do not respond. It is merely information and has NO value – more so when you will be using Thought to evaluate the comment. Besides, you could be working for “them”. Please do not ActOn-ReactTo the comment, such is the frustration of being “Public”. Afterall, when The Mumbo-Jumbo when unattainable, it will remain Mumbo-Jumb. So, what is it in aid of? To show that when it comes to Mumbo-Jumbo, there could be reality behind it all – if only self could attain said Mumbo-Jumbo.

    Benevolence is Of Information only [and not Of {Final} Judgement via The Realisation during Lulls of Thoughtlesssness] because before Energy-Construction becomes Energy-Destruction, Benevolence is Unconditional. To Be Absolutely Informed is to be guided by Absoluteness such that whenever Devolution/”Distraction”/Malevolence/Relativity/Division/”self-Damage” appears, self is not easily swayed/seduced/compromised/”blackmailed”/mesmerised/made-malevolent.

    OTOH, Malevolence uses said Information to “Thoughtfully” twist said Information into Judgement/Comparative-Valuation/Of-Devolution, the rationale driving Thought being that of “Something for Nothing” where The Exchange is that of Nonsense for Sense. That of Ownership Issue. That of being “guided” by one’s Past and/or Future. That of Judging via Prejudice [which is either Of Saviourship/Egotism/Aggression or Of Worship/Conditionings/Depression.].

    The Divine, who is also The Energy Creator, is Unconditional whenever He is Benevolent, Unconditionality being The State of Energy-Creativity. The Moment when Egotism is Absolute/Real and when Benevolence is “created”/issued-forth, the aim of Benevolence being to Realise Bliss from being Truth. Those who merely believe in their Choseness/Perfection, aka The Might-is-Right, be conscious and be aware, which is that after one’s merriment, plunder and privilege, there has to be Judgement, the moment afforded for one’s very many Lives being moments for self-Judgement [which is NOT Of Anger-Guilt other than being Moments of Benevolence, when realised] if only because there is a Final Judgement, aka Energy-Destruction. Like it, believe it, realise it, or not.

    OTOH, whenever an Energy Transformer, aka Conditionality, “creates” [that of Perceiving/”Expecting-Demanding” Energy-Transformation as being Energy-Creativity much like “scientists” and their “Stem Cell Research” and other forms of manipulation of The Living DNA, which includes Gadgetry facilitating “Spare Time” to Devolve Procreation into Shopping, Entertaining, Waste & Want, and other Devolutionary/Malevolent Activities], there is ONLY facilitating Malevolence via Wickedness. This is due to Human Intelligence/Intellect meerely being The Futurising of Thought. A state which LACKS Conscience. This Simplicity not only Eludes but It will continue to Elude until the individual realises how he is absolutely constructed and THEN neutralising his malevolence/”not-participating-in-malevolent-activities”. As such, whenever an Energy Transformer “creates”/is-Aggressive/”is Right-Sided”, his Egotism will be augmented with said Egotism continuing to grow until he “flips” due to the need to balance his Egotism with “Conditionings”. Either that or his Bias will make him Insane, Insanity being the state when there is no Benevolence/”Humanity”. Like it or not, this is The Truth/Reality.

    DO NOT be seduced by the urge to Act-React on the above information. That of being made Angry-Guilty/Guilty-Angry by the information/”comment”. Humans are easily Angered, which is the same as being made-Guilty, because Thinkers are controlled by their Thought, Thought being The Institutes of The Past & The Future, aka Malevolence/”Relativism”/Division, superficially provisioned within the individual’s Left & Right Sympathetic Nervous System in order to generate The Byproduct of Combustion of said Nervous Systems which are, on The Left, “Conditionings”, a Violet-Coloured substance used for “covering-over” The Right Brain Lobe, and on The Right, The Ego, a Red-Yellow-Coloured substance used for “Supressing”/Manipulating The Left Brain Lobe.

    As such, Thinking aims to sever the link between The Brain and The Fontanale Bone Area [or “Heaven”] such that Logic is then severed with the individual then having to rely only on Thought for his guidance. This is why The Thoughtful always lack Logic other than acting via Egotism/Saviourship/”Aggression”/Futuristic-Tendency and/or acting via Conditionings/Worship/”Depression”/Past-Tendency.

    Should the above be mere Mumbo-Jumbo, the problem then resides within one nutter whereas should the above be true, the problem then lies with Thinkers. The above is The Secret of The Ages but with said Secret being an “Opened” one in that having divulged said Secret, it will remain so because the means to realising said Secret is not commonly available/ownable/”acceptable” due to said information being ”easily-trivialised”. As such, neither Act-on nor React-to the information. Afterall, a supposition is unreal unless and until self is able to verify so, Reality being Of Self/Selflessness with Relativity being Of The-Other/Selfishness.

    Human Infants, Animals [which include Insects] & Vegetation are non-Thinkers because they have NO malevolence other than being “guided” by “Nature”, said Nature being The Divine in those forms. As such, non-Thinkers lack the judgement/”malevolence” that Thinkers have, Thinkers being those who judge from either The-Past and/or The-Future, and being weighed-down by their judgemental ideas of Life & Death like “Kill”, “Desire”, “Meat”, “Vegetarianism”, “being-Worshipful !” [or being-Abandoned/being-Comforted-by/Licentiousness], etc., resulting in a myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense/”Imaginations” like Gadgetry, “Outa Space”, “Aliens”, and so forth. [In addition, it is very Cruel & Cunning to humanise an Animal by “teaching” said Animal “Tricks”. That of associating an act with a-word/words. It is cruel because the Animal being taught has zero cognizance of what is really happening, Animals & Vegetation being absolved from developing Conscience for the simple reason that at their Stage of Evolution, A&V are not supposed to express The Divine via Conscience other than expressing The Divine through their “forms”/6th-Sense.]

    As such, whenever an Animal takes a life for staying alive, say, it is merely a play to show Thinkers what being malevolent is all about. [Insect Colonies, for example, being to showcase what happens when there is no Dissent/”Cancer”, Insects having NO Human Intelligence other than being Supremely Intelligent because they are The Divine in those forms. Another example of Supreme Intelligence is Mass Migration where The Magnetism within the “Migrant” interacts with The Earth’s Magnetism to circumnavigate – and NOT because they are able to “Think About Eet” sorts of Frivolity & Nonsense.]

    Non-Thinkers DO NOT [need to] Think other than being able to receive guidance from”Nature”, 24/7, via their 6th-Sense of Absoluteness, which includes “Bambi leaping into some Predator’s mouth”. Like it, believe it, realise it, or not, Animals lack malevolence like Greed-Fear, Anger-Guilt, Future-Past and most of all, that convenient friend of Homosexuality, Animals DO NOT [need to] realise what gender is all about, expecially NOT “sexology”. [For The Blind-Blinded/Unwary of Thought, humans who mostly do not use Thought to exist, “Breed Like Rabbits”, and have NO problem procreating – because they DO NOT ‘Fink About Eet”. That of turning Procreation into some sort of Fetishism, human couples who are “Barren”, be conscious and be aware. Especially, DO NOT turn to Quackery & Handler and their “Artificial Insemination” for help because that is merely Bigge Dollah Tributes Galore.] You know, turning Procreation into Fetishism and calling that some Middling Truth of The Righting of This, That & The Other. Something “The Father Who is The Devil” [TFWiTD], His “Tentacles”/DNA, and Their Tag-Alongs constantly and irrationally desire. That of denying Procreation/Evolution via Thought/The-Past-vs-The-Future/”The Dead”/Devolution, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    How did humans became this Stupid-Dumb ? Because and inspite of the self-certified Visionary Prowess, Humans/Thinkers are blind-blinded by their Thought into imagining that they are Of Hindsight & Foresight. Perish The Thought if only becase ALL who are “Born” have to “Die”. Without one single exception. Including Avatars and The Malevolent. One reason why Tales of Malevolence are eager to relay that The UnDead is, somehow but don’t know how, for real. They are merely Imaginations spawned from Thought. Incidentally, The Divine never, ever Incarnates if only because then, The Divine is “limitable”. As for Malevolence, The Joker is able to incarnate via Human Thought/Imagination/Prejudice-from-The-Past-Future.

    Benevolence is merely the unconditionality who is Love The Almighty and as such Benevolence is The Ocean of Forgiveness. In this state of unconditionality, no one is singled-out for his “sin” other than an “audit” being conducted after the end of the individual’s lifetime to ascertain whether the individual will be offered another lifetime of Evolution – an opportunity which The Vast Majority waste in their seeking of Fame, Fortune & Immortality.

    No one owns his Body, EVERY human’s Body having The Divine refracted within thereby gifting said Body the energy of Supreme Intelligence with said energy level commensurating with the individual’s “Savings deposited in The Bank of Divinity”. As such, no human should judge another, let alone control another – Control being The Other Face of Abandonment whenever a human thinks. More so when Control Freaks never, ever, judge/control themselves, such is their Abandonment. This constant and irrational desire to Judge Another, that of Conditionality, is Malevolence’s hobby and is the means to “devolving” a human. [Devolution, which is the opposite to Evolution, is a state where the human become malevolent and is NOT when a human revert to worm-like existence, there being no such thing as “Going Back” other than “Going Forward” within Reality – i.e. there is NO such thing as “Time-Travel”.] To that end, when Energy Construction, aka Unconditionality, becomes Energy Destruction, aka Conditionality, His target will be TFWiTD, His DNA and their Tag-Alongs. Those who are Good for Nothing Real. This is because Benevolence is Justice at The Ending [and not some human revolution Frivolity & Nonsense] and Justice will arrive to remove those who are mired in their Might is Right Religion & Religiosity.

    As such, Malevolnce, via Human Thinking, alters The Relaying of Information to that of a Judgemental Issue . That of The Blame Game. Modern Science, via The Blame Game like “Genetics”, is blaming everything under The Sun for self being in a certain state when the reality is having the ability to revert to Normality – via Absolute Vision. OTOH, via The Visonary Prowess of Thought, The Blind-Blinded sideline Absolute Vision with some excuse of “Choseness”/Perfection by blaming everything under The Sun other than one’s Thought-Processing/Comptroller. This is to be expected when said Thought-Processing lacks Conscience, Conscience being the development and sustenance of there being something of Benevolence, a state which Malevolence, via Thought, is suggesting that there is no such thing as Malevolence other than being a State of The Genes. How Cunning & Subtle. But NOT when there are “people” who won’t mind having Free This, That & The Other, usually via United This, That & The Other at the expense of The Vast Majority of The Worshipful. Those who are Blind-Blinded via Worship/”Masochism”. Via there being a “Leader”/Saviour who has their beneolence at heart. Perish The Thought if only because to be malevolent is to be driven/”guided-by” Greed-Fear, The Vast Majority of The Blind-Blinded being ControlFreaks-cum-AbandonedNutters due to them being Multi-Faceted, said Bahevioural Inconsistency being the result of “Thought”/Greed-Fear. When Greed-Fear is able to masquerade as Count de Money, Counting the Money, aka Fear-Greed, then will be the only result.

    The joke then is that Guilt is used to snare The Unwary of Thought instead of gaining Absolute Vision in oder to neutralise the slithery kreature that is Cunning & Subtlety. Once Guilt had supplanted Absoluteness of Vision via Thought, that is the que for Anger to ascend The Stage when and where necessary, Vacillating between Polarities that are tethered being trying to declare a victor between The 2 Faces of The Same Coin. For the benefit of The Mesmerised of Thought, it is not possible to declare either The-Past or The-Future as being The-Present – unless Insanity is able to pose as Sanity “successfully”, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    There are many, many Simplicites that Elude for the simple reason that when Complexity is not Simplicity too, Complexity has NO meaning other than A Few Gaining An Advantage via the Blind-Blinded Support of The Vast Majority.

    This is why when Faith in some Divinity is not attained, said Faith-in-Divinity is merely of Religion & Religiosity [R&R]. That of Faith being blinded by Its flawed Belief-System – and a flawed Belief-System it is when Genocide, Free Charity Collection Centres at Every Street Corner, and self-certifying as being The Already Perfect, is paramount within the psyche of The Blind-Blinded. You know, when perfection is to recline in some Paedophilic Gilded Throne as well as superficially “baptising”/corrupting the Corruptible, said Baptism/”Re-Birth” being a real happening and not some Hallelujah Event.

    Relativity is all about Blind-Blindedness. That of Blindly Accepting which is The “latency”/Other-Face-of-The-Same-Coin of Blindly Rejecting should the onset of Insanity is to be avoided. You know, those for whom being a life-long membar of some Charity Committee means free This, That & The Other – just like The United This, That & The Other of The EU whereby being “Socialistic/Kommunistic” is to be Responsible when self-Damaging like Malevolence’s Responsibilities of “self-Poisoning Resonsibly”, “Gamble Responsibly”, “Smoke Responsibly”, “Procreate Responsibly”, and other responsibilities The Blind-Blinded Vast Majority of Thinkers are eager to participate in, Human Thinkers being addicted to self-Damage. Afterall, when it is free, who cares, eh?

    Those who are of a dissenting nature need to see that YT video whereby some EU head honcho was seen to be controlled by some mafia-like freak slapping his minions/”Tag-Alongs”, as well as kissing some Chinless Wonder on his balding head, hee-hee, haw-haw. The “Swiss”/Financila-Thieves may opt-out of Free Helicopter Money [due to the glorious income theft provides-for] but EUropeans won’t be so lucky when The New World Order push comes to shove.

    Be aware too that Malevolence always seek to deny Procreation by devolving Procreativity into some mental gymnastic fetishism. [Mental-]Fetishism is also why the West had its fill of weird crimes in which most, if not ALL, somehow but don’t know how, are mentally-projective. The Blind-Blinded might be revelling in their Gossips of Shopping, Entertaining, Politiking, Financing, and so forth, but NOT when they are awakened to the sound of the rattling in their chains. “BrExit”? Which numpty thought that that will be possible, pleeze g_d ! Not when In or Out, they are merely The 2 Faces of The Same Coin, there being NO cuh a thing as Democracy when there is The Multiplicity of Choices, the joke being that Malevolence, via Human Thought, is suggesting that Democracy means the Multiplicity of Choices, hee-hee, haw-haw.

    Be conscious and be aware, therefore, that there is ONLY one Reality much like there is no such thing as The Shades of Grey/Multiplicity of Choices – unless one’s Forked-Tongue is “successfully” projected by [The Who*e] Propaganda as being Of Democracy & Freedom. You know, when All things to All Men means being democratically Nice & Airy-Fairy. How did Human became this Stupid-Dumb? Not when Humans are “The Epitome of Creation”. You know, those Humans who are not “blackmail-able”/”ownable” because Truth, for them, is not about being Famous, Fortunate & Immortalised but to becoming Real. ALL know this with few being able to realise so.

    Those mired in their Might-is-Right might need to wait until “Death” arrives for debunking their State of Illusion-Delusion. The Emperor and his New Clothes, all designed and fashioned by his Boyfriendz, might be irresistable to The Vast Majority but when Justice arrives at The Ending, it is best not to be Good for Everything Relative. That of being Good for Nothing Real if only because the other name for Justice is Reality.

    Be conscious and be aware thatAbsolute Aspects like Truth, Love, Bliss, Freedom, Justice, etc. are only real when they are within The Absoluteness/Singularity of The Spiritual. If True, and It Is The Truth, there is NO such thing as Truth, Love, Bliss, Freedom, Justice, etc. within The Material. This is because The Material/”Malleable” is merely The Arena for “filtering” The Real from the Relative. This then means that Humanised Revolution is merely one for Book Sales.

  • GoldTooth999

    For whatever it’s worth, at least the pagan gods accepted gold and silver as offerings. Of course, according to Bo Polny, who is a chiropractor con artist and a stock market charlatan and rarely right, gold and silver are God’s money.

  • Larry from Montreal

    Darwin is one of the scientists that I admire the most. He definitely was not an atheist and he only proposed a ‘theory’ to explain evolution….of everything based on his observations. Of course everyone jumped on the band wagon and tweaked everything to their own tastes.

    Man has been responsible for much of the evolution on earth. Selective breeding of wolves into Chihuahuas and Great Danes, creating hundreds of varieties of potatoes, varieties of corn etc and then transporting them and selectively adapting them to new climates is evolution.

    The human fetus goes through evolution in the womb if you care to check it out.

    Who created you? God or your mother and father?

    • Fraser

      Deep thoughts Larry and I totally agree, I love Darwin because he set humanity free to think beyond the creationist paradigm. For mine. he ranks with Galileo as one of the most important and courageous scientist of all time. They stood tall, called it as it is and let everyone else (including the Church) be damned! Let’s hope the apology for Darwin takes less tiome than the 350 years it to took for the Church to apologize for the torture and imprisonment of Galileo! Simply cannot believe that there people alive today who think that Darwin’s theory is BS. It just shows how backward our species still is.

    • E.

      Please study the work of Alfred Russell Wallace. Darwin was
      an insider.

    • Canines do not become Lycans, potatoes do not become TV watchers, corn does not become a tree. If they are adapted to other climates they are adapted, not evolved.

    • Ed_B

      “Who created you? God or your mother and father?”

      All of them together. Mom and Dad provided the body while God provided the soul that animates the body. Man-Woman-God… the only human relationship sanctified by God and for very good reason.

  • Sam

    Some refuse to unplug from the matrix of the common cored shell game that they were sold and Bravo for leading these horses to the water even though some may never drink…:)

    • Ed_B

      “… and Bravo for leading these horses to the water even though some may never drink…:)”

      Push them in and hold their nostrils closed. They’ll drink. 😉

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    How about a quick, simple experiment.

    Lay 6 piles of common DIRT on the table. Put a Label onto each one.

    1. JVHV-Yahwey-Jehova
    2. Allah
    3. Annubis-Osiris-Ra
    4. Odin-Thor
    5. Zeus-Apollo-Mars-Jupiter-Aphrodite-Hermes
    6. Satan-Lucifer-Baphomet

    Then Pray over EACH pile of dirt asking that particular GOD to CHANGE it into SOLID GOLD, in Jesus’s name, in Odin’s name, Zeus’s name, Baphomet’s name etc.

    Wait for 3 minutes and examine the results.

    Which ever pile changed into GOLD, is the winner.
    Which ever piles are NOT changed into Gold, shows the LACK of power of those particular Gods.

    The REAL God, who created the entire universe and everything in it, with all that power, etc, will have NO trouble to convert a few ounces of “his dirt” into GOLD.

    Let me know how it turns out, eh?

    If YOUR particular pile of dirt did not change, does it mean that you just didn’t have enough faith? You didn’t do the exact proper “Godly chanting”?

    ….or…..your particular “Godly dirt pile” is the same as all the other ones.

    Each pile that is NOT solid Gold, show

    • Ed_B

      “Which ever piles are NOT changed into Gold, shows the LACK of power of those particular Gods.”

      It *might* show that or, on the other hand, it might show a complete lack of interest in massaging the ego of a foolish human being. 😉

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Well, if the bible was to be believed, then it’s clear that “God” takes a very obsessive interest in the world of humans, as evidenced by the obsession with human genital functions, penis skin, vaginal menses, when it’s ok for sex, when not, and what kind of “cleansing” rituals must be performed.

        All that stuff seems rather strange coming from a spiritual being who is not physical, and we are supposed to learn that the future spiritual world is what really matters, yet “He” keeps dabbling in the tiniest details of the physical world and physical actions, what to eat, what not to eat, categories of foods, animals, and further breaking it into clean & unclean.

        I agree that we don’t see or measure any quantifiable proof of God, neither the bible God, nor Anubis, Zeus, Odin, or even the Spaghetti Monster. They are all EQUALLY proved and equally disproved.

        They ALL have FAITHFUL FOLLOWERS who are 100% sure of the existence of ALL those Gods.

        If there really is a God that is aware, conscious etc, then the one proof we DO have, is that SHE (or He) follows the “PRIME DIRECTIVE” to NOT interfere with any living thing.

        Taking the side of “There is a God”, then he is a BIG boy, fully grown and fully capable of answering for himself and does NOT need humans to make all kinds of “excuses” on his behalf.

        What real God, who could make the entire universe in “6 days”, be incapable of changing a few ounces of dirt into Gold? He made entire planets, stars, galaxies, etc., but has trouble with dirt?

        Created life, yet has never been able to grow a new arm or leg from the stump even for all those faithful prayers in Jesus’s name?

        I think all the evidence, at best, shows that God is probably just a “Creative energy” or “The Force”, but may not have any awareness or conscious mind at all. Just scientific rules of that energy, something like Newton’s Laws, but on a grander scale, to include Karma, REincarnation, Chakras, Auras, etc.

        Christ is a level of conscious developement, an energy level that opens and connects humans to that energy force with more direct bonding. Christ is not a man, but it is the man that can “achieve” becoming “the Christ level”.

        The faith, writings, revelations of the Egyptian Gods, is far older than anything in the bible. Yet those faithful believers still got nothing to show for those 4 thousand years of faith. Perhaps if they just wait another thousand-million-billion years, Anubis, Isis, Osiris, Ra, etc, will all come back to earth as foretold and make everything right?

        What about Zeus? A bit over due too?
        I recall the advice “Faith without works is dead.” Perhaps the better lesson is to have faith in our works, because nothing else gets any measurable, real world results.

        It takes the GREATEST faith to give up your faith and to move FORWARD with a belief in YOURSELF. We grow best when we discard our crutches.

        Faith often seems to be a crutch. It’s all mentally exhausting to try and think about all the possibilities, pros and cons, etc.

        • I tried that, and yes, it is exhausting. I used to study with anybody. I wanted to know why they believed what they believed. I’ll use JW’S as an example. You can read their stuff, ask questions etc. but they will not listen to anything you say, and will not read anything you give them. They are their religion. Sound familiar?

          I have learned to burn my idols (false concepts of god) as Creator God shows them to me.

          • Fraser

            What are the druids up to these days anyway? How’s the magic and opposition to Christianity going? Seriously, anything new to report?

            • I can’t speak for the Druids. I am interested in the Messiah. Dru (oak) id (knowledge). The Druids were expecting a Teacher named Yesu, many converted and became the Celtic Church.

              “The result of all the inquiries which I have made into the history of the Culdees is, that they were the last remains of the Druids, who had been converted to Christianity, before the Roman Church got any footing in Britain. They were Pythagorean Druidical monks, probably Essenes, and this accounts for their easily embracing Christianity: for the Essenes were as nearly Christians as possible [5] …. The fact of the Culdees having succeeded by hereditary descent, is extremely important. It is so very different from the practice under the Christian religion, that it tends strongly to confirm the suspicion that these people were Druids. It is nowhere to be found except where the Druids have been.” Moreover, according to James Bonwick: “Iona had certainly a Druidical college till the community was expelled by Columba for his own community, and the Highlanders still recognise it as the Druid’s Isle. An old statistical work says, ‘the Druids undoubtedly possessed Iona before the introduction of Christianity.’ It must be admitted that the Culdees wore a white dress, as did the Druids, [and the Essenes] and that they occupied places which had a Druidical reputation. They used the Asiatic cross, now called that of St. Andrew’s.”[6] Notably, in an Irish version of the gospel of St. Matthew, the phrase “there came wise men from the east” is rendered “the Druids came from the east.” In like manner, in the Old Testament, Exodus vii. II, the “magicians of Egypt” are made “Druids of Egypt.”[7] ……..

              “The nexus between the early Celtic Church and the monastic tradition of the Middle East has also been noted by the Rev. John Stirton in his essay The Celtic Church and the Influence of the East (1923), in which he relates: “The illuminations of those splendid manuscripts the Book of Kells (seventh century), now in Dublin, and of the Gospels of Lindisfarne (seventh century) are all Eastern in character. In these, and in the Book of Deer, the figures of the Evangelists reflect the Eastern type, and the Egypto-Greek title o agios is attached to some of them. A Roman origin is impossible, because not a single Italian MSS can be produced, older than the ninth century, having a close resemblance to those of this country. The illuminations resemble Assyrian or Egyptian work. Much of the Celtic ornamentation is similar to that found in early Syriac, Egyptian, and Ethiopic MSS by a resemblance in the delineation of birds and animals to Egyptian fresco painting, in the manner of drawing the wings, in the conventional representations of eagles, lions, and calves, also in the swathed mummy-like figures of Christ. The theory of such an origin is facilitated by the early commercial intercourse which is known to have existed, and to which reference has been made, between this country and the East, and by the frequent expeditions recorded to have been made by early Christian pilgrims of the Celtic Church to the Holy Land, and by the immigration of foreign ecclesiastics.”




  • Great interview Sean! I admire your courage in posting it, knowing the expected responses it would provoke.

    The idea of evolution is just another example of a man-made religion, except this religion is premised on the idea that there is no creator, even though there is no evidence for such a belief. There are numerous arguments to refute the theory of evolution (really, it does not even measure up to a theory, an hypothesis is more technically correct) but let me provide just one argument.

    If man descended from one-celled organisms, why (and how) has man only been able to propagate himself by the joining of two distinct biological organisms (egg and sperm), only one of which any one living human being can produce? How did evolving man decide he would (only) propagate himself by differentiating himself into two distinct sexes and that only one of those partners would develop the means for incubating the fertilized egg?

    It does not take much thought to understand that the act of reproduction itself, requiring two separate living human beings, makes the chance of evolution occurring as currently hypothesized a statistical impossibility. Thus, those that choose to believe it as truth are basing their belief on something other than scientific evidence. In fact, the very idea of evolution is antithetical to scientific discovery, it is purely a man-made belief system based on the necessity of removing God from the domain He created so that man can live without moral responsibility, which is essentially what Julian Huxley admitted. At least Huxley was honest about how he came to believe in evolution, which is more than can be said of those attempting to make a “scientific” argument.

    • E.

      Did you ever hear of hermaphroditic reproduction?
      Please read the work of Alfred Russell Wallace.
      Darwin’s theory on evolution isn’t scientific.

      • No, not in humans. As an example of what you mention, snails and worms have both sets of sexual reproductive organs present, yet they cannot impregnate themselves, they must have a partner before they can reproduce.

        I agree with you, it is not scientific, although many people have mistakenly portrayed it as such. As was mentioned in the interview, Darwin said that there should be countless transitional forms present if his theory was to be viewed as valid, yet the famed British Museum has stated they do not have any such forms in their collection. Obviously this caused evolutionists much dismay, thus the new “theory” of punctuated equilibrium – again, an hypothesis with no supporting evidence.

        • Fraser

          But there are countless variations and “natural selection” does indeed determine what survives. On my own farm, I have personally seen lizards with two heads, legless lizards (presumably transiting to or from a snake), birds with zero, one and three wings and other plants and animals in all manner of shapes and sizes with curious and ever changing attributes. And yet none of them have made it to the British Museum – but how can that be – why aren’t they all there? My own question to the creationists is, if “God created man in his own image”, then what exactly is that image? Is God neanderthal or homo sapien, male or female, black or white, Christian or Jew, tall or short, fat or thin, blonde or dark or any of the countless variations in between? Variations that you say don’t exist. Indeed, without evolution and natural selection, how is it that we are not all exact clones of Adam and Eve, still standing around in the nude eating the exact same apple?

          • Your argument is meritless – if you believe what you are saying, may I suggest you submit your animal anomalies to the British Museum to see if they will accept them as transitional forms. I’m not holding my breath…

            The term “Natural Selection” is merely a tautology, there’s nothing special about it. You’re basically saying that the survivors must be the strongest because they are the ones that survived. It may sound “scientific” but it’s basically just stating the obvious, there’s nothing evidential or explanatory about it.

            I never said there weren’t variations within species, there certainly are so don’t try to make a straw man of my argument. The remainder of your response to me demonstrates your attitude, you are not serious in your pursuit of truth so there is no point in pursuing this any further with you.

            • Fraser

              I am cofused, at what point does your allowed “variation within a species” become a disallowed “transitional form out of it”? Because I think no matter what you decide, nature will keep forcing you to redraw your “red-line”. What you appear to be arguing is that proposed by Lamark (use or disuse leading to gradual change within a species), but that argument is way obsolete.

          • Ed_B

            “On my own farm, I have personally seen lizards with two heads, legless lizards (presumably transiting to or from a snake), birds with zero, one and three wings and other plants and animals in all manner of shapes and sizes with curious and ever changing attributes.”

            Was the farmland next to the nuclear power plant really cheap? 😉

            “My own question to the creationists is, if “God created man in his own image”, then what exactly is that image? Is God neanderthal or homo sapien, male or female, black or white, Christian or Jew, tall or short, fat or thin, blonde or dark or any of the countless variations in between?”

            The image is that of the soul, not the body. The body is superficial while the soul is not.

            • Fraser

              The last refuge of the religious is to deny reality and just make stuff up. If the soul exists then define it, otherwise admit that YOU have created it in your mind in order to feel special. Such childish, self-absorbed ego! Instead, try being useful, helping others and caring for our planet.

          • Mikey

            Man creates GOD in his own image, and what you create is GOD to you.
            There is no such thing as an atheist. Even if you don’t believe in the traditional Judeo/Christian GOD, you still have a deep seeded feeling that there is more. You will still have a hunger to learn all that is learn able.
            experience all that can be experienced.

            We ARE GOD, experiencing our self.

            What Religion is trying to do is explain the Physics(mechanics) of how this ONE GOD works.

            • Fraser

              The trouble, probably since Buddha (500 years before Christ) is that if humans turn inwards then all they find is reality, nothing special. But this comes as a great shock for most and so they create heavenly fathers (Gods) that will always love and protect them. What is missed is that our speciality lies in our potential to understand the universe and do great things. But which potential is always blocked by religion, as evidenced by its denial of Galileo and Darwin – in case we grow up and no longer need their heavenly father (which we don’t). With result that many waste their lives, content awaiting divine intervention and praying for favours in the (non-existent) after-life. Furthermore, with its message of “the meek shall inherit the earth”, religion is also quite obviously an elitist tool for crowd control. So apart from the sheer waste of time, energy and money – it is the squashing of human poetential that so annoys me about religion. That said, I do appreciate Buddha’s thoughts, who I note also claimed Gods were human creations and not visa versa.

  • willygroper

    nice interview Sean.

    a bit of history on Darwin’s cousin…Sir Francis Galton.

    doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to conclude that eugenics & those involved have a nazi agenda.

    on another note…water fluoridation. we know it calcifies the pineal gland, the 7th chakra which is your connection to the divine. it is represented by a pine cone at the VatiCON & they eye of Horis looks exactly like a brain sliced in half where the pineal resides. it is the only part of the brain that is not dual. it is also responsible for the production of melatonin & DMT being a hallucinogen. DMT tests done in a clinical setting by Dr. Rick Straussman produced not only religious experiences, but also alien abductions. going way back in religion, many priests consumed “mushrooms” precisely for this effect & wore hats that looked like a mushroom. mescaline, peyote, auyuhuasca are all DMT experiences.

    dig a bit deeper, you know the number games the elite like to play…that number 7 again & again. in utero the pineal gland starts in the mouth of the fetus. at 7 weeks gestation it migrates to the center of the brain which is when many believe is the creation of the soul.

    so anyone answer me this. why would they try so hard to render it useless with calcification? or EMF which disrupts the sleep cycle, hence melatonin. in Germany cancer has been successful treated with melatonin.

    juuust a lil sumpin to ponder.

  • glitter 1

    > Our Creator and Redeemer . . . And do we THINK about it???
    > God’s accuracy may be observed in the hatching of eggs. . . .. .
    > For example:
    > -the eggs of the potato bug hatch in 7 days;
    > -those of the canary in 14 days;
    > -those of the barnyard hen in 21 days;
    > -The eggs of ducks and geese hatch in 28 days;
    > -those of the mallard in 35 days
    > The eggs of the parrot and the ostrich hatch in 42 days.
    > (Notice, they are all divisible by seven, the number of days in a week!)
    > God’s wisdom is seen in the making of an elephant.
    > The four legs of this great beast all bend forward in the same direction. No other quadruped is so made. God planned that this animal would have a huge body, too large to live on two legs. For this reason He gave it four fulcrums so that it can rise from the ground easily.
    > The horse rises from the ground on its two front legs first.
    > A cow rises from the ground with its two hind legs first.
    > How wise the Lord is in all His works of creation!
    > God’s wisdom is revealed in His arrangement of sections and segments, as well as in the number of grains.
    > -Each watermelon has an even number of stripes on the rind.
    > -Each orange has an even number of segments.
    > -Each ear of corn has an even number of rows.
    > -Each stalk of wheat has an even number of grains.
    > -Every bunch of bananas has on its lowest row an even number of bananas, and each row decreases by one, so that one row has an even number and the next row an odd number.
    > -The waves of the sea roll in on shore twenty-six to the minute in all kinds of weather.
    > -All grains are found in even numbers on the stalks, and the Lord specified thirty fold, sixty fold, and a hundred fold all even numbers.
    > God has caused the flowers to blossom at certain specified times during the day.
    > Linnaeus, the great botanist, once said that if he had a conservatory containing the right kind of soil, moisture and temperature, he could tell the time of day or night by the flowers that were open and those that were closed!
    > The lives of each of you may be ordered by the Lord in a beautiful way for His glory, if you will only entrust Him with your life.
    > If you try to regulate your own life, it will only be a mess and a failure.
    > Only the One Who made the brain and the heart can successfully guide them to a profitable end.
    > May God Bless You In Ways You Never Even Dreamed.
    > I didn’t think twice about forwarding this one.
    > The Bible; When you carry “the Bible”, Satan has a headache, when you open it, he collapses, when he sees you reading it, he loses his strength, AND when you stand on the Word of God, Satan can’t hurt you!
    > And did you also know.. When you are about to forward this email to others, the devil will probably try to discourage you, but do it anyway. “Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil – it has no point.

  • Moishe

    the bible is nonsense & perhaps the most effective tool of satan aka yahweh. that said there is a creator just not an abrahamic god. If one must read the bible read the Jefferson Bible.

    “The best cure for religion is simply read the bible” Mark Twain

  • E.

    Deism could help out.

  • Healthy Skeptic

    A History of God (A)
    A History of God that the evidence indicates that the Jewish concept of monotheism evolved from the syncretism of various polytheistic sources like Canaanite and Babylonian polytheism.

    A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

  • Healthy Skeptic

    Dr. lawrence Krauss: A discussion – Religion vs. Science on CNN Live.
    GREAT interview! Big fan of Dr Lawrence Krauss who has really been a great PR guy for science and has hasn’t pandered to the silly religious stuff. Religion is based on the human confirmation bias and I hope we all learn this someday.

    • Fraser

      Great get and very interesting H_S! Although I suspect that this audience is more interested in burning witches (because they weigh the same as a duck):

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    More than 30 people burned in Tony Robbins hot-coal walk

    They just didn’t have enough true FAITH, or perhaps they really needed COMMON SENSE & Scientific Fire Extinguishers & FIRE PROOF FOOTWARE.

    The comments were GREAT.
    … be POSITIVE!! The Blisters will make you TALLER!! Hahaha.
    …perhaps Robbins should have teamed up with Benny Hinn (or is that Benny Hill?), and those people could have been instantly HEALED (for a small donation).

    Please take notice, that NO ATHEISTS were harmed during that “event of faith” (or event of FOOLISHNESS).

    from the Holy book of “Common Sense”, Chapter 1, Verse 1 = “Common sense will NOT be mocked”.

    Have faith in fireproof boots & fire hoses before you step into anything so hot.

  • Jacobson

    God is real,
    Jewsus isn’t.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I choose the believe what I was programmed to believe (Futurama S2E18)

  • glitter 1

    Joh 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

    Mt 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

  • Funny when God is mentioned the Christians crawl out from somewhere to claim God as their own when mo of them work overtime to give Him a bad name. Gee, somebody should remind them that GOD isn’t a Christian, your Soul isn’t a Christian, and Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Two of the three exist without question and the third is embarrassed.

    • If someone were saying insulting things about your father, would you confront them about it, right then (since it is obvious [ from the things they say ] that you know him better than they do), or would you go and tell him about it first?

      “There is no other name, given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Yah (poetic form of YHWH) shua (salvation) = Yahshua. ee ah oo ah became my salvation.

      Why do you expect admitted (confessing) sinners to be without fault?

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Danger- Mind Blowing Questions Ahead, Observations, conjectures etc.

        Who saved Jesus (Yahshua)? Since no other way to be saved, then it must mean that Jesus SAVED HIMSELF, eh?

        And, since Jesus taught that HE is the “Example”, then it also means that we will follow him, and we will all SAVE OURSELVES TOO?

        We will become the Yahshua/Jesus?

        Jesus never renounced his Jewishness or anything, so it means he lived his entire life, and died as a JEW. Jesus was NEVER a Christian and never will be a Christian.

        Jesus is the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecies and Jewish laws, right?

        Just thinking out loud, don’t blow any head gaskets.

        • Every Holy Man Renounces Every Thing on the road to simple Truths that stand separate from Man until looked for instead of being overlooked. Religions point to a thing and then lay claim to that which is free to all who look for themselves. With many ways to the Infinite Christianity is merely one of them.

        • Danger – Mind Blowing Answers Ahead, No Conjecture.

          Yah (poetic form of YHWH) became our salvation. Do you remember “Let us make man (aw-dawm) in our (the elohim) image”. These were the members of the Godhead speaking to one another. Creator God need not save Himself. To become our Kinsman Redeemer He became our kinsman, born in the flesh, but not inheriting the curse from Adam. Without sin (law-less-ness 1John3:4). We need to be saved because we are under condemnation of the law.

          Salvation occurs in three parts; justification, sanctification and resurrection. We are saved (justified) in spirit (at a point in time), we are saved (sanctified) in our soul (our life between justification and death) as God’s Law is written on our hearts, and we are saved (resurrected) finally when we are raised from the dead and given a celestial body which is immortal (not subject to death).

          This leads to my favorite question: If He could save everyone, would He do it?

          • Craig Escaped Detroit

            Thank God (or The Force) for RE-incarnation, Karma, etc. It gives us time to learn, remember, and the jerks all get paid back.

            Reading about the many LIFETIMES of Jesus had some interesting stuff. Not all his lives were listed in the bible (such as Amelius of Atlantis), or Akhenaten of Egypt.

            But in the bible, there are a few of Jesus’s PRIOR lifetimes listed. If I can remember them, here’s a partial list.
            Joseph (of Egypt)
            Joshua (2nd in line after Moses was gone)

            The part where Jesus says: “Before Abraham was, I am.”, he was referring to his existence as King Melchizedek who met Abe, and Abe paid tithes to King Mel.

            The greatest miracle every recorded, was NO by Moses or Jesus, it was Joshua who made the earth FLIP on it’s axis, so that the sun would stand high in the sky to defeat some enemy during battle. The bible refers to it as “stopping the movement of the sun”, which we know the SUN does NOT go around the earth, but the earth is spinning.

            Funny how the “bible” from God, never knew about the science of the solar system, even though “HE” created it?

            Reminds me of ERKEL.

            “Did I do that?”

  • Sam

    Proof that Our of Lord God Heavenly King Jesus Christ is all around us, just open your eyes…want more?

    Look to see how the devil worshiping satanists freaks spaz out when you mention all that is good and dear with thru and in Jesus Christ God Almighty – that my dear readers is all the proof even the brain dead should be able to recognize…have you ever noticed this simple truth? Yep, the anti-religious go apey and come up with an ape as their proof of evolution – talk about an fitting pun! HA!

  • Hman

    After spending hundreds of hrs studying both arguments. I conclude:

    It’s not intelligent design and it’s not evolution

    It’s intelligent evolution

  • Not too difficult to figure out that I (or you) didn’t put ourselves here, and in fact, I (or you) didn’t have anything to do with making here here either… these things were done by powers greater than us, or any man, and are godlike by any standards. The proof of God’s existence therefore is directly off the end of everyone’s nose and the reality that life is a generous gift from somewhere makes the question everyone needs to answer “how to make it count?”

  • Joe

    Money and the Universe from Nothing: Is it Right?

    Although I was raised under the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, and respectful thereof – as I am with all other peaceful religions of the world, I do not consider myself to be particularly “religious,” but rather a logical skeptic, and persistent seeker of empirical truth in every realm.

    Since I typically keep rather abreast to such matters of import, I’m quite surprised that I did not catch wind of this newly presented scientific knowledge, which by initial accounts became widely available to the public through a motion picture titled “The Principle,” theatrically released in 2014.

    Stumbling upon it of late was quite the revelation, and raised for me the following 3 questions:

    1. How vastly better might the world have evolved if the concept of Earth as the center of the Universe remained humankind’s foundational understanding of reality? Along similar lines, how vastly better might the world have evolved if Gold and Silver remained as the bedrock foundation of the financial universe?

    2. What would happen to societal paradigms, and those of modern religion, politics, and the ivory towers of academia if they were forced to admit they are wrong, and that there is indeed far more scientific evidence in support of the Earth’s location and its inhabitants being extraordinarily special, and indeed at the center of the Universe, as opposed to the concept of the big-bang theory, which places Earth and its inhabitance at no particularly special place in the cosmos?

    3. How would the vast majority of people react to the revelation, which in direct opposition to the common knowledge they were indoctrinated with from birth, calling upon their logic and reason to embrace instead, the rather plausible notion that the Earth is indeed motionless, and does NOT spin on its axis, nor does it revolve around the Sun?


    My thoughts in closing:

    If one blindly accepts the notion that “something” can indeed be effectively created from “nothing,” (as it is with our present system of money, debt, and our current societal beliefs as to the creation of the universe) one must then inevitably conclude that the products of such notions and all its derivatives are insignificant, worthless, and destined for ultimate failure.

    It is time to radically change the way in which we think about, question, and interact with each other and with the world in which we live – because this Earth, and all of us born from it, are far more significant than we are otherwise led to believe.

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