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San Bernardino ‘Terror Attack’: Did A Major News Company Accidentally ‘Jump The Gun’?

by James Tracy, The Sleuth Journal:

Are major Western news media complicit in the staging of so many recent and curious mass shooting and “terrorist attack” events? A simple answer would be “Yes,” if only because journalistic outlets collectively (and perhaps intentionally) fail to thoroughly interrogate these events and the potential motivations of individuals and institutions directly involved in such incidents, in particular those wielding unprecedented oversight with the most at stake–federal government and law enforcement agencies.

This is especially so because the storylines and evidence offered to demonstrate events including the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston bombing, the Umpqua College “shooting,” the San Bernardino “terrorist attack” and most recently the Orlando nightclub shooting event are so weak and implausible that journalists and the public alike, with an Orwellian combination of cognitive dissonance and fear, automatically place even modest critical faculties in abeyance and defer to state officials taking turns at the podium.

Sometimes, however, the media’s deceit is much more forthright. For example, one may conclude that strong evidence along these lines exists if a major newspaper chain inadvertently publishes a detailed story on a mass shooting across its platforms from a major wire service before the event has transpired. This appears to be what Canada’s Postmedia did with an Associated Press story its outlets published one day before the San Bernardino incident allegedly took place. The posts, captured in screen shots here, have since been scrubbed from the company’s sites.

History provides clear examples of news media complicity in political conspiracies, including their full-fledged use by state actors. For example, as presented in Oliver Stone’s masterful JFK, on November 22, 1963 Col. Fletcher Prouty was halfway around the world in New Zealand when that country’s newspapers published detailed accounts of President Kennedy’s assassination hours before the tragic event.

“For those of us who just happened to be in far-off Christchurch, New Zealand,” Prouty recalls, “the Kennedy assassination took place at seven-thirty on the morning of Saturday, November 23, 1963.” He continues,

As soon as possible, the Christchurch Star hits the streets with an “Extra” edition. One quarter of the front-page was devoted to a picture of President Kennedy. The remainder of the page was, for the most part, dedicated to the assassination story, from various sources. Who were those sources, and how could so much intimate and detailed biographic information about Oswald have been obtained instantaneously? The answer is that it wasn’t obtained “instantaneously.” It had to have been prepared before the crime, and like everything else, prepackaged by the secret cabal.

This “instant” news, available so quickly and completely in far-off New Zealand, is the most important detail of the murder plan. This newspaper ran an “Extra” edition that was on the streets before noon in Christchurch. It ran news items filed by experienced on-the-spot reporters in Dallas, who reported that the President was hit with a “burst of gunfire.” A few lines below, it said, “three bursts of gunfire, apparently from automatic weapons” were heard.[1]

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2 comments to San Bernardino ‘Terror Attack’: Did A Major News Company Accidentally ‘Jump The Gun’?

  • Bob

    False flags are standard operating procedure nowadays and most certainly the media are complicit in them, but in this case, isn’t it possible the person who typed the original article just got the date wrong?

  • Randy

    You obviously missed something there!! Didn’t you see the word PUBLISHED in there? You do know what that word means, don’t you? It means when it was put into PRINT and released to the general public!!
    If it was just a case of a typo with the date, they would have made a simple correction statement, NOT scrub the entire article!!
    Just out of curiosity, you do hold a higher than minimum wage job flipping burgers somewhere, don’t you?

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